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  • Name: Alexander Kharitonov ( Aleksandra Kharitonova )
  • Date of birth: 20 September 1984
  • Age: 32 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 165
  • Activity: participant in the show «House 2»
  • Marital status: not married

    Alexander Kharitonov : biography

    Alexander Kharitonov has gained popularity among young audiences as a participant of the reality show «Dom-2».

    She was born in Moscow, educated family, where her mother worked as a teacher and dad an engineer. Although my parents are not associated with the world of art, Alexander Kharitonov from childhood showed artistic inclinations. She was a constant participant in various Amateur theater productions, and attended the choreography.

    Once Alexander Kharitonov noticed agents known to the Gorky film Studio and invited the girl to the casting. According to Sasha, she auditioned, but the role it is not approved. The vacant place was taken by the daughter of a famous actor.

    But the desire to become an actress and to be famous Kharitonov left. And although Alexander went to College, where he received his degree in business, however, she had not forgotten about his youth dream. Soon, fate sent the girl a chance to get on TV. It happened when she was vacationing in Thailand. In this hot exotic country Kharitonov met with the «star» of reality show «Dom-2» Stepan by Menshikov. He invited the beautiful Sasha in the popular youth project.

    TV show

    In November 2007 I started the biography of Aleksandra Kharitonova on a reality show. At first she came to the project as a guest. She lived outside the perimeter together with the already familiar plan and Menshikova. The couple rented an apartment and «build love». After successful communication with project participants Sasha quickly joined the team.

    In the «House-2» Alexander Kharitonov found the use of their creative abilities. It became the party of the first part of the musical group «Istra witches», where he performed together with Lena Buchenau and Natalia Varvina. The girls toured the country, performing the songs «House-2».

    In April 2009, Alexander Kharitonov decided to leave the show to develop his solo career. After a girl went and Stepan Menshikov. But outside the perimeter of their relationship very soon stopped.

    In February 2016, Sasha returned to the project. She immediately announced his romantic relationship with musician Timur by Garafutdinova. The couple publicly announced plans to arrange a marriage. But after a week Alexander suddenly discovered love letters her beloved with another girl. The engagement was immediately broken.

    Personal life

    After breaking with Garafutdinova Alexandra Kharitonova did not manage to establish his personal life. It’s been a few months on the body-construction, but the pair the girl was never found. But she often gets into all sorts of scandals. Some participants of the show accuse her that it’s up to the intrigue and intervenes in other people’s relationships.

    To help Sasha volunteered Andrey Chuev, that is in a relationship with Marina Africanoboi. However, according to him, Alexander Kharitonov not for a romantic relationship, but as a personal Secretary. In this capacity she can help him in the construction business, which develops Chuev.

    Other project members interpreted the proposal of Andrey in his own way, assuming that Chuev wish to have with the girl romantic relationship.

    This ambiguous situation could not please Marina Africanoboi. The participant decided on a kind of adventure, inviting Alexander to live with her and Andrew in the same room.

    The outcome of this piquant situation is not clear. But, it seems that the personal life of Alexandra Kharitonova enters into a new phase of a romantic relationship. Especially, that Sasha doesn’t hide his sympathy for Andrey Chuev.


    Alexander Kharitonov with dad

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