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  • Name: Alexander Gudkov ( Gudkov Alexander )
  • Date of birth: 24 February 1983
  • Age: 33 years
  • Place of birth: Stupino
  • Activities: actor, screenwriter, TV presenter, showman
  • Marital status: not married

    Alexander Gudkov: biography

    Gudkov Alexander Vladimirovich was born on 24 February 1983, a hundred kilometers from the capital town of Stupino that before the collapse of the Soviet Union was considered the city closed. Until 1999, Sasha quietly went to school, not assuming to themselves a variety of the future. Not seen this future and parents, according to Alexander, the mother still did not consider the lessons of the son of rather serious and sometimes offers to settle for a «real» profession – to the plant.

    A key determinant for Alexander the other way, was a school tournament of KVN, where the boy played for my graduating class. Wit and free behavior on stage did not go unnoticed, and Gudkov was invited to play in the city team.

    After graduation Alexandrloginov like parents, enrolled in the University of technology, selecting the «earthly» profession of materials, and successfully graduated from University. By profession, however, work was not the profession seemed too boring for the future of the artist.

    Alexander Gudkov: KVN

    «Club of cheerful and resourceful» Gudkov liked. Together with Natalia, an older sister, loved one and friend, Gudkov firmly joined the ranks of the club, speaking in commands

  • «A natural disaster» and
  • «Family 2».

    The first appearance of the team of KVN «

  • Fedor dvinyatin» on the First channel became a hit. The team was noticeably different from all its unique style. All the humor was based on absurdity, word play and superb acting skills. Two years, the team has proven to itself and to the jury that this format of the game has the right to life. Despite the numerous criticism from the jury, in particular, Yuli Gusman, in 2009, Alexander Gudkov in the «FD» received a hard-won bronze in the final of the Higher League of KVN.

    Alexander Gudkov: TV

    Over time, from team games Gudkov began to make steps to the individual projects. The first test was writing scripts for Comedy shows

  • «Comedy Woman», where he played his colleague at the «Fedor Dvinyatin» Natalia Medvedeva. Creating light, casual and humorous scenes for the program allowed him to open up and create without regard to strict limits. Later, on the stage of the female Comedy show, hooters tandem-Medvedev became one of the brightest. Participation in the «
  • Evening Urgant», he said, was given a little more complicated — the world of humor was the best niche for the talent of Alexander. In addition to these programs, the entertainer also participated in other projects:
  • «Laughter in a big city», «Yesterday Live» and others.

    Alexander Gudkov likes to voice – play voice, laugh, or, as he puts it, «the fool». As the «voices» he was in a popular cartoon

  • «Ralph», voicing it Felix Jr. and the main character in the film
  • «The school Chronicles Angela».

    Gudkov is Not foreign to business: in 2013, he, along with partners Andrew Shubin and Nazim Zeynalov opened a men’s barbershop

  • «Boy Cut». In fact, Barber is more of a friendly club for men – a place where you can get a haircut, buy clothes, men’s cosmetics, or accessories, and, of course, easy to talk to. The master barbers, by the way, in a «Boy Cut» also and the high-class professionals.

    Alexander Gudkov: personal life

    A matter of preference of Alexander, his lady and life plans keenly interested in the public but Gudkov himself while Aristotle is not ready. Closest friend calling his sister and, he said, actively thinks about the family, but the person would be willing to create one, not yet met. If all goes well, plans for the creating a family show about animals.

    Alexander Gudkov: TV shows

    • Evening Urgant
    • Here is the morning
    • Yesterday Live
    • Comedy Woman
    • Nezlobin and Gudkov
    • Laughter in the big city

    Alexander Gudkov: photo

    Alexander Gudkov and Ivan Urgant

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