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  • Name: Alexander Drobitko ( Aleksandr Drobitko )
  • Date of birth: 7 January 2000
  • Age: 17 years
  • Place of birth: Saint Petersburg
  • Activities: actor
  • Marital status: not married

    Alexander Drobitko: biography

    Alexander Drobitko, a young Russian actor, who announced his talent even at the age of eight, perfectly having played a Central role in the psychological drama «Bury me behind a plinth». He later starred in such famous films as the detective «Mosgaz» and all its sequels, as well as the dramas «Gregory R.», «Mother in law» and many others.

    Alexander was born on the day of the Orthodox Christmas in 2000 in the city of St. Petersburg. His family wasn’t acting, and neither the theatre nor the cinema any relation had. The boy was still very young when his father left the family. To go from psychological problems the child solved with the help of creativity.

    Alexander Drobitko in the film
    Alexander Drobitko in the film «Bury me behind the baseboard» | Movie-Theater

    He began to study at musical school on a piano class, and Sasha drobitko not only plays the keyboards but also composes music. In secondary school the boy manages to learn «good» and «excellent», and take football classes at the school.

    But the main distraction in the life of Alexander was acting. From an early age he asked my mom to record it in the drama Studio. One woman broke down and took my son to one of the talent agencies, which started his career Drobitko in the cinema. After a few first successful filming of the talented teen was invited to Saint-Petersburg theatre «Alexandrovskiy garden», and now he is already able to compare the performance on the stage, on the set of the television series and the creation of feature films.


    First, little Sasha Drobitko was invited to appear in the crowd, then he got a small role in the detective «Foundry, 4». And then I went to this psychological drama, partly autobiographical book Paul Sanaeva «Bury me behind a plinth», which made 8-year-old boy a star on a national scale. Incidentally, Sasha’s mother, seeing how hard it is morally given to him the scene in this picture, wanted to forbid his son to play on, but refused such thoughts, realizing that the boy’s life cinema.

    Alexander Drobitko in the film
    Alexander Drobitko in the film «Bury me behind the baseboard» | Movie-Theater

    The talent of a young actor was appreciated not only spectators, but also specialists. Almost immediately the boy engages in melodramatic series «the Prodigal sons», «Rustic romance» and «the Grass under snow». And soon he receives an offer to star in one of the main roles in the action-novel «Mosgaz», the crime drama «Mother in law» and the romance «Ex-wife». In another successful work, the historical-biographical film «Gregory R.», the teenager was used to the image of crown Prince Alexei Romanov.

    In General, the role of Alexander – children with hard life that fall in a difficult situation and become a victim of circumstances. The young actor wants to star in the Comedy, but his type just corresponds to a dramatic scenario. To date, 16-year-old Drobitko has played in more than two dozen films, including went on to play Slavik Karpukhina of the detective «Mosgaz» in the sequels «the Executioner», «Spider» and «the Jackal».

    Personal life

    Now Alexander Drobitko 16 years. Of course, the creation of the family until he thinks, and serious romantic relationships have not had, as they say, all the time. The young man finishes school and is trying to decide which path to develop further, it is possible to become an actor, Sasha’s and a certain musical talent, who also do not want to lose.


    • 2008 — Bury me behind the baseboard
    • 2009 — Rustic romance
    • 2010 — Parents
    • 2010 — Grass under the snow
    • 2012 — Mosgaz
    • 2013 — Ex-wife
    • 2014 — Gregory R.
    • 2014 — Mother in law
    • 2014 — Trail of the tiger
    • 2016 — Realtor
    • 2016 — the Jackal


    Alexander Drobitko

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