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  • Name: Alexander Dyachenko ( Aleksandr Dyachenko )
  • Date of birth: 12 June 1965
  • Age: 51 years
  • Place of birth: Saint Petersburg
  • Height: 191
  • Activities: actor, musician, producer
  • Marital status: married

    Alexander Dyachenko : biography

    Future actor Alexander Dyachenko was born in Leningrad on June 12, 1965. From a young age he was a very athletic boy and was fond of martial arts and athletics.

    After school he entered the Leningrad electrotechnical Institute. In the «dashing 90-e» in search of work he went to the United States and remained in Chicago to live.

    First, Sasha worked as a model and appeared in advertising. But Dyachenko dreamed of becoming an artist. So I enrolled in acting classes. After graduation, Alexander went to training in Los Angeles, where he studied with renowned teacher, Milton Katselas and played in the Chicago theatre. Alexander Dyachenko is a member of America.

    A sharp turn, which influence on all subsequent life of Alexander, occurred in 1994. Dyachenko met with the owners of the Chicago teams baseball basketball White Socks and the Chicago Bulls. Alex offered to represent the interests of Russian hockey players and sports management. The love of the sport took over, and for some time Dyachenko represents several well known Russian players. Today it maintains friendly relations with the bosses of the teams and players. Dyachenko and he often goes out on the ice in the Amateur teams.

    In 1998, Alexander Dyachenko again returned to the profession of the actor.


    Alexei Balabanov about the perspective of the artist and athlete who lives in America told a friend. Balabanov immediately interested Dyachenko, and in two guises: as an actor and as a person with good connections in the sports environment. Alexander was perfect for the role of twin brothers Dimitri and Konstantin Thundering in the film «Brother-2». Part of the filming of the picture, thanks to the assistance of Alexander Dyachenko, was held on ice «Pittsburgh penguins».

    «Brother-2» has made the artist famous. After this film for popular actor fell down a lot of offers from Russian and Ukrainian filmmakers. He starred in the popular film «Star», «Wolfhound» and «the devil». Especially often Dyachenko appears in the series. The most famous of them «the Goddess of Prime-time», «Stiletto-2», «Swan Paradise», «devil». Heroes Dyachenko typically courageous, strong, charming and charismatic.

    In 2010, Alexander Dyachenko took part in the filming of the series «it was love». Its peculiarity lies in the fact that it was shot on motives of the autobiographical novel of the singer Valeria «life, tears and love…». Dyachenko played producer and his prototype former husband, singer Alexander Shulgin.

    In our days, Alexander Dyachenko extremely popular. Several films per year, and in the title role – so now the schedule of the artist. He played the farmer Konstantin Ivantsov in the melodrama «the Heiress», investigator Nikolai Gordeev in the series «no regrets, No pain, no sorrow», millionaire Andrey Kostrov in the film «Veronica. Lost happiness», Grigoriy Komarov in the «Village stories», Eugenia Aleksandrova in the series «One for all». All these roles made Alexander Dyachenko of this idol the entire female audience of the CIS countries.


    In addition to the movie Alexander Dyachenko from his youth engaged in music. He writes and sings his own songs, plays guitar, arranges, and in recent years and is producing. In the Studio in Chicago Dyachenko recorded several of his songs, in which he helped the famous musicians. And in 2012, Dyachenko, together with the drummer of the famous band BI-2 Boris Lifshitz has created a group of ANTIGO. The group recorded several songs, shot a video for the song «Give Me Tomorrow», immediately received over a million views on YouTube.

    Personal life

    Personal life Alexander Dyachenko — closed from foreign eyes book. We only know that Alexander Dyachenko is married, his wife’s name is Faith.

    A woman rarely appears with her husband in public places and prefers to stay in the shadow of her famous husband.


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    Alexander Dyachenko

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