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  • Name: Alexander Golubev ( Aleksandr Golubev )
  • Date of birth: 2 July 1983
  • Age: 33 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Growth: 182
  • Activities: actor
  • Marital status: divorced

    Alexander Golubev: biography

    Alexander Golubev — Russian theater and film actor, best known for her war drama, «the students,» detective’s «Elimination» and the film adaptation of the novel by Fyodor Dostoevsky «the Brothers Karamazov».

    The future artist was born in Moscow and hadn’t particularly thought about the idea of becoming a film actor. And this despite the fact that in 13 years has worked in children’s theatre Natalya Bondarchuk, with all relying attributes: endless rehearsals, clear schedules and a long tour.

    The fact that at school he studied poorly, because of special interest in items not found. Even in literature, which he taught his mother – a teacher of Russian language Nadezhda Evgenievna. Russian classics he mastered much later, but on their own initiative. Considering school pretty boring place, Golubev graduated it and went to work in the theatre, which at that moment seemed to him merely a convenient opportunity for employment.

    But in 2000-m to year Alexander Golubev still delivers the documents to the relevant University. He did it for his mother, who asked him to get a higher education. A lot of effort in preparing for exams, the young man made, so was very surprised when he enrolled in the University, and even in the course of Vitaly Solomin.

    It is to this great master Alexander shall the love for the profession of the actor and thirst for theatrical performances. Already in the second year Solomin gives young people a major role in the student play «the Trouble from gentle heart», a year later, Golubev will play on the professional stage in antrepriznyh performances of «Family idyll» and «Five evenings» along with such stars as Larisa Guzeeva and Alexander dedjushko.


    As a teenager Alexander Golubev made his debut in the children’s Comedy detective «Kotovasiya». In the last year of Cinematography, he took part in the filming of the music video «Beasts» on the song «Simply such strong love», and also appeared in a special television series «Cadets», dedicated to the 60th anniversary of the great Victory. Thanks to the military drama for the novice actor drew the attention of the Directors fairly well-known project «Streets of broken lamps», «piranha», «Bumer: Film vtoroy», «zhaRa», «Elimination» and many others.

    Even more warmly welcomed by Alexander Golubev in the television series «the Brothers Karamazov», where he played a landmark for his career, the role of Alyosha Karamazov, and the blockbuster «Kandahar» where the actor created the image of a radio operator Victor. The first of these paintings Golubev was awarded the main award of the festival «Golden eagle», and for the second awarded the film «Constellation».

    The military theme is very clearly represented in the filmography of Alexander. In addition to these paintings, he also participated in the creation of such famous films as «Burnt by the sun 2» by Nikita Mikhalkov and «Yalta-45» Tigran Keosayan. Also Golubeva was invited to the set of the television series «Sherlock Holmes», which was the last in the career of the famous actor Andrei Panin, and in the Thriller «the Inquisitor», released in 2014.

    Personal life

    In the same year, when Alexander Golubev was graduated at VGIK, he married a young actress Alexandra Ursulyak, the daughter of famous film Director Sergei Ursulyak, who directed the «Liquidation» and «the Quiet don». They met on the set of the Comedy film «Full speed ahead!» and soon were married.

    The family had two daughters — Anastasia, Anna. But, unfortunately, children are unable to strengthen the relationship of the spouses. On the set of the television series «Last of the Romans» Alexander was fond of one of the young Actresses, and Ursulyak are unable to forgive him this affair, so I filed for divorce. However, the actor often visited daughters, because he wants to participate in their upbringing.


    • 1997 — Kotovasiya
    • 2004 — the Cadets
    • 2007 — Liquidation
    • 2008 — Once in a province
    • 2009 — The Brothers Karamazov
    • 2009 — Pelagia and the white bulldog
    • 2010 — smile when you cry the stars
    • 2011 — Yalta-45
    • 2013 — Sherlock Holmes
    • 2014 — the Inquisitor


    Alexander Golubev

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