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  • Name: Alexander Bulychev ( Aleksandra Bulycheva )
  • Date of birth: 1 January 1987
  • Age: 30 years
  • Place of birth: Glazov, Udmurtia
  • Height: 171
  • Activities: actress, TV presenter
  • Marital status: not married

    Alexander Bulychev biography

    Alexander Bulychev – Russian actress and TV presenter, known to viewers of the program «Moscow. Instructions for use» series «Mom» and the film «Goal see.»

    Sasha was born in a small industrial town of Glazov, which is located in Udmurtia. She attended school No. 15, and in parallel he studied piano at the Lyceum of arts of the Udmurt Republic, the soloist was in the children’s choir «Glasovanje» and a lot of time devoted to sport. The girl is seriously engaged in sports and dance aerobics, shooting, fencing, horse-riding and parachuting. But the greatest sporting achievements Bulychevaa associated with athletics, as she was a city champion in run on a distance of 5 km and got the first Junior level in the sport.

    When Alexander was in the last class, in her school there have arrived representatives of the Moscow Institute of steel and alloys, which have passed the previous exit exams. After passing them, Bulycheva has not yet received a Ged, he became a student of the Moscow University. In Moscow the girl is not only educated, but also found his first job in television.

    Television and theater

    In 2007, Alexander Bulychev started working in television programmes on different Russian channels. She was a correspondent for the PRO — news of show business on the TV channel MUZ-TV, TNT created stories about life in the great metropolis for the broadcast «Moscow. Instructions for use», and on NTV was the leading Frank of the program «Das ist Fantastish», which touched upon many topical problems of sexual plan. The Director of this program was Michael Tukmachev, who advised Alexander not to dwell on the career of leading, and to try myself as an actress.

    Bulychev decided to listen to good advice colleagues and enrolled in the Theatre Institute named Shchukin, where she studied on the course Michael G. Malinowski until the end of 2012.

    But at the time of obtaining the second higher education Alexander Bulychev did not interrupt his career on television. She’s been a leader on NTV, and was also the main face of channel 7 TV in an erotic and educational programs «Ambulance men», on channel «Where and who» in a humorous trash-show «People in traffic» he asked non-standard questions to drivers and passengers stuck in traffic jams, and the Broadcast was co-host along with Anna Varicool the popular program «the weather and not only.»

    After graduation in 2012, the actress has been the employee of the Moscow theatrical centre «the Platform», where involved in the role of Angelica in the Italian-Russian performance «100% Furioso», based on the poem by Ludovico Ariosto’s rasender Roland. Dance theater combines classic characters and atmosphere of post-industrial society, steeped in consumption.


    The young actress started acting in feature films in 2010 and currently has participated in nearly 50 films and television series.

    In 2013, she played Mila Sizov in the military drama «the Goal is to see», which was dedicated to the 7th we are very young women snipers, who fought in the Second world war. The prototype of the heroine of Bulycheva was the hero of the Soviet Union, the most successful woman sniper of Love Pavlichenko. The role went to actress due to the fact that Alexandra is pretty good with weapons and knows how to shoot straight. All the tricks that the viewer can see in the picture, Bulycheva acted alone, without the aid of doubles or stuntmen. The film participated in many film festivals and received very good reviews.

    In 2015, the actress had several iconic works. She starred as the cranky, bitchy Secretary Diana in a fantastic Comedy «Complete transformation» in which the absurd way the characters switching bodies, and begins the real confusion. Alexander Bulychev role in this film, dyed her hair red and many hours of the day worked in the gym, as her character was supposed to have a stressed model figure.

    Another popular film of 2015 was the Comedy series «Moms» of the channel STS about three friends with different destiny. Alexander Bulychevaa got the image of the lonely Victoria Smirnova, who goes through men like a glove, but in the soul committed to family life and to motherhood. Interestingly, to 28 years at Bulycheva was not pierced ears, she wore only clips. But in 2015, for the filming of the series she had to finally make the punctures, since the story is one of a series the movie was based on the earrings.

    In addition, at the end of December, the actress received the experience of filming in a music video when he starred in the video of the pop Duo «te100steron» for the song «This is not a woman.»

    Personal life

    Alexander Bulychev not married and has no children. However, the actress believes that marriage should not rush, everything has its time. While Alexander focused on his career.


    • 2010 — How I met your mother
    • 2011 — Real boys
    • 2011 — Uni. New Dorm
    • 2013 — the Purpose of seeing
    • 2014 — Without a trace
    • 2014 — Six acres of happiness
    • 2014 — In the captivity of deception
    • 2015 — time limit
    • 2015 — Complete transformation
    • 2015 — Mom


    Alexander Bulychev

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