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  • Name: Alexander, Dedushka ( Aleksandr Dedyushko )
  • Date of birth: 20 may 1962
  • Age: 45 years
  • Date of death: November 3, 2007
  • Born in Volkovysk, Belarus
  • Height: 176
  • Activities: Russian film and theater actor
  • Marital status: married

    Alexander dedjushko : biography

    Alexander dedushko was born in may 1962 in the Belarusian town of Volochisk. His name in the Belarusian language sounds Aliaksandr Charac Dziadziushka.

    That rising artist, native picked it up. The boy happily danced, participated in school skits and beautifully recited poems. Therefore, parents supported their son when he decided to enroll in drama school. For this Alexander, dedushka went to Moscow, but there it turned out that the exams are over. To return home with nothing Alexander did not want, and he got a job as a mechanic at one of the service stations.

    From there he was drafted into the army. After the service, dedushka went to enter the theater, and again no luck: the exams were over and the «train has left». At this time, Alexander got a job as a physical activities leader at the plant. Took him without further ADO, because with school, dedushka was distinguished by excellent physical training and was successful in almost all sports.

    The following year Alexander dedjushko advised to do not in the Metropolitan theatre, and to go to Nizhny Novgorod, whose theatre school was famous for. The future actor easily went to drama school. After 3 years he graduated and went to take the first steps in the profession in his native Belarus. Here he spent six months out on the stage of the Minsk theatre, and then moved to Vladimir.


    In the Vladimir theatre of Belarusian actor’s career developed rapidly. He began to trust the leading roles. But Alexander dedjushko dreamed of the conquest of Moscow, which has rejected it twice.

    At 33, the actor got the Moscow art theatre Oleg Efremov. But unlike Vladimir here career stalled: the actor confided in a tiny role. So he decided to break into film.

    A cinematic biography of Alexander, dedushka if you don’t count work the crowd and advertising, began an episode in the famous Comedy «DMB». Audiences first saw him as the chief of patrol.

    The first serious work went to actor in the late 1990s, when fashion entered the «gangster» series. Dedushka, entrusted a key role in the film «the Directory of death». This tape was a turning point in the career of the artist. The Directors finally spotted him and began to fill with sentences, each of which was more significant than the previous one.

    It was the hour Alexander, dedushka. He starred in the TV series «online alias», «Boys of steel» and «detective». But the greatest success came to the artist after the release of fighters of «Sarmat» and «Alias Albanian». In these tapes talented Belarusian has played characters who immediately win the hearts of the audience: courageous, noble and brave.

    Alexander dedjushko becomes a star of the national cinema, it is often invited in different rating, shows and projects. In 2006, he took part in the show «dancing with the stars», where he conquered the hearts of spectators of this dance paired with the Vine Sakurovas. In the same year, the artist tried his hand as a broadcaster: he was entrusted to lead the program «Street of your fate», which tells about the fate of unknown heroes who need help.

    Personal life

    The first marriage of Alexander proved to be unstable. Dedushka married the student theatre of the University Lyudmila Tomilina. In January 1991 the couple had a daughter Ksenia. But the distance, and the couple worked in different cities, and cooled their feelings. Marriage has ceased to exist.

    In 1996, the personal life of Alexander, dedushka made a new round: Vladimir he met the 20-year-old actress Svetlana Chernyshkova. Svetlana was in a completely foreign to her city after graduating from the Krasnoyarsk University. New year’s eve she celebrated in the company of friends in her dormitory and made a wish to find a soul mate. After midnight the girls went to visit in the next room to the colleagues-actors. There Light and met Alexander.

    Fell in love at first sight. Soon they were married. In the summer of 1999 was born son Dmitry. Together the family lived 8 happy years. In the suburbs they built their home, which he dreamed happily live my entire life.


    The tragedy occurred on 3 November 2007. Alexander dedjushko with his wife and son were returning from a party at home on the highway «Moscow-Ufa». In the Vladimir region «Toyota» actor has unexpectedly left on an oncoming lane, where collided with a truck Scania.

    Dedushko, and his wife and son were killed on the spot. The family was buried at the troyekurovskoye cemetery in Moscow.


    • «The directory of death»
    • «Operational alias»
    • «Boys of steel»
    • «I’m a detective»
    • «Sarmat»
    • «Alias Albanian»
    • «I’m a detective»
    • «Evening fairy tale»
    • «If you can hear me»
    • «The real dad»


    Oleksandr, Dedushka

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