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  • Name: Alexander Hinstein ( Aleksandr Hinshtein )
  • Date of birth: 26 October 1974
  • Age: 42 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Activities: journalist, writer, politician, Deputy of the State Duma
  • Marital status: married

    Alexander Hinstein: the biography

    Alexander Evseevich Khinshtein — the infamous journalist, ex-Deputy of the state Duma of the fourth and fifth convocations, member of the faction «United Russia», Deputy Chairman of the Committee for security and combating corruption. As a journalist, published a controversial article about the many businessmen and Ministers, including contributed to the criminal case against Mikhail Kasyanov.

    Alexander Khinshtein was born on 26 October 1974 in Moscow. His parents Evsey Abramovich and Inna Abramovna worked just the engineers. Graduated from Moscow secondary school No. 193 in 1991 and immediately became a freelance journalist of the newspaper «Moskovsky Komsomolets». In 1992 he made to his adopted state and has worked in this magazine until 2003.

    Alexander Khinshtein
    Alexander Khinshtein | United Russia

    During this period of time, the journalist managed to enter the faculty of journalism of Moscow state University in 1996 and end in 2001. In 2007, Alexander graduated from the Moscow University of the MIA of Russia. Until 1996, about a journalist nobody knew, he said about himself later for his controversial articles about famous people and acute investigations.

    In may 1999, against the journalist a criminal case was initiated on the forgery of a driver’s license. In may 2000 it was closed for lack of evidence. In 2001, the journalist received the prize of the Ministry of interior for the best work of literature and art about the activities of the internal Affairs bodies.

    Alexander Khinshtein
    Alexander Khinshtein | Official website

    In the same 1999 Khinshtein has registered candidates in the deputies of the state Duma of the third convocation and December with a minimum gap lost the election. Again in 2003 there was an attempt of passage in the Duma and this time successful.

    His assertiveness and determination are the journalist succeeded and became the Deputy of the state Duma. It is from this year and began a career politician, but he did not forget and about journalism.

    He led the investigation and wrote a number of articles about former Prime Minister Kasyanov, denounced Boris Berezovsky wrote the book «Yeltsin. The Kremlin. History», opposed him and demanded his resignation. Activities Hinstein as a journalist and a politician were evaluated very ambiguous. This is one of the most controversial journalists, which published all sorts of materials about the famous politicians and deputies.

    Career journalist and a politician

    The early career of Alexander Evseevich can be considered in 1991, when it took a freelancer in the MC column «Events». In 1992 he was accepted to work officially, and from that moment the career of a journalist took off.

    According to the journalist, the first extensive work took place in 1994 and was written about Vladimir Zhirinovsky. Later, in 1996, most of the materials that were published by Alexander, became the cause of serious political scandals.

    Alexander Khinshtein
    Alexander Khinshtein | Official website

    That only is his transcript of members election of the party President, specifically Anatoly Chubais, Ilyushin, Yeltsin’s and Zvereva. It was about the takeaways from the White house box, which was 500 thousand dollars. Although in 1997 dealing with this, the investigation was closed, it brought Hinstein popularity and importance.

    7 Dec 2003 Khinshtein ran for the state Duma. It was not the first attempt, but this time Alexander Evseevich was elected Deputy from electoral district No. 122 Nizhny Novgorod region.

    Since 2006, it takes back-breaking part in the decision of problems «the deceived shareholders». In 2007, he was again elected to the state Duma under lists «an United Russia» from the Nizhny Novgorod region, and in 2011, the Samara region.

    Alexander Khinshtein
    Alexander Khinshtein | Official website

    In my entire career politician Khinshtein was a member of the faction «United Russia», Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee for industry and construction, a member of the State Duma Commission on anti-corruption, co-chair of the working group on studying of practice of budget spending, Deputy Chairman of the Commission of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Union of Belarus and Russia.

    October 24, 2016 Alexander was appointed as Federal government employees. Work in Regardie he was required to terminate the membership of the party «United Russia». The national guard today — the only case which deals with a politician.

    Personal life

    Marital status the policy of interest to many, because of it, Alexander does not apply. It is known that in 42 years the politician and the journalist were married 2 times. First wife of Alexander Hinstein — Julia Fedotova with her politician was short-lived, divorced in 2008, as children they never got.

    Alexander Hinstein with his wife
    Alexander Khinshtein wife | Lenta

    For a long time Khinshtein was single. The absence of his wife and children, he explained the acute shortage of time and the forces that work it completely exhausting and unsettling. But recently policies have found their other half. At a small party with mutual friends, he met aspiring actress Olga Polyakova, more commonly known as Polina Polyakova. Today, it is fairly well-known actress, behind which dozens of roles.

    Acquainted with the politician, the actress knew nothing about him and his activities. In marriage the young people came not once, saving this moment for later, referring to permanent employment. The relationship also did not immediately comment on how and pregnancy. Until the last term Pauline hid his position interesting, so few people knew about who the father is.

    Alexander Hinstein with family
    Alexander Hinstein with family | New Newspaper in the Volga

    In 2014 the couple had a son Artem, and they are officially admitted to the public about their relationship. How to assure spouses they are not going to stop at one kid, because children — this is happiness.


    Since 1994, the politician received more than one award and recognition in various fields of activity:

    • 1994 — medal «Defender of free Russia»;
    • 1997 — medal «In commemoration of the 850th anniversary of Moscow»;
    • 2003 — medal «In commemoration of the 33th anniversary of St. Petersburg»;
    • 2003 — the order «for Merits before Fatherland» 2-nd degree;
    • 2006 — medal of Honor;
    • 2006 — award of the FSB for the book «Dungeons of the KGB»;
    • 2012 — gratitude of the President of Russia;
    • 2013 — diploma of the state Duma;
    • 2014 — the thanks of the Government of Russia;
    • 2015 — honorary sign of the state Duma;
    • 2015 — the medal of the order of the ROC.

    In addition, Alexander Evseevich award of journalists «Golden pen of Russia» and several other awards, e.g. the award of borovika, «Diamond», «Best feathers of Russia». He is an honorary citizen of many cities of Russia, for example, Zavolzhye, Balakhna, Gorodets.


    The most famous books Hinstein are:

    • «Crisis» — experts Hinstein and Medina talk about quite interesting things and answer the main questions: what is the cause of the crisis, and who initiated it?
    • «Secrets of the KGB» — this book describes a rather complex period of Russia 1920-1950 years.
    • «How to kill Russian» — in this essay you can find answers to many questions, such as: who is to blame for the collapse of the Soviet Union? What is the cause of our troubles? Why nobody learns from the mistakes of history and comes on the same rake?
    • “Yeltsin. The Kremlin. History» — a book based on real events and tells a lot of interesting information about the life of Boris Yeltsin, his illness and personal experiences.
    • «What is the color of fear» is the first and significant book policy. In it, he talks about the lawlessness, corruption and murders of the most important and interesting facts of the time.
    • «Notes from a suitcase» — this book is a the secret diary of Ivan Serov, former Chairman of the KGB. He was 25 years after his death. Alexander Hinstein has prepared this book for publication and supplemented it with comments and notes.
    Alexander Khinshtein
    Alexander Khinshtein | Official website

    Alexander Evseevich Khinshtein — a person is quite famous, scandalous and unpredictable. For 42 years he succeeded as a journalist and politician. The President of the Russian Federation, repeatedly awarded Hinstein various medals, awards and certificates.

    Under his leadership, Regardie of the country from his pen came the most interesting and revealing books and articles, he had many criminal cases, he attributed all sorts of diseases from schizophrenia to personality disorder. Is the name on everyone’s lips at the moment.


    Alexander Khinshtein

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