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  • Name: Alexander Domogarov ( Aleksandr Domogarov )
  • Date of birth: 12 July 1963
  • Age: 53 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 186
  • Activities: actor, anchor, Russian chanson artist, people’s artist of Russia
  • Marital status: divorced

    Alexander Domogarov biography

    Alexander Domogarov – hero-lover on the stage, a legend of cinema and the object of desire of middle-aged ladies. An unusual beginning for most actors, people from the provinces.

    Roots in Moscow and very beautiful name received from your grandmother on your father’s side. In ancient Georgian family family referred riches. Perhaps princely origin caused a massive talent, sharp personality and exquisite beauty of Alexander Domogarova.

    Aleksandr Domogarov
    Photo of the artist | Observer

    The father of legendary actor, Yuri L. directly involved in the film. Before the war, played the role of a General in the video clips «Suvorov». In the battle of Rzhev was wounded. In civilian life he was appointed managing Director of Mosconcert. Was appointed to a similar position of the «Rosconcert». In the history marked as the first organizer of the world Expo attractions in Moscow. Last post on working trail — head of the musical theater of them. N. Sats.

    Alexander Domogarov in childhood
    Baby photo

    Have Domogarova Natalia Petrovna, was not close to art, but became son’s best friend. The creative biography of Alexander Domogarova was so intense that he did not have time to spend with my mother last week before death, like his older brother Andrew.

    In 1980, Alexander Domogarov graduated from two schools: music and General education. To education went to theater school. Schepkin. In four years with a success rate of Art. Korshunova. After graduating, got a job in TSTSA.


    First debut in the movie took place in 1984. Until 1992, the talent Domogarova was lost without a trace, as his participation was limited to cameo roles, for example, the character Sumarokov’s «Mikhail Lomonosov». For the first time, tolerable the role went to Domogarova in 1990, where he appeared to the public in the drama «Do it again!». Social story did not cause a resonance, however, Alexander played their role perfectly.

    Alexander Domogarov in the film
    In the film «Gardemariny III» | the Official site

    The recognition of colleagues and the audience has received for the role of Pavel Gorin in the cult story, «Gardemariny III» in 1992. The trilogy was a landmark, but the big success waited for the actor later.

    Career of Alexander Domogarova unfolded five years later, when the TV program started serial film «the Countess de Monsoro». Domogarov played the role of de Bussy. Character Domogarova – a real man-handsome with the highest measure of nobility. In the ranks of the fair sex hero appeared in the form of a sex symbol that could not pass in real life.

    The new Millennium brought the actor the growing popularity. He starred in the series «Turkish March» and «Gangster Petersburg». Domogarov was loved by the viewers. Each year began to appear numerous.

    Alexander Domogarov in the series
    In the TV series «Gangster Petersburg» | Peterburg2

    Popularity abroad followed the shooting of the Polish times in the film «with Fire and sword.» To perform a landmark role Alexander decided spontaneously. Organic way Slavic Cossack impressed an explosive temper. Domogarov quickly stepped into the role of Bohun, as if moved in the life of his character.

    Pompous series, won the love of millions: «Gangster Petersburg», «Empire under attack», «Turkish March». The actor plays such a great, powerful roles, regardless of the subject matter and era. A well-deserved reputation is built on love for each episode. «I love each and every movie. This is my life, my role, my movie!» says Alexander Domogarov.

    Aleksandr Domogarov
    Talented actor | Novostivmire

    He did a lot of thinking about these series. The series was filmed in difficult conditions, lacked the equipment and manpower, but according to the actor are filming tempered character of all who participated in them. For example, when I had to shoot a chase scene, the night got behind the wheel of the car of the Director and the cameraman filming chasing the car trunk. There were no cars for traffic police escort, professional drivers.

    In 2000, Alexander Domogarov received the title of Honored artist of Russia.

    Many people know Domogarova as an actor of the series, but he participated in the landmark feature-length projects. In 2006, he took part in the filming of the documentary «Axionic!», which tells of Patriarch Tikhon.

    Alexander Domogarov in the film
    The role of the Cannibal in the movie «Wolfhound» | RG.RU

    In 2007 Domogarov received the title of people’s artist of the Russian Federation. In the same year was nominated for «MTV movie awards Russia» for the best villain in the first Russian fantasy blockbuster «the Wolfhound».

    In 2008, the year Domogarov starred in a melodramatic TV series «do Not deny loving». Except for Alexander the film starred and other stars: Maria Poroshina, Ivan Rudakov, Laura Keosayan.

    In 2012, the actor was to shoot a documentary film «Alexander Domogarov. Confessions of a lonely man», which was shown on the First channel.

    Alexander Domogarov and Maria Poroshina
    Maria Poroshina on film | LiveInternet

    The age and pace of life made itself felt. Alexander’s difficulties began with casting and good roles. The actor began to be disappointed in their appearance and in 2013 decided to have cosmetic surgery. To the credit of Domogarova he didn’t try to hide the fact plastic as it is trying to do a celebrity, and openly told the press that quite pleased with the result of the operation.

    In the fall of 2016 year on the screens out the new drama series involving Domogarova «Pearls». In the story of the character Domogarova pours acid on lover. The actor himself came up with the most realistic behavior of the hero – drop the burned face in the snow and offered it to the crew. After approval by the actor multiple takes of falling face-first into the spring present.

    Personal life

    Alexander’s first wife was Natalia sagoyan. The young people had known each other since childhood and spend time together at the cottage, as the parent parcel were nearby. In 1985 Alexander Domogarova was born son Dmitry. A year old child remained with her mother since the couple separated. At the age of 23 years Dima was hit by a car and died on the operating table.

    Alexander Domogarov and Irina Gunenkova
    With Irina Gunenkova | Things-Dryukov

    At that time the personal life of Alexander Domogarova has changed for the banal reason. On the horizon, a new love, which appeared in the person of Irina Gunenkova, wardrobe mistress of the Theater of the Soviet Army, where he started his career, the future hero of women’s dreams. The couple changed the status of civil marriage in a legal ceremony in two years. In marriage, a son, Alexander. Son decided to follow in the footsteps of his famous father. Alexander Domogarov Jr. graduated from theatre school and starred in over a dozen films.

    After 10 years of marriage, Irina suffered the fate of his first wife Natalia. In the vast soundstages at Domogarova was a new love. Natalia Gromushkina was younger your sweetheart for 12 years. She came to the theater after GITIS, where he held the first meeting. Irina attempts to keep the family together were in vain. Despite the humility and patience of a long absence and «wife Natalia» in the press and on the screen of the news, in 2001, the actor asked for a divorce and then legitimize the new relationship.

    Alexander Domogarov and Natalya Gromushkina
    Natalia Gromushkina

    Union by Domogarov and Gromushkina lived for 4 years, another divorce occurred as a result of fresh love. This time Domogarov fell in love with the young and talented actress Marina Alexandrova. The love between them that is played out on the screens flowed smoothly in real life. Quarrel and reconciliation, separation and hugs lasted two years. This family also disintegrated. This time in 2007 put an end to relations Marina Aleksandrova.

    Aleksandr Domogarov and Marina Aleksandrova
    Marina Alexandrova | Mach-Rikh

    After a while the actor met with Larisa Chernikova, which at that time was already a very successful businesswoman. They flew on the same plane to Simferopol, Domogarov admitted that in flight it was annoying sitting behind the girl, constantly talking with a friend. Sparring actor a businesswoman turned into a lovely conversation. Word for word, and young people met, but Larissa refused to give his phone number. But the story continued when in 2010, Chernikova came to the show Domogarova, since the couple actively began to develop. There was talk about the imminent marriage, joint children, but they were in no hurry to legalize the relationship. Larissa did not become the lawful wife Domogarova.

    Alexander Domogarov and Larisa Chernikova
    Larisa Chernikova | Ivona

    May 18, in the program «live» Alexander Domogarov admitted that his girlfriend is in a coma. It turned out that 30-year-old Larisa Chernikova for more than 8 years is ill with lymphoma. All this time the disease is slowly but surely undermined the health of Larissa. While in Vienna for treatment, April 12, the girl suddenly the house felt bad, but refused to call an ambulance, deciding to go to the hospital by car. State Chernikova has deteriorated dramatically in the entrance, arrived doctors pronounced him clinically dead — Larisa heart stopped. Heavy efforts of physicians after coronary heart attack managed to make the heart. In the hospital the doctors brought the girl in a medically induced coma. 7 October 2015 in Austria Larisa Chernikova died.

    In 2016, the year he was hospitalized and the actor himself. At Domogarova was vascular crisis. Now Alexander’s life is not in danger, but the fans still care about the actor, knowing that a busy career and a lot of novels have had a negative effect on the health of the actor.

    Aleksandr Domogarov
    The actor no longer advertise his personal life | Ivona

    Now the actor does not advertise his personal life. Most likely many of the tragedy, the actor made barriers to isolate themselves from those who would try to reopen painful memories.


    • «The Countess de Monsoreau»
    • «Fire and sword»
    • «Turkish March»
    • «Gangster Petersburg»
    • «Diver»
    • «Wolfhound of the gray dogs»
    • «King»
    • «Battle of Warsaw»
    • Dostoevsky
    • «MOORE»


    Aleksandr Domogarov

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