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  • Name: Alexander Ilyin ( Aleksandr Ilin )
  • Date of birth: 22 November 1983
  • Age: 33 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 192
  • Activities: actor, singer, poet, musician, leader of the punk band «Plan Lomonosova»
  • Marital status: not married

    Alexander Ilyin: biography

    Alexander Alexandrovich Ilyin is a Russian actor who appeared in films and played in theatrical productions. He won the love of fans for starring in the famous TV series «Interns» in the role of Seeds Lobanov.

    Alexander Ilyin Jr. is not only a famous actor but also a musician, creating music with punk together with his friends from the group «Plan Lomonosova».

    He tries to show the character of the heroes, instead of playing just handsome. His family always was, is and will be a good example as he was born in the family of great actors. Alexander Ilyin Jr. was the third son of his parents, on 22 November 1983.

    His father – a famous Soviet actor Aleksandr Adolfovich Ilyin, serving in the capital theatre of a name of Mayakovsky. All in the family ilinykh few famous people. Older brothers Ilya and Alex also continued acting dynasty. Alexander Ilyin Jr. also has an uncle Vladimir Adolfovich Ilyin, who was following in the footsteps of his father Adolph and mother Mellie.

    Childhood Alexander was not loaded with endless shots. He lived as a normal boy who loves to play in the yard football. At preschool age I thought of becoming a priest, but with age, the desire has changed and he came to the conscious choice of acting. Childhood Sasha can not be called exemplary. Ilyin Jr. loved the hoodies and sneakers, and a haircut only once a year «under Kotovsk». His career began at nine years from the series «stuff of life», where the boy got the role of messenger.

    By the way, Alexander Ilyin achieves everything by their own efforts, without using the related patronage. After school the young man entered the theater school Shchepkin, and after his graduation he served in the theater of the Russian army and some time devoted Ramco. His theatrical activity ceased at his own request in 2006.

    Alexander Ilyin: movies

    His first role Sasha received in childhood, playing messenger boy in the television series «the little things of life.» And only five years later Alexander Ilyin has agreed to star in «Schizophrenia». In 1999, he has dedicated his time of youth series «

  • The simple truth,» where the young actor got the role of Eugene Smirnov. Five years were spent on training, and only in 2004 was played a third role in the series «Cadets». Since then there had been a long vacation, and ripe offers to star in other serials. The actor has agreed to play Ivan Stepanov in the project «Jail. Theodore Case Sechenov». In 2006 the same year appeared his John Durakov in the series «Your honor.» For an actor interested in working in a constant movement of roles, but not in a long series, so the audience remember the role of Alexander in the movie «playing the victim».

    2007 allowed the actor to work on roles in three feature films. Viewers saw Alexander in the movie «the Son of a famous father», could appreciate his Peter in the film «Wild field». A military picture «not one step back» Aleksandr Aleksandrovich Ilyin was able to transform into Seeds Efimova.

    2009 on their television screens, viewers saw Alexander Ilyin in the historical film «King» in the role of Fyodor Basmanov. The young actor playing together with experienced craftsmen, Alexander by Domogarova and Oleg Jankowski. Ilyin Jr. is able to convey the inner features not only dramatic personalities, but also copes with Comedy roles. This is evident in the film «Supermenedzher or Hoe fate», where the set Ilyin Jr. first met with Ivan Okhlobystin.

    How would Aleksandr Aleksandrovich Ilyin is not excluded from long-term projects, the love of the audience gave him exactly the series «

  • Interns», which appeared on the screens in 2010. The project reveals all the nuances of personal and professional life of medical interns. Now Alexander Ilyin Jr. Russians perceive it as Seeds Lobanov, narrow-minded, simple-minded, but loving money is the doctor that appeared in the hospital, not having a strong to this desire and aspiration.

    Alexander, no longer makes with his hero no internal similarities. They have completely different values and dreams. Ilyin is not committed to continuous enrichment of the material, loves honesty and openness, not lies and a regular drink.

    Ilyin Jr. likes to be the center of attention of their fans. The fame and popularity prevented him to feel free. He understands the love his fans, but outside of film and music Ilyin would like to relax from the gaze of the audience’s attention.

    The actor takes his job with great responsibility and seriousness. His characters are notable for their unique character.

    Alexander Ilyin: «Plan Lomonosova»

    Until 2010, Alexander Ilyin Jr. not only starred in the Comedy series «Interns», but became a singer and author of musical group «Plan Lomonosova». The group creates compositions in the style of punk and rock with metal inclusions.

    In 2012 wrote the first album, «Plan Lomonosova».

    Alexander Ilyin: personal life

    The personal life of the actor is focused on communicating with family, relatives and friends. He has decided not to get married and to have their children.

    Alexander gets along great with his parents and older brothers Ilya and Alexei. In acting the guy takes a cue from their famous relatives.

    Alexander Ilyin: filmography

    • The simple truth
    • Cadets
    • Your honor
    • Jail. Theodore Case Sechenov
    • Playing the victim
    • Not one step back
    • Wild pitch
    • King
    • Will otkrichat cranes
    • Interns
    • Forgotten
    • Supermenedzher or Hoe fate
    • From five to seven

    Alexander Ilyin: photo

    Alexander Ilyin

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