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  • Name: Alexander Kaidanovsky ( Aleksandr Kaydanovskiy )
  • Date of birth: 23 July 1946.
  • Age: 49 years
  • Date of death: 3 Dec 1995
  • Place of birth: Rostov-na-Donu
  • Height: 175
  • Activities: actor, film Director, screenwriter
  • Marital status: married

    Alexander Kaidanovsky: biography

    Actor and Director Alexander Kaidanovsky was born 23 July 1946, Rostov-on-don. His childhood fell on the difficult postwar years. The boy’s father worked as an engineer, mother – directed children’s plays.

    Since childhood, he grew up with the freedom-loving child, his character was complex. The boy made his own, was in constant search of a draw, the authorities did not recognize.

    In 1960, his parents divorced. Alexander Kaidanovsky a few months lived with his mother, and then decided to live with her father and his new wife. After secondary school he went to Kiev to study at the welder, but a year later realized that it wasn’t his profession.

    Alexander took the documents from the College and enrolled in the Rostov art College. And once again prevented his violent temper: he quarreled with the Director and have finished the course already from another teacher — Michael Bushnov. Buchnev became his mentor and teacher. He later recalled that unguided Kaidanovsky not scared, moreover, they never quarreled.

    In 1965, Alexander graduated from College and moved to Moscow. In the capital, he entered the Moscow art theater, he studied for several months and was transferred to the Shchukin school. There Kaidanovsky met and became friends with Leonid Filatov. Filatov recalled how mothers masterly actor, how easily he spoke gangster slang, and as the night enthusiastically talked about literature, demonstrating knowledge that not every professional can boast about.


    Theatrical debut Kaidanovsky took place when he was a second year student at the Shchukin school. The student played hamlet in his own way, outside the box. For some critics, this approach to the classics did not like, but intellectual game and the talent of the student they admitted unconditionally.

    After Ashley Alexander Kaidanovsky got to the Theater. E. Vakhtangov. He was invited to join not by chance, he predicted the role of Prince Myshkin in the play «the Idiot,» has not happened. Instead, the actor played the role of the second plan. He endured three years, but in 1972, the nerves passed. Kaidanovsky left the theatre, saying that «Vakhtangov» the Corporation has sent him a love for the theater.»

    The time of lack of money, life in the basement. Alexander Leonidovich did not believe nor actors nor Directors. Somehow Mikhail Ulyanov told him to return to Rostov and there to arrange his life. Kaidanovsky did in his own way- went to serve in the army. This decision was a turning point in her life.


    Alexander Kaidanovsky he served in a cavalry regiment at Mosfilm. Then him and invited him to the film «home among strangers, a stranger among his own». In the film he played Lieutenant Lemke and woke up famous. Image Lemke was so successful that many filmmakers wanted to repeat it in her paintings. In the 70s Kaidanovsky starred in the films «Life of Beethoven», «the Golden river» and others.

    Iconic was the film «Stalker» by Andrei Tarkovsky – the actor played the main role. His character was so multifaceted and ambiguous that the audience breathlessly watched him at the TV screens. After this role Kaidanovsky he decided to make movies.

    His first work was a picture «Simple death», awarded a prize at the film festival in Spain. Then Alexander Kaidanovsky made the movie «the Guest» and «the Wife of kerosinka», played «devil’s Breath» and «Ten little Indians».

    In the 90s he stopped to remove – said that the era of bad movie. He earned a living writing scripts, lectures on screenwriting courses. In the last years of his life, Alexander began work on the film «the Ascent to Erhard,» but never finished it.

    Personal life

    Kaidanovsky was married four times. His first wife Irene he met in Rostov, where they got married, moved to Moscow. Their marriage lasted nine years – it was a difficult time. In the end, the couple broke up. In this marriage Alexander Kaidanovsky a daughter.

    His second wife was the actress Evgenia Simonova. The marriage lasted 5 years. Have Kaidanovsky and Simonova has a daughter, Zoe. She followed in his parents ‘ footsteps and became an actress.

    The third wife of actor – Natalia Sudakova. In this marriage Alexander had a son. He divorced his wife shortly before his death and three weeks before the tragic day signed Inna Pivers.

    The fourth wife was younger than his 26 years. She was just starting his acting career. Before marriage they dated for two years.

    For a long time the actor lived in a communal apartment. In mid-1995, he finally received the long awaited order for your own house and invitation to the jury of the Cannes film festival. Unfortunately, the health meter has been undermined.


    Alexander Kaidanovsky suffered two heart attacks in a row. On the morning of 3 December 1995, he suffered a third heart attack which proved fatal.

    Colleagues say that in Kaganovska was some mystery on the screen in the direction he was unique. His secret you can join, but to solve it, yet no one has.


    • «The Life Of Beethoven»
    • «Crash of engineer Garina»
    • «The guard»
    • «Confessions of a stranger»
    • «Department»
    • «The lost expedition»
    • «Fourth»
    • «Anna Karenina»
    • «Devil’s breath»
    • «And with you again I»


    Alexander Kaidanovsky

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