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  • Name: Alexander Ivanov (IVAN) ( Aleksandr Ivanov (IVAN) )
  • Date of birth: 29 October 1994
  • Age: 22 years
  • Place of birth: Gomel
  • Activity: the Belarusian singer and musician
  • Marital status: not married

    Alexander Ivanov (IVAN) : biography

    Alexander Ivanov, a namesake leader of the popular group «Rondo», was born in Gomel in the end of October 1994. Musical talent of Sasha and his older brother Vladimir was inherited from his father, a popular rock guitarist Viktor Ivanov. (In Belarus know him for the band’s «Original standard»).

    In 8 years, Alexander Ivanov went to music school, where he learned to play classical guitar. Educators immediately noticed strong and unusual voice of the boy, and soon Sasha was chosen as a soloist of the choir.

    In 2009, when Alexander Ivanov was 15 years old, he, together with friends Alexander Androsenko and Kirill Prokopenko created a musical group. The guys called it a «Brown Velvet». Here Sasha is not only played guitar but also became a singer. His style of singing and a voice with a slight huskiness immediately drew the attention of fans.


    Music and the development of the project has overshadowed all the other passions of Sasha. A year after the creation of the group young Gomel team went to a rock festival «Mass Medium Fest»in St. Petersburg. «Brown Velvet» has successfully passed selection round and took 2nd place. Musicians, inspired by the recognition and warm reception in the Northern capital, made the decision to move to Peter.

    In the 2011 «Brown Velvet» won 1st place at the festival and became leaders. Soon, the group added two more Ivanov and Alexander’s father Victor and brother Vladimir. First took over the duties of sound engineer, the second plays the guitar.

    The popularity of Gomel rock musicians who have won two years in a row at the festival rockers, is growing rapidly. The group drew the attention of the leader of Petersburg group «PUSHKING» Konstantin Shustarev (Koch). Soon after, he proposed to rename the group «IVANOV», which was quite logical, given the number of carriers of this surname in the team. The frontman and the hallmark of the group «USERNAME» is, of course, was Alexander Ivanov.

    In 2013, Alexander Ivanov, who took the stage name IVAN, to avoid confusion with a namesake and namesake of the «Rondo» becomes a part of «Battle of choirs». As such, the inhabitants of St. Petersburg and saw him for the first time on national TV. Then mentor rock choir that sang Alexander Ivanov, Viktor Drobysh. But Sasha drew the attention of other teachers, among whom were Oleg Gazmanov and the Joker.

    In 2014, the creative biography of Alexander Ivanov continues to acquire new victories. Rocker took part in all-Russian competition «Five stars», held in Yalta, and won 1st place. Talent Sasha then said Yuriy Antonov, suggesting that the singer has a bright future and good prospects.

    2015 brings a new victory Ivanov. Alexander took part in the project «X-factor. Main stage». He sang the famous song of Nikolay Noskov, «And I will accept nothing less» and received the Grand Prix from the producers.

    In Gomel talented rock singer-songwriter drew the attention of several prominent producers. Of the two, who offered him cooperation – Igor Matvienko, Victor Drobysh, Alexander Ivanov chose the second. Drobysh in turn, called Sasha is the most talented man in modern show business. The song «the cross and the hand», performed by IVAN, the leadership position was occupied in the hit parade of «Russian radio».

    In the summer of 2015 Alexander Ivanov (IVAN) was honored to speak at the walls of the Kremlin at the concert dedicated to the Day of Russia. He earnestly sang the song «Choose», which was warmly received by the audience.


    Rapid career rise continued Alexander Ivanov in 2016. The executor received an offer to participate in the competition for the «Eurovision 2016». This happened after IVAN acted on creative evening of Victor Drobysh, which took place at «Minsk-Arena».

    Audience voting at the Belarusian national selection for «Eurovision 2016» was very intense. First, the leaders had escaped, Olga Shimanskaya (Napoli), but before the final voting results for the Ivanova went up sharply. Thus, IVAN was in the lead, but 2nd and 3rd places went to Napoli and Kirill Yermakov.

    For the preparation of Alexander Ivanov took Victor Drobysh, who recently received from the hands of Alexander Lukashenko the order of Francysk Skaryna. To «Eurovision 2016», which will be held in Sweden in may, left very little time. Fans believe that for Ivanov the Eurovision stage is unlikely to be a severe test, because behind him already a lot of competitions in which he was leading. A great responsibility lies not only on the performer but also a producer and a composer who must write for contestant a real hit, and in a short time.

    Personal life

    Career is now consuming all my free time rock singer. Therefore, the personal life of Alexander Ivanov on the second plan. He is not married.

    It is known that in his free time, Sasha loves to paint and talk about nature, space, soul, and higher matters.


    Alexander Ivanov (IVAN)

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