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  • Name: Alexander Golovin ( Aleksandr Golovin )
  • Date of birth: 13 January 1989
  • Age: 28 years
  • Place of birth: Brno, Czech Republic
  • Height: 173
  • Activities: actor, broadcaster
  • Marital status: not married

    Alexander Golovin: a biography

    Alexander Golovin is a young and talented actor, known for all viewers as a magic «cadet» from the whole list of TV shows and crazy «skier» became already traditional Christmas «Trees».

    Alexander Golovin was born in the Czech city of Brno, where his father, a military pilot, was directed. The mother was a housewife and was engaged in the parenting of Sasha and his older sister Eugenia. After his father retired, the family of the Golovin returned to Moscow, to open in the capital of the small hardware store.

    Alexander Golovin in childhood
    Alexander Golovin in childhood

    Actor biography Alexander Golovin began quite by accident. His mother decided to write down Sasha’s sister, in the model school of Slava Zaitsev, the young man persuaded to take on casting him. Brother and sister were enrolled in training, and there Sasha said Andrey Belkin, the actor of «Sovremennik» theatre, taught acting. The strict teacher and professional helped the boy to reveal his talent to the fullest.


    First acting job Golovin began shooting in the video Naik Borzov «Three words», where the young artist was only ten years old. Two years later, Sasha got a small role in the film «white man a liar» Vitaly Moskalenko, which also starred famous actors such as Sergei Bezrukov, Anna Samokhin and Ekaterina Guseva.

    The next stage was the main role in the movie «Lord of the pools», where he played a small cadet naval Academy Vanya. Blond cadet of small stature, conquered the audience. This role is largely determined by the future role of the young actor.

    After the film Golovin starred in the comic newsreel «jumble» where he has participated in thirteen editions.

    However, the young actor, who was not going to stop there, I decided to try themselves on the stage. Alexander auditioned in a children’s troupe of the musical «Nord-OST» and went down in history as the first performer of the Sled Grigorieva in childhood in the first Russian musical. Golovin not studied music professionally, he was surprised to discovered his vocal talents.

    Alexander Golovin in the series
    Alexander Golovin in the TV series «Cadets»

    In fifteen years, Golovin received a major role in the Patriotic series «Cadets». His character — Michael Obolensky.

    This «cadet» image Golovin has received the development in the role of Maxim Makarov in large-scale project «kadetstvo» which continued with the television series «the Kremlin cadets». The series is filmed in this Suvorov military school in Tver. According to the actor, his image for shots all the time so stick with it, that may well be the alter-ego of your contractor. Looseness of cadet Makarov, along with his humor and charm made the character a favorite of young fans of the series.

    Alexander also voiced his character in a computer game based on the «cadet» series.

    Alexander Golovin in
    Alexander Golovin in «Kadetstvo»

    However, the real serious acting work Golovina, appreciated by critics, refers to the execution of the main roles in the film Alexander Atanesyan’s «Bastards», based on the eponymous story by Vladimir Kunin. Shooting Alexander came by accident, thought will not have time to even go to auditions. But Golovin had and passed it, although the idea of a historical film at first did not like the actor.

    Young actors have been preparing for the shooting, underwent serious physical training. The children learned to handle weapons and received a basic practical knowledge of extreme mountaineering. This allowed the actors to perform most of the stunts himself.

    Alexander Golovin in the film
    Alexander Golovin in the film «Swine»

    Itself the film has caused a lot of mixed reviews and criticism for his provocative, free interpretation of historical material. While critics agreed that Alexander Golovin, who played the role of a street kid named cat, played beyond praise. For high skill Alexander was awarded movie awards «MTV-Russia» in the nomination «Breakthrough of the year».

    In recent years, Alexander starred mostly in comedies («Tree», «Tree 2», «Yolki 3,» «Christmas Tree 1914», «BW», «12 months» and «In sports only girls») and TV series («father’s daughter», «the Rules of theft»). Golovin is also engaged in dubbing of animated films («From the screw!», «Seal of Solomon») and is actively starring in music videos. So, the actor starred in music videos of Mika Newton, Dmitry Nesterov and Duo DJ Smash and Natalia Podolsky. In addition, Golovin sang a duet with Anastasia Curls.

    Alexander Golovin and Ksenia Borodina
    Alexander Golovin and Ksenia Borodina on the show «dancing with the stars»

    In 2011, Alexander participated in the dance project «Dancing with the stars», where his partner was the ex-leading reality show «Dom-2» Ksenia Borodina.

    Just on account of the actor about thirty TV series and movies, as well as in numerous commercials and music videos.

    Theater experience Alexander Golovin has more than a dozen plays, among which are found as work based on already known projects («We play jumble», «Cadet Blues»), and plays based on classic works («the Decameron», «Wii»). No diploma high school theater does not prevent him to act in the troupe of the Moscow Independent theatre and collect the ovation hall at captured.

    Alexander Golovin now
    Alexander Golovin now

    And yet Alexander admits that in the movies he likes more than playing on stage. And it’s not in popularity. The opportunity to retake a failed frame allows the actor to feel freer to experiment with reading the characters, or at least relax between takes. The theatre requires a constant voltage.

    Personal life

    Alexander main hobby is car driving and extreme driving.

    Alexander Golovin’s not married, so fans of the actor I especially want to know whether Alexander’s relationship, and who is his girlfriend.

    During the «cadet» epic Alexander in all the interviews admitted that never been in love, it is fair to say that time relations of a young actor at this time was not. Therefore, the most difficult part for a young actor to play a romantic relationship. He became friends with his partner on the series, Elena Zakharova, but about any love relationship out of the question. In later conversations with the press Alexander, on the contrary, began to call themselves very amorous.

    Alexander Golovin and Yelena Zakharova
    Alexander Golovin and Yelena Zakharova

    According to rumors, Golovin was in a relationship with Daria Melnikova, also an actress by profession. Also, he attributed the affair with Leroy Kozlova, which for a time was his partner in the shootings in advertising of expensive jewelry, and Asay Aksenova, about which almost nothing is known.

    Alexander Golovin and Dasha Melnikova
    Alexander Golovin and Dasha Melnikova

    On the set of the series «the Last Moskal,» where the actor takes the lead role, his partner on the set was the participant of the talent show «the Voice» Galina armless. For some time there were rumors that Alexander Golovin, and Galina armless started Dating, but the actor himself has not commented on this assumption.

    Alexander Golovin, and Galina armless
    Alexander Golovin, and Galina armless

    In 2016, the year a man called himself a free young man and talked about meeting new people. According to the actor, he escapes obsessive fans and get to know prefers. He thought about the family, but decided that at his age it is too early to make such a serious relationship.


    • 2004 — the Cadets (TV series)
    • 2006 — the Bastards
    • 2006 — 2007 — cadets (TV series)
    • 2007 — 2013 — Daddy’s girls (TV series)
    • 2009 — 2010 — Kremlin cadets (TV series)
    • 2010 — Christmas Tree (2, 3, 1914, 5)
    • 2013 — 12 months
    • 2014 — BW
    • 2014 — In sports only girls
    • 2014 — Latest Moskal
    • 2016 — Citizen One


    Alexander Golovin

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