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  • Name: Alexander Kerzhakov ( Alexander Kerzhakov )
  • Date of birth: 27 November 1982
  • Age: 34 years
  • Place of birth: Kingisepp, Leningradskaya oblast’, Russia
  • Height: 176
  • Activities: soccer
  • Marital status: married

    Alexander Kerzhakov: biography

    Alexander Kerzhakov was born November 27, 1982, in the small town of Kingisepp in Leningrad region. Family in the person of the Pope Anatoly Rafailovich, Amateur football player, and mother Tatiana Veniaminovna welcomed their first child. After 5 years in the family the second child was born — Michael.

    The father in early childhood instilled in the brothers a love of football and became their first teacher in a professional way. I must admit that his efforts were not in vain. Regular serious training led to the fact that in the 11 years Sasha Kerzhakov took in the boarding sports school «Zenit», where the future champion was engaged in trainer Sergey Romanov.

    Alexander Kerzhakov and his brother Michael
    Alexander Kerzhakov and his brother Michael | VK

    Brother Mikhail Kerzhakov became a professional football goalkeeper. Now he is a member of the Makhachkala «Anji».

    Football career

    After graduating from the sports school Alexander Kerzhakov has joined the Amateur football club «Svetogorets» and trained under the guidance of the former head of the school of «Zenit» Vladimir Kazachenko. The results of the pre-season tournament 2000, Alexander was named the best forward. It is proven and received the coveted invitation to the St. Petersburg club «Zenit». In this home the team he played for 6 years.

    In 2000 the national team of Russia on football while still young 19-year-old Sasha was invited by coach Oleg Romantsev. The entire first year Kerzhakov briefly changed the main players, went to the national team at the world Cup in Japan 2002, but spent very little time. The next coach Valery Gazzaev gave the young forward is more freedom and playing time, the result of which were first goals for the national team Alexander.

    Alexander Kerzhakov
    Alexander Kerzhakov | Fan site

    Almost immediately Alexander, thanks to his pressure and character, raised himself to the first team and in 2001 for the first time made the list of 33 best players of Russia, which lasted 5 years. In structure «Zenith» Alexander Kerzhakov in 2001, won the «bronze» of the championship of Russia, and in 2003 – «silver».

    In 2004, he became the best scorer of the Premier League. Also repeatedly fell into the list of the best players of the club on the results of the European Cup. However, with the advent of «Zenit» new coach dick Advocaat Kerzhakov has been given less playing time on the field, this was largely due to the desire of the player to change the club.

    Spanish club Sevilla have noticed promising striker during the matches against Zenit and after a while wished to acquire a young player. According to the results of negotiations Alexander Kerzhakov in 2006, signed a five-year contract worth 5 million euros.

    Aleksandr Kerzhakov of FC
    Alexander Kerzhakov, FC «Sevilla» | the Fan site

    In the new environment, he felt quite comfortable, well-spending the first matches. Made a significant contribution to the victory of Sevilla in the draw for the Spanish Cup and the UEFA Cup in 2006-2007. As part of this club Alexander Kerzhakov won the «bronze» of the championship of Spain. Success in football 2006, he got another important title – «Honoured master of sports of Russia».

    When Seville was headed by Manolo jiménez, the sports biography of Alexander Kerzhakov was a difficult period on the field was nearly not released, not giving to prove himself. Most of the time the player stayed on the bench, and sometimes even remained in reserve.

    Alexander Kerzhakov, FC
    Alexander Kerzhakov, FC «Dynamo» | the Fan site

    After several months of such wanderings Alexander Kerzhakov decided to go back to Russia, which he did in 2008, strengthening of the Moscow «Dynamo», where he was invited by a former colleague in «Zenith» Andrey Kobelev. To play the first successful failed, however, Dynamo took the bronze medals of the championship of Russia-2008. The following year Alexander Kerzhakov has demonstrated all of his talents, scoring 12 goals in 24 games.

    The beginning of 2010 was marked by the triumphant return of striker «Zenit». Triumphant it was not only because the player returned to his native land, but also because already in his first season was the best player of the championship of Russia, and brought his club the title of champion of the country.

    For «Zenith» 29 may 2011 Alexander Kerzhakov scored his jubilee 100th goal, even after 2 years in the opponent flew 200th ball forward. On September 28 2013 Alexander Kerzhakov was the top scorer in the history of Russian football, scoring a total of 208 goals.

    Despite a controversial career during the entire period of participation in the national team qualifying matches for the 2014 world Cup held Kerzhakov brilliant. Especially memorable for fans with two goals against the Israeli national team and following a resounding victory.

    Worth it alone, but the decisive goal in the match with Portugal.

    In December 2015 Alexander Kerzhakov has signed the contract for rent until the end of the current season with the Swiss «Zurich». In the team he won the Swiss Cup, but the club were relegated from the Swiss top League.


    It is known that Alexander Kerzhakov a lot of effort and energy giving of charitable efforts. In the spring of 2015, he together with his wife Milana and businessman Ivan Nikiforov founded the charity organization «Stars for children». The Foundation aims to help children from poor and disadvantaged families.

    Alexander Kerzhakov opened the Fund
    Alexander Kerzhakov opened the Fund «Stars for children» | VK

    In addition, the Foundation actively assists the St. Petersburg children’s hospice and more recently is involved in rehabilitation of children with cerebral palsy. But the activities of the charitable Foundation is constantly expanding.

    In 2016, the Fund Kerzhakov has signed an agreement with the State Hermitage Museum and is now the only corporate partner.

    Personal life

    In 2005, the renowned striker married at St. Petersburg student of Mary’s Head. At their wedding witness from the groom was a figure skater Evgeni Plushenko. In the same year, Alexander and Mary had a daughter, Daria. But after 5 years the wife, for unknown reasons, split up.

    In 2010, personal life of Alexander Kerzhakov made a new round. The athlete have any romantic relations with the ex-wife of hockey player Kirill Safronov – Catherine. Katie at the time was already 5-year-old daughter Sofia. In 2013 the couple, who all this time lived in a civil marriage, a son, Igor.

    Alexander Kerzhakov with his wife Catherine Safronova
    Alexander Kerzhakov with his wife Catherine Safronova | Woman

    In 2014 a scandal erupted. Alexander Kerzhakov through the court deprived the rights of Catherine to his son.

    It is well known that children live with father and his new wife Milana Tulip. Milan – the daughter of Senator Vadim Tulip. The couple legalized their relationship in the summer of 2015.

    Alexander Kerzhakov with his wife Milana Tulip
    Alexander Kerzhakov with his wife Milana Tulip | Dog

    Milan moved to her husband’s name. She’s younger than Alexander for 10 years. She recently shared with journalists joy: little Igor was to call her mom. Well-developed relationships with Dasha. Kerzhakov in Instagram you can find a wonderful family photo, from which we can conclude that today there was a famous athlete a strong and happy family.

    Interesting facts about Kerzhakov

    • It is known that the first goal for «Zenith» Alexander Kerzhakov scored 30 June 2001, in his 13th match against Moscow «Spartak».
    • In 2002 in Saint-Petersburg published an autobiography with a header called «16 and older». Andrei Arshavin was named the player of his favorite writer.
    • Fans of «Zenith» called player Kerzh. Later, some began to call him Keri.
    • Nickname forward BBBB. This is the first letter of its motto: «beat, beat and will beat!»
    • The Duo Kerzhakov-Arshavin in «Zenith» called «gold bundle».
    • In late 2006, Alexander Kerzhakov made from the leadership of the «Zenith» of his sales team famous in Sevilla. Rumor has it, the amount of the transfer paid for him by the Spaniards, from 4 to 6 million euros.
    Alexander Kerzhakov
    Alexander Kerzhakov | Readfootball
    • Fans of «Seville» called player Peskaill (Fish).
    • Favorite rock band Kerzhakov – «Leningrad» Sergey Shnurov.
    • In 2006 Alexander stole a BMW X5 2000 issue. The car has never been found.
    • In 2005-26, respectively, Alexander Kerzhakov became a restaurateur. He opened 2 coffee shops. Both are called «Lukomorye» and are famous for Russian cuisine.
    • He was twice a Trustee of the candidate in Presidents of the Russian Federation, current President Vladimir Putin.
    • According to the website Alexander Kerzhakov in 2013 entered the top 90 players in the Russian Premier League who have the biggest salary. Kerzhakov income amounted to 3 million euros.


    Alexander Kerzhakov

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