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  • Name: Alexander Block ( Aleksandr Blok )
  • Date of birth: 28 Nov 1880
  • Age: 40 years
  • Date of death: 7 Aug 1921
  • Place of birth: Saint Petersburg
  • Height: 175
  • Activity: poet, playwright, writer, translator, literary critic
  • Marital status: married

    Alexander Blok: a biography

    Aleksandr Aleksandrovich Blok – the famous Russian poet, whose poetry is today considered a classic. He is one of the most important figures of the «Silver age» and one of the largest representatives of Russian symbolism. A poem by Alexander Blok «About courage, about exploits, about glory», «the Stranger,» «Night, street, lamp, drugstore», the poem «Twelve» is rightly included among the most outstanding works of world literature of the XX century.

    Alexander Blok in childhood
    Baby photo of the poet

    Alexander was born in 1880 in St. Petersburg, in the family of lawyer and Professor Alexander Lvovich Blok and his wife Alexandra Beketova, daughter of the rector of St. Petersburg University. However, his father, the boy didn’t remember he was almost an infant when the mother ended the relationship with her husband, and later even achieved the official divorce, although in those days it was very difficult.

    When Sasha was 9 years old, mother married again, this time for guards officer Franz F. Kublitsky-Piottukh, and in the biography of Alexander Blok appears stepfather-General. With him, the boy had friendly relations, he later devoted stepfather several poems, including a collection of «Poems about Russia».

    Alexander Blok in childhood
    Baby photo of the poet

    Most of the time, Alexander with his mother and stepfather lived in the suburbs of St. Petersburg, on the Bank of the river Bolshaya Nevka, but every summer we drove in to the estate next to which was situated the manor of the great chemist Dmitri Mendeleev. At an early age Block was interested in literature tried to write poems and stories, and later became interested in theater. In St. Petersburg Alexander Block attended the drama club, played in several performances, but for some unknown reason after the first productions of the poet no longer trust the role on stage.

    Oleksandr Block
    Block-a teenager in the estate shakhmatovo | Countrymen

    Alexander Blok graduated from presentation high school, then studied at the law Department of St. Petersburg University, but after three years of studying finally decided to connect his life with the writer’s skill, so he moved to the historical-philological faculty, where I studied Slavic studies. During the First world war, the Unit was drafted into the army. He was in the engineering division, which was stationed in Belarus. However, the young man did not hide before family, before friends, that main activity of this service was in the entertainment feasts and observe the races on the racetrack.

    Oleksandr Block
    Photo By Alexander Blok | RIA Novosti

    The revolution of 1917, the year Alexander took with mixed feelings. On the one hand, he welcomed it as «a real Russian revolt», and on the other — was not sure about taken the new course. However, it is considered to be one of the few artists who from the first days began to cooperate with the new government. The unit was part of the Extraordinary investigation Commission was investigating illegal actions by officials and fulfilled the duties of the editor in various committees and organizations.


    His first poems of Aleksandr Blok wrote at the age of five and 10 years have been published in the magazine «Ship». Teenager Sasha «published a handwritten journal «Vestnik», which has sparked interest from friends, including adults. The first serious poetry Unit was placed in the debut book «poems of a Beautiful Lady.» They were written in the format of national symbolism, as do many subsequent works: the Theosophist «the snow mask» cycle «Iambic», the poem «Retribution».

    Books Oleksandr Unit
    First edition books Unit

    Many critics compared the poetry Unit with music. He skillfully combined the mysticism and everyday life, everyday life and alienation. The textbook of his works is the poem «the Stranger», where a hazy silhouette of the girl shown in the background of daily low morale and being. If before the Revolution the lines of the poet was rather sweet and romantic, motivating to understand yourself, then the work Unit appears desperate on the verge of shouting, remind the reader of the Gypsy romance.

    Oleksandr Block
    The poem «Night, street, lamp, drugstore» | Sterkh-Luke

    At the end of life Alexander reinterprets the events of the Revolution, which he to some extent supported. This reinterpretation leads to a creative crisis and after «Scythians» and the poem «the Twelve,» the author never wrote. The absence of the Muse, he explained that the morally suffocating and can not do, as the attitude of the authorities pushes him as «angina pectoris».

    Personal life

    It is no secret that the poet was a very amorous person. The first love he experienced at 16 years of age when smitten with feelings for the 37-year-old Ksenia Sadovskaya, and the woman was able to leave a significant trace in his early works.

    Ksenia Sadovskaya
    Ksenia Sadovskaya — first love of a young poet | Picture day

    However, officially the personal life of Alexander Blok was associated only with one woman, his wife Lyubov, daughter of Professor Mendeleev. By the way, he dedicated his first book «poems of a beautiful lady.»

    Alexander Blok and Lyubov Mendeleeva
    My wife Love Mendeleevo | LiveInternet

    Is confirmed by the fact that the wife called the poet’s most enthusiastic and very strong feelings. However, occasionally Alexander was putting romance on the side. For example, he had a brief affair with actress Natalia Volkovoj, and later with Opera singer Lyubov Andreeva-Delmas.

    Natalia Volokhova and Love Andreeva-Delmas
    Two favorite Blocks: the actress Natalia Volokhova and singer Lyubov Andreeva-Delmas

    However, the wife of Alexander Blok often found comfort in close communion with his fans. One of its most famous supporters was the poet Andrei Bely. This love triangle Unit described in the drama «the puppet show» and the play «rose and Cross». But after the First world war, Alexander and Lyubov Dmitrievna stabilized their relationship, and in recent years the poet was a faithful and devoted husband. By the way, Mendeleev wrote and published a book about their family life «And the true story and fiction about the Unit and about yourself.»

    Illness and death

    As mentioned above, the Soviet government used the name of the Russian poet. He was attracted to the various commissions and gave more and more work, the amount of which was badly affect the health of the Unit. In the beginning of 1921 Alexander speaks in the House of writers with his famous speech «On the appointment of a poet», although by that time he already had serious heart problems and blood vessels, has developed asthma and scurvy, were observed in mental disorders.

    The Monument To Alexander Blok
    A monument to the poet in Moscow, Spiridonovka street | Chertanovo-Central

    Maxim Gorky applied to the high Board to the poet was given the opportunity to undergo necessary treatment in a sanatorium in Finland, but Vladimir Lenin personally was forbidden to give the Block a visa, fearing that he will decide not to return. After about that period due to emigration, the country lost such luminaries as Sergei Rachmaninoff, Marina Tsvetaeva, and many others.

    The Museum Oleksandr Block
    Museum-apartment of Alexander Alexandrovich Blok | Sights of Saint-Petersburg

    Without proper treatment Block ill and on 7 August 1921, died of inflammation of the heart valves. Even in the brief biography of Alexander Block not to mention wander around Petersburg a rumor. Said that before his death he went mad, as worried about the destruction of their manuscripts. But witnesses the death of the poet of the silver age claim that he left this world in full consciousness. Many years after the death of Alexander Blok in his last apartment in the manor shakhmatovo near Moscow was opened a Museum dedicated to this great literary figure who has made a significant contribution to the art world.

    Poems Of Alexander Blok

    • 1905 — the Verses about the beautiful lady
    • 1907 — an Unexpected pleasure
    • 1907 — land in the snow
    • 1907 — snow mask
    • 1908 — the Lyrical drama
    • 1911 — the Night watch
    • 1915 — Poems about Russia
    • 1919 — Yamba
    • 1920 — Gray morning
    • 1920 — Twelve


    Oleksandr Block

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