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  • Name: Alexander Filin ( Aleksandr Filin )
  • Date of birth: December 28, 2005
  • Age: 11 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Activity: singer
  • Marital status:

    Alexander Filin: biography

    Young participant of the 3rd season of the vocal competition «the Voice. Children» Alexander Pugach familiar with the creative professions firsthand. After all, he was the son of the artistic Director of the Bolshoi ballet Sergei Filin and dancer Mary Parwich.

    Despite genetics, choreographic inclinations of the boy were not available, so the parents did not insist on a dance future Sasha, and allowed him to pursue what his heart is music. With 7 years of owl Jr. began to study singing at the famous Moscow children’s Studio «fidget».

    Together with a team of young performer has performed at many international festivals. He took 2nd place in the art festival «Dojrana» in Macedonia, was a member of the «Week of Russian culture» in Spain and the festival «Golden spark» in Bulgaria and in his native Moscow became the winner of competition «Golden note».

    Also in the fall of 2015 young artist was named «Mr. fidget». This very prestigious title is awarded annually to the most talented boy band. A similar title for girls, «Miss fidget» in 2015, got another contestant of «the Voice. Children» Masha Znatnoj.


    In 2016, 10-year-old Alexander Filin to debut in the 3rd season of the vocal show «the Voice. Children», the shooting of which started in October last year. Before blind auditions Sasha was very nervous, but before I go on stage, he, in his own words, «collected nerves in a fist and threw it in the bin».

    Owl Jr. sang a rhythmic song «Love Runs Out» from the repertoire of American pop group «One Republic» and struck all the members of the jury of the project. And Pelagia and Leonid Agutin was struck by the good manner of singing and rhythmic voices of the young talent. Agutin also noticed later that Alexander fit for the stage name, and appearance, look particularly impressive large burning eyes. But in my team Sasha, the Owl took third judge – Dima Bilan, who, incidentally, is one of my favorite musicians Alexander, along with Michael Jackson and «Queen».

    By the way, the boy still wanted to participate in the second season of the show «the Voice. Children,» but then he later applied for, and until the moment has passed preliminary casting, all participants have already been selected.

    Personal life

    Alexander Filin growing up in a family. In addition to famous parents, he has a brother, Sergei, who sings like an older brother, but also learn to dance according to the example of his father. Half-brother Daniel from his first marriage of his father with a ballerina Inna Petrova, a student of the Higher school of Economics, maintains very cordial relations with the family of Alexander and also supports him in all endeavors.

    In his spare time he likes to play football with guys in the yard and on the computer with my dad and brother.

    In the family Filinych has a mascot – an image of colorful night birds, after which they wear his name. In the house of Alexander lot of statues, pictures and products in the form of owl. And the first speech project «Voice. Children» they, along with a father wearing a t-shirt on which painted sings into the microphone a bird-an owl. But this little singer was not enough, so he brought to the stage with a extra plush mascot of the same «family».


    Alexander Filin

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