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  • Name: Alexander Tsoy ( Aleksandr Tsoy )
  • Date of birth: 9 Oct 1984
  • Age: 32 years
  • Place of birth: Pakhtakor, Uzbekistan
  • Activity: film and theater actor, theater Director
  • Marital status: married

    Alexander Tsoy biography

    Alexander Tsoy, Uzbek and Russian actor of Korean descent, who played Batu Khan in the historical drama «Kolovrat». He was born October 9, 1984, in the Uzbek city of Pakhtakor. After finishing school the young man moved to Tashkent and enters the Republican variety-circus College, the faculty of the Artists, where he received his degree of masters of artistic word.

    For higher education Alexander went to Tashkent theatrical Institute, and this time decided to learn the profession of Director. While studying at the University, Choi worked in the Studio of the Youth theatre of Uzbekistan.

    Oleksandr Choi
    Alexander Choi | Facebook

    First he as an actor has participated in performances of «Fiddler on the roof», «Princess Turandot» and many others, later, a young man applied new knowledge and became the Director of the concert performance of «Reflection».

    But I must say that learning the Alexander Tsoy finished is not considered. He went to Moscow and enrolled in the famous GITIS, workshop teacher Iosif reichelgaus. In the capital of Russia is a talented actor, too, immediately found work in the theater «School of modern play», and several times was involved in performances of Moscow art academic theater. Here Choi again managed to put the play Director – non drama «My lucky life» in which he played singer Svetlana Surganova and the children’s show «In search of magic.»


    On the TV screen Alexander Choi first appeared in 2010 in the episode «the death Card» of the fourth season of the popular detective «Law and order. Department of operative investigations». He then played the Chinese conjurer in the historical and mystical painting «the Horde», Asian named Wuyi in the crime drama «Salam Maskva», no Hairdryer in the melodrama «Veronica. Lost happiness» and its sequel «Veronica. The fugitive».

    Alexander Choi in the film
    Alexander Choi in the film «Horde» | Kimomania

    Pronounced appearance of Alexander Tsoi severely limits his role in the movie, although on the stage he can turn into any character. But the film has more rigid restrictions. Even in the Christmas Comedy «SOS, Santa Claus or All will come true!» it again falls the image of the Chinese, however, very funny – police officer by the name of Gun In.

    The main on-screen role of actor at the moment can be called the image of Batu Khan in the historical film «Kolovrat». In addition, in 2016, the light goes out Comedy «Superplague» with the participation of Alexander and Anna Chipovskaya and Alexander Revva. Also on account of Choi’s directorial film «an Attempt» and «Mask».

    Personal life

    About my personal life Alexander Choi does not like to talk. According to his personal pages in social networks, the man is married and his wife was the actress of the theater «School of modern drama» Danielle of Celica.

    Alexander Choi and Danielle of Celica
    Alexander Choi and Danielle of Celica | the Moscow theatre «School of modern drama»

    She is originally from Lithuania but for many years lived in Moscow. Viewers could see her in such films as «Beagle» and «carp». And in November 2012, Alexander first became a father: Daniella gave birth to a son, whom the happy couple named mark.


    • 2012 — the Sellers of immortality
    • 2012 — Veronica. Lost happiness
    • 2012 — Salam Maskva
    • 2013 — a Marriage of the will-3. Dancing on coals
    • 2013 — Veronica. Runaway
    • Urgently 2015 get married
    • 2015 — SOS, Santa Claus or All will come true!
    • 2016 — Belovodye. The mystery of the lost country
    • 2016 — Kolovrat
    • 2016 — Superplague


    Oleksandr Choi

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