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  • Name: Alexander Fatyushin ( Alexandr Fatyushin )
  • Date of birth: 29 March 1951
  • Age: 52 years
  • Date of death: 6 APR 2003
  • Place of birth: Ryazan
  • Activities: Soviet and Russian film and theater actor, Honored artist of the RSFSR
  • Marital status: married

    Alexander Fatyushin : biography

    Beloved by millions of Soviet viewers actor Alexander K. tatushin, who played the charming although drunken hockey player Gurin in the cult film «Moscow does not believe in tears», was born in a simple working-class family in Ryazan. Father turned the wheel, my mother worked in a factory. The family Gorynych grew up three children, of whom Alexander was the youngest. He grew up an ordinary boy, fond, like many of his peers, football.

    When patulin was in Junior high, he had another passion – theater. Alexander enrolled in the school drama club after elder brother Vitali. It is noteworthy that shortly Vitaly is cold for this lesson, and here Alexander, on the contrary, understand that it will be a red thread through his entire life.

    It just happened. After finishing school Alexander Fatyushin decided to enroll in drama school. Relatives welcomed this decision is ambiguous. And my sister even said that with the name of patulin on the threshold of the theatre of the University will not be allowed. But the younger brother showed unprecedented perseverance and even argued that after ten years, his name will be known all over the country. Looking ahead, we say that Alexander won the dispute. In 1976, he received the award as best performer of the male role in the film «Spring call».

    But the path to glory was thorny. Fetusin managed to arrive in GITIS, only the second time. He was on course for legendary coach Andrei Goncharov. Studied Igor Kostolevsky and Alexander Soloviev.


    A cinematic biography of Alexander Fatyushin began immediately after graduation. The debut was the role in the film «Three days in Moscow». In the same 1974, the young artist was invited to play Edik in the cult melodrama of Andrei Smirnov, «Autumn». These two films turned out to be a wonderful start for Fatyushina. After 2 years he along with former classmate Igor Kostolevsky was invited to appear in the painting by Pavel Lyubimov «Spring call».

    In the image of Sergeant Karpenko Fatyushin was very convincing. His hero is a collective image which came to power yesterday’s inductee, who seeks to control the fate of the younger officer. To resist the despotism of Sergeant could only recruit-intellectual, whose role went Kostalevskaya. Young actors played brilliantly in the duet, and the consequence was the aforementioned award for best actor awarded to Alexander Fatyushin on the Riga-Union film festival.

    After the «Spring draft» fetusin starred regularly. But the all-Union fame came to Alexander Konstantinovich, of course, after the cult melodrama «Moscow does not believe in tears» that was released in 1979. Although, if you go back a little, then glory might fall upon the artist two years earlier, in «Office romance» Eldar Ryazanov.

    The Director wrote specifically «under Fatyushina» a big role. Alexander Konstantinovich was to play the Secretary’s husband of Vera. But a severe eye injury derailed any plans: the actor appeared only in the episode.

    But after the film adaptation of «the tale of a modern Cinderella», as it is sometimes called the film «Moscow does not believe in tears», fetusin Gurin woke up famous. And when you consider an Oscar, which was awarded the American film Academy of motion picture arts, the celebrity was not only the USSR but also around the world.

    To actively act in film projects Alexander Fatyushin continued into the 1980s. It is noteworthy that even the role of the second plan, played by a talented actor, was as vivid as the main ones. Viewers love him Athanasius Krakow in «young Russia», the paratrooper Kruglov in the action film «Single swimming», the detective Power of the detective story «Code of silence».

    The artist managed to not only acting, but also to appear regularly on stage. Moreover, his theatrical images were much more varied and vivid than cinematic. On production of «Rumor», «Energetic people», «Life of Klim Samgin», «Running» and many other spectators went «on Fatyushina». But because of the brilliant game Alexander Konstantinovich play «Children Vanyushina» the theater was renamed the «Children Fatyushina».

    Not lost an actor in «dashing 90-e», when cinema was going through hard times. He starred in the action-paintings «human target» and «Wolfhound», in the Comedy «New year in November» film about the film «Transit for the devil».

    Personal life

    For a long time Alexander Fatyushin star remained single. It is known that in the first half of the 80s he had a passionate affair. For the sake of their beloved actor had committed «great stupidity.» For example, he was able to hold his chosen train, and then rush to the airport and reaching the destination before her, to meet his beloved with a bouquet of roses on the platform.

    But if this whirlwind romance was not developed into marriage, young Jr. Fatyushina of 12 years, actress Elena Molchenko failed to prove the eligible bachelor to the altar.

    Personal life Alexander Fatyushin finally crowned with legal marriage in 1986, which was a huge surprise to colleagues of both artists. After all, vivid and long-lasting of the novel the couple never noticed. Unfortunately, this marriage had no children. But the couple lived together for 17 happy years.


    The football club Alexander Fatyushin carried through his entire life. For many years the artist played in the capital team, consisting of actors. And he passionately rooting for your favourite «Spartak». In April 2003, his team lost to CSKA. Alexander K. very painfully accepted the defeat. A few minutes after the final he felt unwell. Arrived the paramedics were unable to save the artist. He died on 6 April 2003, just a week after the 52nd birthday.


    • «Spring call»
    • «The medicine against fear»
    • «Moscow does not believe in tears»
    • «Young Russia»
    • «Solitary voyage»
    • «Code of silence»
    • «Human target»
    • «Wolfhound»
    • «New year in November»
    • «Transit for the devil»


    Oleksandr Fetusin

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