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  • Name: Alexander Karelin ( Aleksandr Karelin )
  • Date of birth: 19 September 1967
  • Age: 49 years
  • Place of birth: Novosibirsk
  • Height: 191
  • Activity: athlete, statesman and political figure, Honored master of sports, hero of the Russian Federation
  • Marital status: married

    Alexander Karelin biography

    Alexander Karelin, the legendary Russian wrestler of classical style, the three-time Olympic champion. Set a record for number of world and European titles in a row. In recent years known as a statesman and politician.

    Alexander was born in Novosibirsk and from childhood was strong and high. In 13 years, his height was 178 cm, Approximately the same age the boy became serious about the sport. A year later he was in a section of Greco-Roman wrestling «Burevestnik» at electrotechnical Institute. He joined the group to Viktor Kuznetsov, who will remain his only coach throughout his sports career.

    In the next 4 years the young man not only fulfilled the norms of master of sports of international class, but also became the world champion among youth.

    After the 8th grade Karelin entered the road transport College and then became a cadet of Novosibirsk military school of Internal troops of the interior Ministry. And there showing their outstanding ability, Alexander was transferred to the sports company of the Siberian military district.

    In parallel with professional sporting career Karelin always engaged in social activities. As the head of his own company «Karelin-Fund» it promoted a healthy lifestyle, and in the ranks of the Federal tax police service was involved in the organization of physical protection. He rose to the rank of Colonel.

    Determined to share their theoretical knowledge with science, he is in Academy of physical culture named Lesgafta protects a candidate’s degree and then a doctorate thesis «the System of integral training of highly skilled fighters», having thus the degree of doctor of pedagogical Sciences.


    Have distinguished themselves at the youth level, including winning several domestic and international competitions, in 1986 Alexander Karelin was enrolled in the USSR team. As a member of the national team he won the championship of the Republic, Europe and World Cup. In the championship of the Soviet Union in the final he lost to Igor Rostorotskogo and this defeat will last until the very end of his career.

    Since 1988, reckons the unique winning streak of Alexander Karelin. Over the next 12 years he was in the first place in all tournaments in which participated. On account of his 9 victories at the world Championships, won 12 finals of the European Championships, 13 domestic League title in his country. Three times the athlete became the Olympic champion, twice — the winner of the Spartakiad peoples of the USSR. Absolutely unique of its achievements as the winner of the Gold belt of the strongest fighter on the Planet – no one but him 4 times won this award.

    Moreover, it should be noted that most of his opponents couldn’t seriously oppose Karelin and gained the minimum number of points in the matches. Corona reception Alexander was a «reverse zone». In the heavyweight division besides him no one has been able to make that throw.

    For outstanding achievements in the field of sports Karelin was awarded the title of hero of the Russian Federation. And Alexander was appreciated far beyond the borders of their country. International Association of physical education and sport it was included in the list of the 25 best world athletes of the 20th century.


    In the summer of 1999 Aleksandr Karelin, who already had experience in his own Fund, has agreed to the position of adviser to the Prime Minister for sports and physical education.

    Six months later, he’s running for the State Duma and has more than 80 thousand votes in his hometown. In the subsequent election campaign, he again passed in the state Duma, and in addition, since 2003, is part of the faction «United Russia».

    Personal life

    Alexander Karelin married years. His wife’s name is Olga, and each of their victory on the Mat he was devoted to her. Together with his wife, the athlete raises sons Dennis and Ivan, and daughter Vasilisa. In addition to the eldest son, the other children showed themselves from the best side. Ivan, on the example of his father, engaged in Greco-Roman wrestling, and Vasilisa is a promising gymnast.

    Aleksandr Karelin is a big fan of auto and motor equipment. In his garage for 7 cars and 3 motorcycles of different classes.

    In February 2016, on the screens out tape art «Champions: Faster. Above. Stronger», which tells about the life and sports achievements of outstanding Russian athletes. One of the heroes of the biographical drama was Alexander Karelin, who in the film is played by Sergei Bondarchuk. In addition to the legendary wrestler, in the plot we are talking about swimmer Alexander Popov and gymnast Svetlana Khorkina.


    Alexander Karelin

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