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  • Name: Alexander Dmitriev ( Aleksandr Dmitriev )
  • Date of birth: 10 November 1991
  • Age: 25 years
  • Place of birth: Dubna, Russia
  • Height: 187
  • Activities: Russian film and theater actor
  • Marital status: not married

    Alexander Dmitriev : biography

    Young actor Alexander Dmitriev just starting their way in the film. But that beginning was so bright that gives hope for a bright career.

    Dmitriev was born in the suburban town of Dubna in November 1991. Guy studied at the Lyceum named after academician N. N. Flerov and in school years became interested in theater. He was engaged in a theatrical Studio «Ecopolis». Here the young artist for the first time felt and endured incredibly joyful moments when I heard the first praise and applause. But then it seemed to Alexander that the theatre is only a pleasant hobby, but not a future place of work.

    After graduating in 2008, Alexander Dmitriev went to buy a future profession. He enrolled in one of the capital’s universities, by the faculty of advertising. But after 3 years I realized that I lost all interest in the chosen specialty. And «pulls» him before, exclusively on the stage.

    Therefore, Dmitriev left the University and went to the legendary the School-Studio of MKHAT. Did the first attempt and got into the Studio to two wonderful mentors and wonderful actors Zolotovitskiy Igor and Sergey Zemtsov. Here at the acting course he studied until 2014.


    In the Moscow drama theatre named after A. S. Pushkin, the young actor was admitted in the same year 2014. To get to the stage Dmitriev began in the Studio School. He played in the graduation performances. The debut was the role of the inspector in the play «the Inspector General» Victor Ryzhakova. Then he went to Alexander for the images in productions of «the day», «MP3 Ravel» and «Stairway to heaven», which put his mentors zolotovitski and Zemtsov.

    A cinematic biography of Alexander Dmitriev, too, began in his student years. The actor has successfully passed the audition and debuted in the sitcom «Studio 17», which premiered on TNT in September 2013. This youth series instantly became the rating, which is not surprising. The characters of the series, many viewers found themselves, remembered his youthful dreams and ambitions to become famous, first love problems and search for a place under the sun.

    In the sitcom in the role of kameo, a host of already-established stars of Russian cinema, which gave the painting a special charm.

    Alexander Dmitriev went the way of the nerd Denis. It is noteworthy that this is the first and immediately the main role of a novice actor. The filming process began when Sasha was cold student. Fortunately, most of the filming was to take place in the summer, so that Dmitriyev did not have to miss classes.

    The role of Dennis was given to Alexander Dmitriev easily. Ironically, his character is advertising, as the artist himself in his time. Hipster glasses and the seriousness of the advertiser Denis loved Dmitriev. His character turned out to be incredibly practical and easy as the Comedy series.

    After filming Alexander Dmitriev continued to come to the stage of the Pushkin theater, where even today plays in the play «a Profitable post».

    Debut role in «Studio 17» was a good start for the young artist and brought him a new role. In production is the film «the Trial», which began in the filmography Dmitrieva second project. This Comedy-drama directed by Andrew Kanivchenko will be released in 2016.

    Personal life

    Yet the personal life of Alexander Dmitriev in the process of development. The actor is not married and does not think about the family, because just beginning his career. His «novels» only screen. So, in the sitcom «Studio 17» his character had two romantic relationships – with his wife Olga and the girl Katia. They played Anastasia Klyuev and Maria Dorogova. But romances in my life with any of these Actresses have no Dmitriev. He’s only workshops played a role.

    Alexander Dmitriev considers himself a romantic. Because otherwise he wouldn’t have left prestigious advertising faculty at the University and would not have gone to drama school.


    • «Studio 17»
    • Proba


    Alexander Dmitriev

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