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  • Name: Alexander Demidov ( Aleksandr Demidov )
  • Date of birth: 22 October 1970
  • Age: 46 years
  • Place of birth: Sverdlovsk
  • Height: 178
  • Activities: actor, television worker, writer, producer
  • Marital status: married

    Alexander Demidov : biography

    Alexander Demidov was born in October 1970 in Yekaterinburg (formerly Sverdlovsk), in a normal family where nobody has been associated with the art world. Alexander’s parents divorced when he was very young. The boy stayed with mom. But at some point felt unnecessary. One summer, Sasha went to visit my father and grandmother in Ryazan. And there he remained.

    In Ryazan Alexander Demidov graduated from high school. There came to him an interest in theatre. The school acted drama, which staged Amateur productions. Sasha with pleasure walked on stage. The acting profession firmly established in his life, and the guy has not thought later in life without the game.

    After finishing school Alexander Demidov went to the capital. He easily entered GITIS where chose the faculty of variety. The intricacies of the acting profession, the future artist learned under the guidance of talented mentor of the course of Vladimir Korovin. In 1993, the Demidov graduated from high school.

    Quartet «And»

    A cinematic biography of Alexander Demidov began in high school theater. In 1991, he first appeared on screen, playing a role in the film «Five kidnapped monks.» The debut was more than successful: critics and viewers immediately noticed until then unknown talented young man. Demidov began to regularly receive new offers from Directors. But the most significant one in Alexander’s career is getting 1993. This year the young actor met with the graduates of GITIS Leonid Burozem, Kamil Larin and Rostislav Khait, became one of the founders of the new project is now well-known theatre «the Quartet And».

    In the same watershed 1993, «the Quartet And» put on the stage of the University theatre his first play called «It’s all clichés». The production was a huge success and immediately brought to its creators and to the actors popularity. Since then, the project of four friends constantly climbs the ladder of popularity.

    In productions of «the Quartet» Alexander Demidov not only acts as an actor, but also writes the lyrics, develops scripts, and even producing new plays. Each of the performances – it’s a brilliant game and poignant humor of the artists. First, «the Quartet And» acted only in the capital but increases the success of the project has allowed its creators to start the tour. They were accompanied by the same success.

    But the creative biography of Alexander Demidov is not only a performance on stage. The artist regularly appears in new film projects. It can be seen in his famous paintings «Maximilian», «Money», «adventures of private Ivan Chonkin». But the greatest glory Demidov brought to these projects, and adaptation of the plays «the Quartet And». The domestic audience with the great pleasure looked film «radio Day» and «election Day», where the actors all starred the same four friends from the Quartet. Then, on the screens out the film «what men talk About». Tape was such a huge success that soon artists took it a sequel titled «what else do men». All these films were huge hits domestic rentals.

    Of the last kinorabot actor can be noted picture «Faster than rabbits», «Hello, I’m your dad!» and «Watch Cagliostro». The last film is a fantastic project Mikhail Krupin about the characters found in one of the old suburban estates watch allegedly belonging to the magician count Cagliostro. The tape was released in 2014.

    Recently, the artist and writer Alexander Demidov created a few new projects. Fans saw Demidov in a new way – even as a talented musician. Not so long ago there was a musical group called «Demidov». Alexander presents in it and a singer and a musician and producer. In 2011, fans saw a new program of collective, created in conjunction with another popular musical group «Beavers». Now the team of Alexander Demidov is called «demidoBand».

    Personal life

    The actor was married twice. From his first marriage he has a daughter Sofia.

    Personal life Alexander Demidov is the beloved wife Elena and son Ignatius. Family plays in the life of an actor and a musician a huge role, as he keeps repeating in every interview.


    • «Five kidnapped monks»
    • «Maximilian»
    • «Money»
    • «The adventures of private Ivan Chonkin»
    • «Radio day»
    • «Election day»
    • «What men talk about»
    • «Faster than rabbits»
    • «Hello, I’m your dad!»
    • «Watch Cagliostro»


    Oleksandr Demidov

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