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  • Name: Alexander Grishin ( Grishin Aleksandr )
  • Date of birth: 16 July 1974
  • Age: 42 years
  • Place of birth: Dubovskoye, Rostov oblast
  • Activities: actor
  • Marital status: married Nelly Uvarova

    Alexander Grishin: biography

    Alexander Grishin is a Russian actor, known for his theatrical works and films, «Bastards», «goodbye my lover» and «Escape from Moskvabada».

    He was born in the Rostov region, in the village called Dubovskoye. He was raised by a mom who has invested in the son his whole soul. Father appeared on the horizon, Alexander only when he has finished school. In childhood he was drawn to the stage and even played at the youth theatre On Sadovaya. But also he was attracted by the sport. In high school he was heavily involved in Boxing, basketball and football, had ranks in these sports, in addition, became a candidate master of sports in athletics.

    Having matriculation, Grishin was going to enter the faculty of physical culture, but because of the hip injury he had to change the decision. Alexander became a student of don state agrarian University located in the village of Sochi, where he enrolled at the veterinary faculty. However, future profession did not cause the youth’s enthusiasm, and at the University he spent more time in the room of the student theatre «the Motley van,» as well as at rehearsals of the local team of KVN. After 3 courses, Alexander Grishin takes documents from the University and returned home, where for some time trying to establish his own business selling video cassettes of fashion films.

    However, his creativity could not leave the talented young man alone. At the first opportunity he went to Moscow and tries to act in several theatre schools. As a result of his taking two of the Institute, including the Institute of CINEMATOGRAPHY, but the organization decides to choose GITIS and 2001 to study acting in the course of Alexei Borodin.

    From the walls of the theatre Institute Alexander enters the Theater troupe in the South-West, and after 3 years goes to the Russian academic youth theatre. Also, the actor collaborated with the theater of Stanislavsky and Independent project Vyacheslav Grishechkina, where he appeared in such acclaimed plays as «the Master and Margarita» and «Young people».

    Alexander Grishin has experience on television. He participated in the creation of the program «Secrets of the XX century» the historical figures and voiced entertainment «Our favorite animals». Beautiful tone of voice helped the actor and literary recitation contest, held on the basis of different theater schools. In these contests he three times was the winner.


    Film debut of Aleksandra Grishina is the drama of «Tender age» about growing up and personality of an ordinary young man in the period of market-mafia social life. Participated actor in the creation of the acclaimed crime Saga «Brigade», which appeared in the role of a gangster named Cougar in the second series serial movie. Was also involved in another cult Russian film of the early 21st century – military drama «Bastards» about juvenile delinquents, of which during the Second world war, creating subversive group. Grishin in this heavy drama of the film the chief of Department of militia where lead was caught stealing boys.

    Highly appreciated by the audience and critics game of the actor in the detective series «goodbye, sweetheart.» His hero, the security guard Andrei Trojans, involved in a strange story with the death of a young woman. Alexander managed to fully convey the range of feelings and emotions of the person under suspicion and confused in their own lives.

    Personal life

    In 2003, Alexander Grishin played in the performance «Flying over the cuckoo’s nest», the rehearsals of which met with the young actress Nelly Uvarova. Then he tried to look for the girl, but was rejected. A few years later they met again. At first we were just good friends, then as friends, and later, when the usual talk, according to Alexander, has ceased to be usual, started Dating.

    In April 2011, Grishina and Uvarova daughter, Iya, and later they decided to get married. Also at Alexander from his first marriage has a son Andrew.


    • 2001 — Service happiness
    • 2002 — the Brigade
    • 2003 — Trio
    • 2005 — the Bastards
    • 2010 Notes forwarder Secret Chancellery
    • 2011 — Maiden hunt
    • 2014 — the miracle worker
    • 2014 — goodbye, my love
    • 2014 — Happiness
    • 2015 Escape from Moskvabada


    Oleksandr Gryshyn

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