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  • Name: Alexander Klyukvin ( Aleksandr Klukvin )
  • Date of birth: 26 April 1956
  • Age: 60 years
  • Place of birth: Irkutsk
  • Growth: 183
  • Activities: actor, master of sound, people’s artist of Russia
  • Marital status: married

    Alexander kljukvin: biography

    Alexander kljukvin — Soviet and Russian theater and film actor, well known as a master of scoring. He is also the voice of the TV channel «Russia-1» and reads the announcements on the channel «top secret». Fans of audio books know his official version of the reading the books of such writers as Boris Akunin, J. K. Rowling, lemony Snicket, and others.

    Alexander was born in the Siberian city of Irkutsk in the family of a serviceman. Because the profession of his father, who even managed to visit the war in Syria, the Cranberries are often changed their place of residence. They lived in Germany, Belarus, in the Central district of Russia. When Vladimir Kliukvina sent into a hot spot, Sasha together with her younger sister Mary lived in Moscow with my grandmother. He graduated from high school in the town of the Weather in Vladimir region.

    The first thought to devote himself to the theater came to Alexander in his school years when he was in the children’s production was played by the dragon. As a teenager he participated in the local team of KVN. But after receiving the certificate of Klyukvin did not go to College, and went to the factory, where he was engaged in Assembly of motorcycles. Only the following spring the young man went to Moscow, works as the fitter of scenery in the legendary Moscow art theatre theater and preparing for exams.

    Studied Alexander kljukvin in the Higher theatrical school of a name of N. Shchepkin, after which in 1978 was in the troupe of the Maly theater. Then started to try my hand at scoring movies. Today his voice sounds in more than 5000 feature films, cartoons and video games. Favorite character that speaks in the voice Kliukvina, the actor has a funny furry alien Alf. In 2011, a group of independent experts Alexander is recognized as one of the best speakers of the Russian Federation.

    But creativity Kliukvina it was not the limit. He tried himself as a poet who wrote songs for the musicals «love’s labour’s lost» and «mystery box», was the Director of the play «the Imaginary invalid» and the rock-Opera «don Giovanni». In addition, one time actor Vitaly Solomin helped to lead the course of acting in VGIK.


    First, viewers saw Alexander Kliukvina mainly in the movies, the plays. It was a film adaptation of the famous performances of «plum», «Smart things», «Stone flower», «My favorite clown» and many others. Directly in production of feature films, the actor has been appearing in the last years of the Soviet Union.

    He starred in the family film «Ex-dad, ex-son,» and the biographical drama «the Case Sukhovo-Kobylin». During the 90-ies of the Klyukvin worked in the Studio, voicing the films and on the set appeared only once, taking part in the creation of the famous Saga «the Petersburg secrets».

    But in the 21st century Alexander began acting very often. Shows such as «Kamenskaya», «Turkish March», «Season» remembered and loved the audience. Also on account of his adventure Comedy «Lonely sky», the detective «Men don’t cry», the crime drama «the detective» and «I am a bodyguard». A wide resonance was the historical drama «Admiral» and the Thriller «Paras» and the melodrama «Life on loan» received high ratings hits.

    Within three years, the actor appeared in the frame of the historical melodrama «the Institute of noble maidens», she appeared in all seasons of the series in the role of General. Interesting role went Kljukvin in the biographical film «Peter Leshchenko. All that was…» where he played legendary singer Fyodor Chaliapin.

    But the greatest success of Alexander Vladimirovich brought the romantic story of «Euphrosyne» and social drama «Betrayal,» which today is his last work in the movie. Just on account of the actor more than 80 roles in films and television series.

    Personal life

    Alexander kljukvin was married three times. From the first marriage he had a daughter Anna, who as a child showed some promise as an actress, but in the end chose a different path and became a teacher of foreign languages.

    The second wife of the actor, whose name is Elena, was a professional designer. And the current wife, Tamara Kliukvina — Deputy head of Director’s administration of the Maly theater. At the end of December 2014 they had a daughter Antonina.

    By the way, younger sister of Alexander Kliukvina, Mary, also appeared in films and has been scoring films, so they can say, family business. The audience could see her in the melodrama «Scent of rose».


    • 2006 — Lonely sky
    • 2007 — I — the bodyguard
    • 2008 — the Admiral
    • 2008 — Life in debt
    • 2010 — Euphrosyne
    • 2010-2013 — Institute for noble maidens
    • 2013 — Peter Leshchenko. All that was needed…
    • 2014 — Heart star
    • 2014 — to Leave, to return
    • 2015 — Infidelity


    Alexander Kljukvin

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