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  • Name: Alexander Efimov ( Efimov Aleksandr )
  • Date of birth: 15 January 1980
  • Age: 37 years
  • Place of birth: Yekaterinburg
  • Height: 187
  • Activities: actor
  • Marital status: married

    Alexander Efimov: biography

    Alexander Efimov is a Russian film and theater actor, starred in the television series «Two of fate» and «My Prechistenka». He was born and raised in Yekaterinburg, in a military family and accountant. When the boy was two years old, his parents divorced, and Alexander was raised by a stepfather, which he, however, always perceived as a native person.

    As a child, Sasha was very athletic. He was fond of hockey, swimming, athletics. By the way, in the hockey section «Spartak», which He had visited, I had played with him many future stars of professional sports, for example, Nikolay Habibullin, Pavel Datsyuk, Alexei Yashin and other future stars of the ice rink.

    At school, Alexander studied good, but his behavior left much to be desired. The boy friends kept coming up with some new tricks and so brought the teachers in the 10th grade were excluded. No institution has dared to take to himself the boy with the glory of the bully. His mother at that time worked in the Union of cinematographers, were able to persuade a school with a theatrical bias to take her son to his upbringing.

    And, strangely enough, the effect was more than positive. Efimov imbued with theatrical productions, stopped thinking about the street companies began to learn the basics of acting. Moreover, received a certificate, he decided to connect his life with the scene, so he went to the capital and entered the School-Studio of the Moscow art theatre to artistic Director, Avangard Leontiev.

    It’s funny that the Yekaterinburg entrant stunned the admissions office. Upon entering the office, he without presenting shouted to them: «Undress!». Members of the examination team was confused, and only following the words of the guy made it clear that he is reading a passage from Bulgakov’s «Notes of a young doctor».

    After graduation, Alexander was accepted into the troupe of the theater on Malaya Bronnaya, and then collaborated with the Theater-Studio under the direction of Oleg Tabakov and the Moscow theatre «Master». Currently the actor is working in the theater Actor. He played on the stage a lot of interesting roles, however, Yefimov, better known as a film actor, and for him the movie was spiritually closer.


    To his debut in the film Alexander Yefimov had simultaneously with the completion of the school-Studio MXAT. He played the saboteur in the military action In August 44-go», which starred Vladislav Galkin and Evgeny Mironov. Then there was shooting the detective «Turkish March» and the military drama «the Star».

    The first popular actor brought the melodrama «Two destinies,» which became so popular that after 3 years, the Director made a sequel, where Efimov again played a major role. Very interesting the role of Tsar Alexander I went to actor in the historical film «the aide-de-camps of love». Interestingly, the on-screen father, king Paul I, was played by his teacher Mat Avangard Leontiev.

    It is impossible to ignore and the Thriller «Mirror wars. The reflection of the first», where, besides the Russian actors, was attended by Hollywood stars. Alexander Efimov was able to work with Malcolm McDowell, Armand Assante and Rutger Hauer.

    In recent years, the activity Efimova on the set fell slightly. He was invited to a satirical tragicomedy «news» family melodrama «baby» and romantic picture of «the Best summer of our lives.» The last work of Alexander on the screen, it was me «When you least expect it», where his partner was Irina Goryacheva.

    Personal life

    Alexander Efimov a very private person who carefully ensures that the media and the fans and their questions did not get «his private area». About his family, he categorically says nothing. The only thing known is that his wife Taisiya no movies, no stage, no show-business in General is not relevant.

    Free time actor, like a child, prefers to spend actively. He still loves sports – hockey, football, diving is part of football team of stars «Series.» Alexander Efimov also loves to travel and photograph what he saw sights.


    • 2002 — Two fates
    • 2003 — My Prechistenka
    • 2005 — Mirror of war. The reflection of the first
    • 2005 — Cherub
    • 2005 — aide-de-camps of love
    • 2007 — Death to spies!
    • 2008 — love Story, or new year’s rally
    • 2009 — the Rules of theft
    • 2011 — news
    • 2014 — When you’re least expecting it


    Alexander Efimov

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