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  • Name: Alexander Kerensky ( Aleksandr Kerenskiy )
  • Date of birth: 4 may 1881.
  • Age: 89 years
  • Date of death: 11 Jun 1970
  • Place of birth: Ulyanovsk, Russia
  • Activity: the Russian politician and statesman, Minister, Prime Minister of the Provisional government
  • Marital status: was a widower

    Alexander Kerensky: biography

    Alexander Kerensky and today, many people think «gravedigger» of the Russian monarchy, accusing in death of the Royal family, and in the bloody chaos that occurred after the overthrow of the monarchy. He has been at the helm for the first time in history becoming the youngest ruler of the huge Russia, not by right of inheritance: to the top of it for a while «brought» revolutionary wind. But the same wind blew and blew» Kerensky from the throne. According to legend, from the Winter Palace he had to run in a dress. Some say – in a nurse’s outfit, and others say the chambermaid.

    Alexander Kerensky
    Alexander Kerensky | AIF

    Born Alexander Fyodorovich Kerensky in may 1881 in Simbirsk. The thing which was born Vladimir Ulyanov (Lenin). Due to the difference in age, they were not friends, but their parents were friends. Father, who graduated from Seminary in Penza, chose a secular profession. After several years in the district school, he received another degree, graduating from the historical-philological faculty of Kazan University.

    After teaching, was promoted to the chair of the Director of the Simbirsk gymnasium. There he met the Director of the Simbirsk schools Ilya Nikolaevich Ulyanov. They were friends families. The most famous pupil of Kerensky was the Vladimir Ulyanov. After the arrest and execution of his brother Alexander, Fedor Kerensky gave Vladimir Ulyanov positive characteristic, without which he could not enter the University.

    Alexander Kerensky mom
    Baby photo |

    In Kazan, Kerensky married the granddaughter of a wealthy Moscow merchant and the daughter of the chief of the topographical Bureau of the Kazan military district Hopes Adler. Some researchers insist on its Jewish origins, the other is called a noblewoman of Russian-German roots.

    In Kazan in Kerensky had three daughters, and after moving to Simbirsk two sons, Alexander and Theodore. Sasha, the eldest son, had a special love. As a child he had tuberculosis of the femur, but after a long period of rehabilitation was able to fully restore mobility and even danced well.

    In his youth |

    In 1889 Kerensky, Sr. was appointed chief inspector of schools in Turkestan. The family moved to Tashkent, where 8-year-old Sasha went to school. He was a very successful student, and showed extraordinary artistic abilities that it is very useful in the future. In 1899 Alexander Kerensky graduated from high school with honors and went to Saint Petersburg. There he easily went to University, choosing law school.

    Political career

    In Saint Petersburg Alexander Kerensky launched a successful career as an attorney. He quickly realized the spirit of the time and gladly took up political processes. Special sympathy he enjoyed revolutionaries and rebels, which he ardently defended in the courts.

    Alexander Kerensky
    Young lawyer |

    In 1912, a young lawyer was invited to lead a Public Commission at the State Duma, which investigated the shooting Lensky. This year is starting a political biography of Alexander Kerensky.

    He quickly moved up the career ladder. The young lawyer who was sympathetic to the socialist revolutionary party, was elected Deputy of IV State Duma. He soon became the idol of the liberals. From 1915 Kerensky known as the best speaker of the state Duma, which is the left camp. To stay on the political scene, the young man must constantly raise the degree» of his radicalism. And in 1916 his demagoguery has reached such a peak that the Empress Alexandra said that it could have.

    Alexander Kerensky
    The idol of the liberals |

    After a couple of months came the February revolution. Kerensky were among its leaders. The monarchy was overthrown, about what the politician had long dreamed of and for that, openly agitated.

    Ardent revolutionary with brilliant oratorical skills were easily convinced the soldiers of the Royal army to the side of the revolution. He personally supervised the arrests of tsarist officials and Ministers, and put a lot of effort for the abdication of Nicholas II and his brother Mikhail Alexandrovich.

    Alexander Kerensky becomes the real idol of youth, the idol of the liberals. He is worshiped as a God, to honor him compose odes. Women don’t give him a pass. The flowers from his hands greedily dismantled and divided among themselves as talismans. At this time, the young man that has a characteristic bright appearance, there is the famous hairstyle «the Bob», invented by his young wife. He wears a military jacket, although never had the military. This image is fully consistent with a political «fashion»: Kerensky speaks of his revolutionary asceticism.

    Alexander Kerensky
    Idol |

    But soon his «asceticism» becomes a myth. After Alexander Kerensky became Minister of the Provisional government, he moved to the Winter Palace. According to revolutionary Petrograd, rumors spread that the Minister sleeps on the former bed of the Empress. It starts behind the eye called «Alexander IV».

    By order of the new leader returned from exile and revolutionaries. In Petrograd solemnly returned the «grandmother of the Russian revolution» Catherine Catherine breshkovsky. The former judiciary system thanks to the efforts of Alexander Fedorovich Kerensky was destroyed. He overturned the Supreme criminal court, trial chamber and district courts. In this case the judge dismissed without explanation, only for slander or letters.

    Alexander Kerensky and the
    With the «grandmother of the Russian revolution» Catherine Catherine breshkovsky |

    However, in 1917, the pendulum of history is swinging in the opposite direction. The first notable blow to the reputation of the leader – the failure of the June offensive of 1917. The collapse of the economy, increasing the poverty of the common people, failed policies of the surplus and plunged into the chaos army diffuse halo around yesterday’s idol.

    Alexander Kerensky is forced to sharply change the policy of the government which he headed. He has to rely on conservative officers, appointed commander-in-chief, General Kornilov. But the one in August 1917, moved troops to the revolutionary Petrograd to restore order there». Kerensky realizes that this word Kornilov understands not only the cleansing from the Bolsheviks, but also from the liberal government led by him. Therefore, the politician declared the General a rebel, and called for struggle against it the Bolsheviks, who yesterday were considered enemies.

    Alexander Kerensky
    Alexander Kerensky |

    In October 1917 the Bolsheviks stormed the Winter Palace. Alexander Yanukovych had ignominiously run away. Later, until the end of life sorry for the myth of «women’s dress», it will not just make excuses that it is not escaped. And was dressed in male costume. And went to the car of the American Ambassador, supposedly kindly offered him by the Americans. However, American diplomats claimed that the car was just taken away by guards of Alexander Kerensky.

    To return to power former idol could not. It turned out to be unnecessary not only anti-Bolshevik forces, who were betrayed, but their yesterday’s colleagues, SRS.

    Positives some time in Russia, Alexander Kerensky moved abroad. There he tried in vain to negotiate with political leaders on foreign intervention to overthrow the firmly took the power in their hands of the Bolsheviks. Relations with the emigrants who left the country after the overthrow of the monarchy, was more than cool. Many believed Kerensky almost a murderer of the Royal family and responsible for the fall of a great Empire.

    Alexander Kerensky
    He wrote his memoirs and met with journalists |

    For some time he lived an emigrant in Paris. Then moved to the United States, where he took up writing his memoirs and teaching.

    In the late 1980s, Alexander Kerensky tried to obtain permission to enter the USSR, but he refused.

    Interest in the life of this controversial personality continues unabated today. He has flashed with new force after 2014, on the screens of the TV series «Gregory R.».

    Personal life

    For the first time a politician had married in 1904. Olga Baranovskaya at that time was «progressive thinking lady.» Besides it is not from a poor family: granddaughter of famous sinologist, academician V. P. Vasiliev, and the daughter of a Colonel of the General staff of Leo Baranowski, she was an enviable party. But her parents did not give consent to the marriage, believing the party with Kerensky a misalliance for decent girls.

    First wife of Alexander Kerensky, Olga with children
    First wife of Alexander Kerensky, Olga with children |

    Nevertheless, the lovers were married and honeymooned at the estate of the grandfather of Olga.

    The political wave that brought the young lawyer to the top of popularity and fame, quickly affected the family life of the couple. All life and caring for the children fell on the shoulders of a young woman. A short detention and exile Olga also shared with her husband.

    But in 1912, when Alexander Fedorovich was elected to the State Duma and became a public person and the idol of the ladies, the marriage started to crumble. A while, Olga turned a blind eye to numerous novels and her husband’s affair, but then could not resist. I think the last straw was the affair of her husband with her cousin.

    Alexander Kerensky with his wife
    With his second wife |

    In 1917, the family ceased to exist. Kerensky fled, and Olga remained in the country impoverished, with two young children, persecuted and hunted by the authorities, she rushed through the country, hiding in abandoned villages.

    After a few years she managed to slip over the border to Estonia. From there, the former husband moved Olga with her children to England and left them there. Personal life Alexander Kerensky was moving their way. About adult sons, and he remembered only after the Second world war, and even closer to them.

    The second wife of Kerensky was the journalist Lydia Tritton, the Paris correspondent for several Australian publications. She died of cancer at the hands of a loving husband, leaving him alone.


    Ironically, the story of the dress Kerensky continued. Old Russian immigrant was taken to a hospital, but the place for low-income client in a free clinic was not. He woke up on the free bed in the Department of gynecology. A veteran of Russian politics, it was the terrible humiliation and was transferred to another Department.

    The Grave Of Alexander Kerensky
    The tomb of Kerensky |

    Relatives found the money for the treatment of Alexander Fedorovich, having sold his archive. After examination it turned out that he had cancer. A seriously ill man refused treatment. He did not take food. And when he was forcibly injected nutrient solution into the vein, the patient pulled out the needle.

    Alexander Kerensky died 11 Jun 1970 at his home in new York. The Orthodox Church refused to bury, finding the culprit of the fall of Russia. The body was transported to London, where the son buried him in a cemetery that does not belong to any denomination.


    Alexander Kerensky at the hands of his mother Nadezhda Alexandrovna

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