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  • Name: Alexander Konstantinov ( Alexander Konstantinov )
  • Date of birth: 15 August 1980
  • Age: 36 years
  • Place of birth: Jankoi, Crimea
  • Growth: 182
  • Activities: actor
  • Marital status: married

    Constantine Alexander: biography

    Alexander Konstantinov is one of the lucky few who participate in the reality show has opened the way to a great movie.

    He was born on 15 August 1980 in the Crimea. Alexander’s father was in the military, so my childhood years son went in the military garrison. Mother taught music in kindergarten. Alexander has a sister and a brother.

    After school, the future actor decided to go to a military College and become an officer like my father. But on the exam he came in intoxicated, it was not allowed. Then Alexander Konstantinov filed documents in Simferopol commercial College and learned to be a Manager.

    After College he served in the army, in special forces. During this time his parents moved to Kamensk-Ural’skiy. After the service, Alexander went to see him in a few months he received Russian citizenship and moved to Queens, closer to my brother. The guy didn’t want to do — got a job in a security Agency, and six months later went to work as a security guard, he was also taking kickboxing and barbell.

    Konstantinov always wanted to get on the television screen. The chance came when the TNT channel began casting for the show «Hunger». Alexander went to Moscow, has successfully passed all the qualifying rounds and got into the program. Moreover, he managed to win the love of the audience and to win the show. According to the rules of «Hunger», monthly winner gets a thousand dollars — the money Alexander Maksimovich used to pay tuition at the Shchukin school.


    His first role on stage was in the graduation performances. Alexander Konstantinov took part in productions of «Macbeth», «White acacia» and «the curious savage».

    For the first time on the professional stage, he appeared in the theater. Vakhtangov, where he works to this day. He is involved in several performances — plays Kupriyanov in «White acacia», in the Quarterly «Mademoiselle nitouche», the Guard in «Ali Baba and the 40 thieves» don Alonso in «don Juan and Sganarelle».


    Alexander Konstantinov made his film debut in 2006 it adopted the role of Plato in the movie «Before the fall». Then there was a cameo role in the series «father’s daughter» and the movie «the Bullet-fool. The return of the agent».

    First serious acting job was the role of Prince Mikhail Vorontsov, in the series «One night of love»,which was broadcasted on STS TV channel in 2008. On the set he worked with such renowned figures as Olga Ostroumova, Alexander Filippenko, Irina Muravyova, Victor Verzhbitsky. This experience was useful for a career as a novice actor. In 2009, he began acting in the TV series «Golden country» in 2010-2011, played the lead role in «Euphrosyne».

    In the filmography of Alexander Konstantinov more than ten films and TV series, half of which he played a major or Central role. Among his recent works – ed Pies at «the Academy», the novel «Love and romance», Sergei in «the Beverly Hillbillies» and Igor Fyodorov in a «Blind calculation».

    Personal life

    Alexander Konstantinov nature has given a beautiful appearance and charm, so that women’s attention, he was not deprived. The actor said that not marry before 35, but it turned out otherwise.

    In the reality show «Hunger», Alexander met with the participant Karina Sabirzyanova and fell in love with her. Karina rejected his advances because she had a boyfriend — lawyer Alexander Kraev: it was rumored that he tried to kidnap the bride. But perseverance Konstantinov has done its job – Karina surrendered. Later she admitted that, too, fell in love with him. They are in a relationship since 2003. The family grows up adorable twins Kevin and Olivia

    Karina Sabirzyanova recognizes that to love scenes of her husband on the screen is already accustomed to, although the first time they hurt her. Now she tries not to watch movies where the man kisses with other girls.

    Alexander Konstantinov is also involved in sports, and when I have time sculpts figurines, but not just from coins. And yet the artist wants to independently make a film and is already thinking about his idea.


    • «Pregnancy test»
    • «Euphrosyne»
    • «Law & order: Criminal intent»
    • «St. Petersburg holidays»
    • «Blind calculation»
    • «The hunt»
    • «Rube»
    • Academy
    • «The bride is my fiance»


    Oleksandr Konstantinov

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