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  • Name: Alexander Demyanenko ( Aleksandr Demyanenko )
  • Date of birth: 30 may 1937
  • Age: 62 years
  • Date of death: 22 Aug 1999
  • Place of birth: Sverdlovsk (now Yekaterinburg)
  • Activity: film and theater actor, people’s artist of the RSFSR
  • Marital status: married

    Alexander Demyanenko: biography

    Aleksandr Sergeevich Demyanenko, without a doubt, the star of the first magnitude of the Soviet cinema. After appearing on screen, hilarious Saga with Shura actor bathed in glory, and could not bear to appear on the street.

    Alexander Demyanenko
    Alexander Demyanenko | Moskovsky Komsomolets

    But such resounding popularity came to him with a light hand, directed by Leonid Gaidai, had the opposite direction, dark. Demyanenko has become a hostage of one image, which for any artist is tragic. Besides the hype and fuss around Alexander, which rose everywhere, wherever he appeared extremely annoyed the actor, silent by nature and very closed person. The desire to touch the idol, get an autograph, to talk with the star gave him the torments of hell, and incredible discomfort in everyday life.

    How was he as a person? How was his career but loud adventures of Shurik?

    Born Alexander Demyanenko in the North of Russia, in Sverdlovsk, in may 1937. Shortly after the birth of first child father left the family for another woman. She bore him two children, son Vladimir and daughter Hope. But the children did not deter her husband in a new family. He returned to his first wife, where Sasha grew up. Soon, the boy appeared sisters Tatiana and Natalia.

    Alexander Demyanenko mom Galina | woman’s Day

    It was the father who played a decisive role in the fate of Alexander Demyanenko. The fact that Sergey Demyanenko was a man enthusiastic, creative, a real artist. In the past student of the University of party propaganda troupe «Blue blouse» – in Sverdlovsk, he worked as an actor in the Opera theatre and taught theatre at the Conservatory. After school Sasha ran to her father in the Opera house and spent all your free time. There he caught the acting bug and about any other profession could no longer dream. Despite the fact that his father got carried away again and again left the family for Alexander Demyanenko, he always remained an idol and the main authority. It is noteworthy that all children from different marriages have a rapport among themselves.

    Alexander Demyanenko in the child | woman’s Day

    Secondary education is beloved by millions Sasha got in the Sverdlovsk school No. 37, curriculum which included in-depth study of the German language. In 1954, when it came time to choose a specialty, and the city was attended by representatives of the admissions Committee of the Moscow art Theater to recruit students. Alexander Demyanenko, of course, could not miss the chance to attend the prestigious theatrical INSTITUTION. But the guy was so worried that miserably failed the exam.

    Future movie star went to the local University and enrolled in law school. Studied the student well, but after a year realized that as a lawyer he was not to be. A few years without having to break the law to acquire a profession, to which the soul does not lay, Aleksandr Demyanenko are not wanted. He left the school and went again to try his luck in the capital’s theatre Institute.

    Alexander Demyanenko
    Alexander Demyanenko | Gossip

    Moscow took Sverdlovsk kid friendly. Alexander Demyanenko successfully passed the exams once in two famous universities – GITIS and Shchukin school. Chose, as the once-father, GITIS, what immediately happily informed parents by sending a telegram to Sverdlovsk.

    Higher theatre education and a diploma of Alexander Demyanenko received in 1959. Not to say that studying in GITIS for the future of the Shura was cloudless. The talented student is then clearly manifested an eccentric character. He could easily, anyone without saying a word, heading to his native Sverdlovsk region in the middle of the school year. But the teachers and his mentor Professor Joseph Rajewski hand was raised to pay Sasha. Rajewski asked Demyanenko at least not to miss classes, which teach acting skills.


    A cinematic biography of Alexander Demyanenko began quite early, when he was a second-year student of GITIS. The actor made his debut in the role of Mitya in the movie «Wind» Alexander Alova and Vladimir Naumov. The audience and Directors noticed the optimistic actor in this drama the final «Komsomol» trilogy «Disturbing youth» and «Pavel Korchagin». It is in the «Wind» was born the image of a modest and intelligent young man, able to perform the feat. This image is already well established for Aleksandr Demyanenko.

    Aleksandr Demyanenko in movie
    Alexander Demyanenko in the movie «Wind» | Movie-Theater.Ru

    After graduating high school theater the artist was invited to Moscow drama theatre named St. Mayakovsky. Here Siberian worked for three years, but the cinema is increasingly delayed Alexander.

    In 1961, the screens out the new film Alova and Naumov. In the project – the drama «the World incoming» – they have again called Alexander Demyanenko. He played Lieutenant Ivlev, the graduate school, which is the last day of the war to a responsible task – to deliver in hospital pregnant German woman. The picture was a huge success not only in the Soviet Union, but also abroad. The film was showered with prizes, including several competitions in Brussels and Venice.

    Two paintings that followed the drama «the World incoming», and solidified Alexander Demyanenko in the Soviet cinema. The film «Career Dima Gorin», in which the young actor played an honest cashier, made him famous. Fixed success of the brilliant Comedy «Adult children», which Demyanenko in a duet with Lily of Aleshnikova played a young married couple, who lives together with parents.

    Aleksandr Demyanenko in movie
    Alexander Demyanenko in the movie «World incoming» | Around TV

    In 1962, Aleksandr Demyanenko made a final decision to leave the Mayakovsky theater and move to the Northern capital. This was for two reasons. In Leningrad, the artist was given an apartment. Besides, he was shot at «Lenfilm», and then he was offered a job.

    Soon, the actor has pleased its fans with a new film – he appeared in the film story of Vladimir Vengerov «Empty flight». The audience enjoyed watching over the actions of a brave journalist national Newspapers Sirotkin, who was unraveling financial fraud. No less than a resounding success was accompanied by detective Director Nicholas Rozantseva «State criminal». Here Alexander Demyanenko played a young investigator for particularly important cases of Andrei Nikolaevich Polikanov, who was assigned to investigate the case of a war criminal.

    Aleksandr Demyanenko in movie
    Alexander Demyanenko in the film «Empty flight» | full Movie.Ru

    Career artist has developed rapidly. He was out on the streets. In every Newsstand sold postcards with the image of Alexander. But the resounding glory and the peak of popularity was waiting for him after the meeting with Leonid Gaidai. The famous Moscow Director came to Leningrad the «bride» Demyanenko. Indeed, in the capital, he rejected four dozen applicants for the role of the main character of his movie script of «serious history.» The right type poor boy Vlad Arikawa, intelligent bungler, always gets into funny situations.

    Hayday, seeing Alexander Demyanenko, I realized that this is exactly the artist that he needs. Before him stood a man who didn’t have to strain and to transform: it was ready Masters. But in the process of filming Vlad turned to Shurik. In order to achieve complete contact with the image, the artist had to lighten the resin hair. Stylists, seeking a radical blonde, burned the hair of the actor to such an extent that appeared on the skin blisters.

    Later, the actor’s widow Lyudmila Akimovna remembered that paint at that time was so ruthless that remains a mystery how Demyanenko not bald.

    Alexander Demyanenko in the film
    Alexander Demyanenko in the movie «Operation «y» and other Shurik’s adventures» | TV Center

    The release of the Golden Comedy «Operation «y»» were similar to a bomb explosion. Alexander Demyanenko woke up famous. Now as Shurik, no one called. He hasn’t really played and lived the role in this Comedy. The artist did not resort to acting above – it was just there. He later admitted that the role of the Shura was not related to him with the pangs of creativity, nor with the difficulties of reincarnation.

    Many critics and biographers Gaidai and Demyanenko say that Sasha is actually «collective» image of the Director and the actor. Both appeared in my life like that charming hero: reclusive bespectacled, somewhat closed and taciturn, gloomy and shutovskie without a shadow of a smile.

    Alexander Demyanenko in the film
    Alexander Demyanenko in the film «the Caucasian captive, or Shurik’s New adventures» | Peekaboo

    Leonid Gaidai was filled with bags of letters asking to continue the story charming Shurik. The Director went to meet the wishes of spectators and two years later directed «the Caucasian captive, or Shurik’s New adventures». Alexander Demyanenko again appeared in the role beloved by millions of bespectacled muddler.

    In 1973, viewers saw a new masterwork involving Demyanenko. It’s a brilliant Comedy «Ivan Vasilyevich changes occupation». She and two Comedy Shurik, entered the Golden Fund of Russian cinema. After decades of viewers and today lift yourself up, looking at heroes, in which the reincarnated Alexander Demyanenko, Georgy Vitsin, Yevgeny Morgunov and Yuri Nikulin, Alexander Yakovlev and Leonid Kuravlev.

    Alexander Demyanenko in the film
    Alexander Demyanenko in the film «Ivan Vasilyevich changes occupation» |

    But at a time when the whole country was ready to carry a favorite artist, he started having problems with the other side of glory. Aleksandr Demyanenko has become the hostage of his Shura. Directors it was difficult to find him a role, because the train funny blond was reaching for the actor, as if glued.

    The Alexander repeatedly complained that everyone remember only the role, although she did not require him any effort. A heavy and decent work in the wonderful painting «the World incoming», «My good father» and «Gloom-river» no one remembers.

    Alexander Demyanenko in the series
    Alexander Demyanenko in the series «Gloomy-river» | I about the Movie

    The actor admitted that he is a burden, and the publicity that was inevitable after comedies by Leonid Gaidai. He approached on the street, clapped on the shoulder, addressed to «you». Aleksandr Demyanenko was forced to accept invitations to meetings with the audience, because they have brought any income. At these meetings, quizzed about his personal, demanding openness and «emotional Striptease». That is exactly what most liked artist.

    Come down to the fact that the actor almost didn’t offered a new role in the movie, but he couldn’t walk on the street safely. And it is incredibly annoying. Aleksandr Demyanenko is very involved in the dubbing and the dubbing of foreign films. His voice spoke the heroes of Jean-Paul Belmondo, Omar Sharif, Ugo Tognazzi, John Voight and Robert De Niro. Practically all Soviet films of Aleksandr Demyanenko was voiced by Donatas Banionis. Don’t deny it, and from the sound of cartoons.

    Occasionally the actor offered interesting episodes or small roles in good films. So he played the clerk of Ivan the Elks in the «gloom-river», Shestakova in the «Green van».

    In total filmography of Alexander Demyanenko is seven dozen movie titles.

    Alexander Demyanenko in the film «the Green van» | TV Center

    After leaving the Studio, «thumbnail» artist served in the Theatre of Comedy named N. Akimova on Nevsky prospect. Since the mid-1990s, he appeared on the stage of Saint-Petersburg theatre «the Shelter of comedians» on the Small Sea. Theatergoers saw your favorite actor in productions of «Vladimir square» and «Antigone». He played two completely different genres of heroes, as Aleksandr Demyanenko was a brilliant dramatic actor. But the theater on Malaya Morskaya small users it is not so much, so the work of the artist was appreciated by all.

    In 1991 Aleksandr Demyanenko became the people’s artist of the RSFSR. But I think this award seemed to have drawn a line under his creative biography. He still went on stage and sounded foreign films, but already knew that his career, like life, is drawing to a close.

    Personal life

    With first wife, Marina, the second – Aleksandr Demyanenko lived for 16 years. The pair met in Sverdlovsk, in the drama club. It seems that their family life was cloudless. The couple often went, holding a hand, understand each other perfectly. Children they had. Colleagues and friends of Alexander remembered Marina as energetic earn all sorts of deficits. The artist himself was very ill-equipped for everyday life. Therefore, Swiss cheese, salmon and caviar in their house appeared only thanks to the economic wife.

    First wife of Alexander Demyanenko Marina Sklyarov
    First wife of Alexander Demyanenko Marina Sklyarova | Source

    But that was in the soul and the mind is extremely closed and forever immersed in his thoughts of Alexander Demyanenko – nobody knows. His friend Oleg Belov in his memoirs told of a story that, in fact, was distinguishing of the artist. One day in Ashgabat, where Demyanenko Belov and drove to the festival, artists were invited on a tour. Suddenly the bus stopped Natalya Selezneva, along with which Alexander Demyanenko starred in the Comedy «Operation «y» and «Ivan Vasilyevich changes occupation».

    After a few years after these films, Seleznev was terribly happy about their meeting. She rushed to Demyanenko, intending to kiss him, but he just calmly nodded to a colleague, leaving a cold «Hello.» Natalya Selezneva, petrified in surprise.

    Probably the same thing he felt the first wife of the artist Marina, when one day the man with whom she never had a fight, came home, silently gathered in the suitcase of my things and left for another woman, with whom he lived for the rest of their days in love and harmony as his first wife.

    Alexander Demyanenko with his wife Lyudmila
    Alexander Demyanenko with his wife Lyudmila | Moskovsky Komsomolets

    The second wife of the artist became Lyudmila, dubbing Director with «Lenfilm». It was her second marriage. First daughter Angelica. Relationship with the stepdaughter from Alexander developed remarkable. Subsequently, Anzhelika Nevolina became a famous actress of the Maly drama theatre of Lev Dodin.

    Aleksandr Demyanenko was very fond of solitude, for what could not be better suited dacha near St. Petersburg. Here he is widely read, listened to classical music and dreamed of.


    Few people knew that the artist had a heart condition. But in the last years of his life he had to work for wear. In St. Petersburg, Demyanenko was not offered work in film. Therefore, received from Moscow the offer to star in the TV series «Strawberry,» he agreed. The actor dangled from St. Petersburg to the capital, lived in hotels. Every day was filmed a new series of tapes.

    On the weekend Alexander Demyanenko hurried to St. Petersburg, because in the theater «Shelter comedian» was the play with his participation. He was a very responsible person and could not prevent a supply failure.

    Alexander Demyanenko
    Alexander Demyanenko |

    For the TV show the actor had detached retina. Had to do eye surgery under anesthesia. Demyanenko moved it hard. Soon he was again admitted to hospital with a suspected stomach ulcer. As it turned out, it was the second heart attack. About the first artist and had no idea.

    The doctors decided to do the Alexander bypass. But before the surgery he did not live one day. The cause of death was pulmonary edema.

    Talked a lot about the love of the actor to alcohol. Some even argued that cause heart problems was alcohol. In fairness I should admit that nondrinkers Alexander Demyanenko really wasn’t. But as argued by his friends, he never crossed the line beyond which he lost control of himself and the human species.

    Buried the famous artist in St. Petersburg, Seraphim cemetery. After a few years appeared near the tomb of his second wife, Ludmila.


    • 1958 – «the Wind»
    • 1961 – «Dima Gorin’s Career»
    • 1961 – «the World incoming»
    • 1962 – «Empty flight»
    • 1965 – «Operation «y» and other adventures Shurik»
    • 1967 – «the Caucasian captive, or Shurik’s New adventures»
    • 1969 – «Gloom-river»
    • 1973 – «Ivan Vasilyevich changes the profession»
    • 1983 – «the Green van»
    • 1996 – «Strawberry»


    Alexander Demyanenko

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