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  • Name: Alexander Kalyagin ( Aleksandr Kalyagin )
  • Date of birth: 25 may 1942.
  • Age: 74 years
  • Place of birth: Malmyzh, Kirov oblast
  • Height: 172
  • Activities: actor, Director and theater actor, people’s artist of the RSFSR
  • Marital status: divorced

    Alexander Kalyagin: a biography

    Alexander Kalyagin was born in a small town Malmyzh, Kirov region, but spent his childhood in Moscow. The father of the future actor Alexander Kalyagin, Sr., who headed the history Department, died when the boy was just a year old, so his son has a mother, Julia Zaydeman, Professor of the French language. To raise baby she helped numerous aunts and grandmothers, why Kalyagin, Jr., lived as if in the female realm.

    Mother tried to spoil Sasha and fulfilled his every whim. For example, as soon as he said that he likes the stage, then got this in miniature: Yulia Mironovna ordered the master table theatre with many figures. Little Kalyagin along with his friends staged this puppet stage real shows.

    Favorite boy actors Charlie Chaplin and Arkady Raikin. Last he even ventured to write a letter in which, with many grammatical errors and mistakes told about the dream to become an actor. Moreover, the great comedian said to the child, and this letter Kalyagin were stored for many years, and in 1978 had a chance to remind Arkady Isaakovich about this funny episode.

    After graduation, Alexander comes not in the theatrical way he wanted, and in medical school – at the request of his mother, who was able to insist that his son received a «real» profession. Becoming a medical assistant, Kalyagin 2 worked on the ambulance, but then enrolled in drama school named Shchukin.


    The first professional stage for Alexander Kalyagin became the Taganka Theatre, but the actor didn’t find any point of contact with the artistic Director Yury Lyubimov and less than a year later moved to the Theater Yermolova.

    On the one hand, the actor has had specialized education, plus two different scenes, but it still doesn’t feel real artist, doubt whether have made your choice. Only after Kalyagin played Poprishchin in Gogol’s «Notes of a madman», he realized that is in place.

    But to stay for long in any theater, he could not. In 1970, he goes into «Contemporary» and after a few months together with Oleg Efremov moved to the Moscow art theatre. This scene became home for Alexander Alexandrovich, on it, he played his best theatrical role in «Tartuffe», «the Living corpse» and «the Seagull.» But when the Moscow art theater split into parts, Kalyagin remained loyal to Ephraim and together they got into the troupe of the Moscow art theatre named after Chekhov.

    An endless series of bands and scenes so tired of the actor that he decided to create his own company. In 1991, organizes Kalyagin theater «Et Cetera», which is headed so far. First, the team did have, but after 4 years, rented a site on Novy Arbat. In 2005, Alexander Kalyagin has built a separate building for «Et Cetera», and gave him an unusual, even extravagant shape.


    On account of the famous actor over 50 roles in film and television dramas. Started working with cinema in 1967 in the biographical drama «Nikolay Bauman», playing one of their party workers.

    It proved fruitful creative Union of Alexander Kalyagin with the famous film Director Nikita Mikhalkov. In the East, the legendary «home among strangers, stranger among friends,» he starred as the chief of railway station Banykina, in the melodrama «love Slave» made a pair of actress Elena Nightingale, and in the film «unfinished piece for mechanical piano» based on the motives of Chekhov’s works, creating an image of Mikhail Platonov. Over the past the role of Alexander received the international award of Colombia, and at the end of the year by readers of the magazine «Soviet screen» was named best actor.

    But the Union of love he brought another picture – the sparkling Comedy «Hello, I your aunt», which fully demonstrated the comic talent of the actor. Alexander Kalyagin selflessly plays a man who plays a woman — aunt Babs Moberley. A replica of the actor began to cruise, for example, «I’m from Brazil, where many wild monkeys».

    It also regularly attracted to the dubbing of films and cartoons. It was his voice speaking the famous Leopold the cat. And in this cartoon Kalyagin not only reads text but also sings the songs in 1983 have been released by the record «Guys, let’s live together».

    The last film Alexander Kalyagin was a Comedy of 2007, «Ores and Sam», in which he, along with Armen Dzhigarkhanyan depicts two nursing home residents, suddenly became rich at 5 million euros. After this picture, the actor is fully focused on theatrical activities.

    Personal life

    As a student, Alexander Kalyagin meets Tatiana Korunova, which is the 2nd course becomes his wife. The wedding ceremony is not played, limiting himself to a simple registry. The family had a daughter Ksenia, but when the girl was only 4 years old in the house it’s a misfortune – died of cancer her mother. Kalyagin many years to grow Xenia on their own, not daring to bring home a stepmother.

    With his second wife, actress Yevgeniya Glushenko, familiar to viewers of the Comedy «Love at own will», Kalyagin met on the filming of «unfinished piece for mechanical piano», but then they started an affair. To meet they started a couple of years and just because she approved of the choice of the father. Official the marriage of Alexander and Evgenia issued in 1978, and two years later the family grew with one more member – they had a son Denis.

    Children were educated in the US, where she remained to live on a permanent basis, and Denis returned to Moscow and works as a journalist.

    Almost 30 years of marriage Kalyagin and Glushenko was considered in the actor’s environment model. In any interview the couple talked about each other in exalted tones and with the same tenderness. But in 2008, unexpectedly for the audience, they broke off their relationship. Actors do not comment on the reasons for the separation, but there were a number of rumors about the infidelity of the actor and his liking for young girls, the finale of which was the trial.


    • 1972 — Notes of the Pickwick club
    • 1975 — Hello, I your aunt!
    • 1976 — love Slave
    • 1976 — the Princess and the pea
    • 1977 — an unfinished piece for mechanical piano
    • 1984 — Prohindiada, or running on the spot
    • 1986 — the Last road
    • 1987 — the Kreutzer Sonata
    • 1992 — How live, crucians?
    • 2004-2005 — Poor Nastya
    • 2007 — Rud and Sam


    Alexander Kalyagin

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