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  • Name: Alexander Korshunov ( Aleksandr Korshunov )
  • Date of birth: 11 February 1954
  • Age: 62 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Activities: actor, Director, teacher
  • Marital status: married

    Alexander Korshunov: biography

    Aleksandr Korshunov was born in Moscow and became the successor of the famous acting dynasty. His grandfather Ilya Sudakov and grandma Claudia Elanskaya has entered the annals of Russian theatre activities as a truly legendary artists. Their daughter, Alexander’s mother, Catherine Elanskaya was a Director and founder of the theatre «Sphere». The boy’s father — people’s artist of the USSR Viktor Korshunov, star of the Soviet film «Street without end» and «Strike! Another blow!», for a long time was Director of the Maly theater.

    Hardly kites would go on another trail, in addition to artistic, having such a creative family. However, the talents of little Sasha went beyond acting. Before school age he showed his artistic talent. The little boy was drawing a lot and with enthusiasm, and, being older, has moved from drawings to painting. But later, the theatre still won and Alexander began to learn from the actor.

    He graduated from the School-Studio of the Moscow art theater, after which he immediately fell into the troupe of the Moscow New drama theatre. When his mother founded in 1981 drama theatre «Sphere», Korshunov was on the stage to put on plays and myself play productions. After the death of Catherine Ilyinichna Alexander took her place and took over the management of the child Lanovoy. In parallel, he sometimes acts in the performances of the Maly theatre.

    As Alexander Korshunov – an experienced specialist, he was invited to teach acting at the Higher theatre school named after MS Shchepkin, where he has received the title of Professor. From under the wing of the people’s artist of the Russian Federation came such future stars as Anton Khabarov, Igor Petrenko, George drones and many others.


    His career Alexander Korshunov began with the youth Comedy «Key». He then starred in the very popular films «Portrait of the artist’s wife» and «can’t say goodbye. Also used the success of the psychological detective «Additional arrives at the second path». But generally the main part of Korshunova filmography 1980-90 years is the dramas, that is captured on film, his theatrical performances.

    Much more was the actor appearing on screen in the new century. He played a medical examiner Ilkovsky-Packed novel, «Return of Mukhtar», a paramedic Smirnova classic drama «small Fry», Maxim Maximovich in the film adaptation of Lermontov’s «Pechorin» with a mandate from Moscow to the mystical Thriller «save our souls», a lonely artist in a tragicomedy «Pigeon».

    Also playing Alexander Korshunov can be seen in the drama «Pete on the way to heaven», military-Patriotic film «Brest fortress» criminal detective «Black wolves», a dramatic love story against the background of the Cuban missile crisis «Third world.» One of the latest released adventure movie «Territory».

    Personal life

    With his wife, Alexander Korshunov met in the late 70-ies. It happened at the New drama theatre, where he served as actor, and Olga Leonova acting theatre artist. Then she was married to another man, and no affair with Korshunov she was not.

    Much later the young people reached out to each other, together after the experienced a dangerous situation at sea. Dividing between acute experience during the storm in which they almost died, Alexander and Olga realized that I wanted to be together and have since been inseparable. In the family were born two children – son Stephen and daughter Claudia. Both were actors, and Claudia Korshunova even learned from his own father in the Schepkin theatre school.


    • 1981 — Portrait of the artist’s wife
    • 1982 — can’t say goodbye
    • 2003 Return Of Mukhtar
    • 2004 — small Fry
    • 2009 — Pete on the way to heaven
    • 2008 — Dove
    • 2010 — the Brest fortress
    • 2011 — Black wolves
    • 2012 — the emergency (Emergency situation)
    • 2013 — Third world


    Aleksandr Korshunov

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