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  • Name: Alexander Gordon ( Aleksandr Gordon )
  • Date of birth: 20 February 1964
  • Age: 52 years
  • Place of birth: Obninsk
  • Height: 178
  • Activity: the Russian radio and television host, actor, Director
  • Marital status: married Nazanin Abdullayeva first

    Alexander Gordon: biography

    Alexander Garrievich Gordon, five-time winner of the «taffy», was born in Obninsk of the Kaluga region in February 1964. Immediately after the boy’s birth, the family moved to Kaluga, where I spent three years in the small village of Belousovo. From there, the Gordons moved to the capital. Soon his parents divorced and his father, known in the Soviet Union writer, poet and artist, son a long time not seen. To communicate with him, Alexander began only in adulthood.

    Mother remarried, stepfather and completely replaced Sasha’s dad. Childhood the boy was interesting and rich. Gordon grew up extremely creative. He says that at the age of five had its own puppet theatre and even gave performances that gathered a lot of spectators. Alexander Garrievich, fond of sports. Favorite was hockey. However, the boy dreamed about the profession of police officer or Director. And it’s not clear whom he wanted to be more.

    After high school, Gordon became a student of the legendary Shchukin theatre school, where with passion is studying acting. Since it was necessary where-that to earn on life, a guy got a job in a children’s circle, where he taught students the basics of theatrical skill.

    From service in the army, Alexander was able to Dodge. Really did not want to waste precious time on the construction of Baikonur. He had a couple of weeks to lay in a psychiatric hospital.

    In 1987, Gordon successfully graduated from the Shchukin.


    In the same year, the aspiring actor started to work. He took in the Studio Theatre of Ruben Simonov. But here he stayed only two years. And then, having collected belongings, together with his family went to live in America. In the United States, young people were able to very quickly adapt and find a place under the sun. After working in several places, Alexander found the most comfortable place — the TV. Here, one of Russian channels, he becomes the master. Very soon reputable.

    In the first half of the 1990s Alexander Garrievich works on multiple channels at once. On one Director of some programs at the other correspondent. Soon he managed to establish his own broadcasting company, where he worked for several years.

    In 1994, Gordon starts cooperation with the Russian channel TV-6, which produces and leads the project «new York, new York», a detailed and interesting talks about life in the States. To combine work in the United States and Russia, Alexander hard, because you have to constantly fly between the continents. In 1997, Gordon decides to permanently move to Russia. Although he remains an American citizen.

    In Russia, TV presenter and filmmaker Gordon creates several programs. But the first became popular «Collection of delusions». This top-rated project has long attracted the attention of domestic audience. Soon came another project – a political talk-show «

  • Is the process». Gordon works as a leading in two gears at once. He gets a taste of politics, even expresses the desire to become President. For this Alexander Garrievich created the party, calling it «the Party of public cynicism». But passion passes quickly, and the Creator sells the game for a nominal three dollars. Today, television and the creative biography of Alexander Gordon is extremely rich and variegated. He leads many projects, the most important and popular of which is «Gordon» and «Stress» on NTV, «Gordon Quixote», «Citizen Gordon» and «the Closed display» on the First channel, and others. Especially successful you become «
  • Private screening,» which brought time Gordon three «taffy». Often Alexander Garrievich appears on the screen as actor and Director. His most famous directorial work was the film «the Shepherd of his cows», «brothel Lights». As an actor, Gordon has appeared in famous paintings «Fate choice», «Generation P», «Teacher», and many others.

    The most recent acting work of Alexander Gordon – melodramatic series «cuckoo».

    Personal life

    Personal life Alexander Gordon is a rich source for the work of the yellow journals and tabloids, as Alexander Garrievich constantly gives rich food for gossip and rumors. His numerous novels are exciting and unexpected.

    The first wife of Gordon was Maria Berdnikova. Now the woman is in America on one of Russian TV channels. This Union was the longest – 8 years. Only his daughter.

    Then for seven years Gordon lived with model and actress Nana Kiknadze. It was a civil marriage. Six years – with Catherine Prokof’evoy, better known to us as Kate Gordon. The couple divorced in 2006.

    In late 2011 Alexander Garrievich secretly married 18-year-old student Nina Shipilovo. A young wife Gordon announced in March of the following year, appearing with Nina at a public event. And in may of 2012, a scandal broke out: a Gordon was born the illegitimate daughter Sasha. Her mother is a journalist from Krasnodar Elena Pashkova. A short novel with it happened at the Odessa film festival. At the end of 2013 it became known that Alexander Gordon and Nina Shipilova broke up. Cheating husband and 30-year difference between husband and wife were those stones, which broke the Union.

    But for a long time to reflect about another family drama artist and famous interviewer did not. In 2014, he married the student of VGIK Nazanin Abdullayeva first. She is the granddaughter of the famous Director and academician of the Russian film Academy «Nika» Valeria akhadova.


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    Oleksandr Gordon

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