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  • Name: Alexander ( Alexander Belonogov )
  • Date of birth: 10 March 1964
  • Age: 52 years
  • Place of birth: Krasnoyarsk
  • Activity: Radio host, TV presenter, actor
  • Marital status: Not married

    Alexander: biography

    Alexander called his friends and close acquaintances from his youth. So called to this day, and the name few people know. This is the rare case when the name becomes a nickname, and replacing the name. Full name of well-known leading – Belonogov, Alexander Medvedev. Grew up in a military family, and the love of art instilled grandmother. Parents responsible attitude to the education of his son. Before school the boy learned to read and began to learn English.

    After school Belonogov entered the medical University them. Sechenov, where he successfully gained a diploma of a pharmacist pharmaceutical specialization. As a student, man never imagined that his life will change dramatically. In 1985-1991, a biography of Alexander Medvedev devoted to professional activities. At the time the future actor and host of MTV worked in the Ministry of health of the Russian Federation.

    Until 1997, he avoided show business: engaged in entrepreneurial activity, undertook the sea voyage as a sailor, worked as a physical trainer, translator. The first working place of creative elements became the radio station » Radio rocks where Belonogov got DJ. After replaced the old station on hitFM and there for a long time continued their activities.

    Alexander: career

    DJ has combined his work in radio with the TV show. According to his plan created the program «News Block» on channel BIZ-TB. Career climb. The channel changed its name to MTV, the program remained unchanged and presenter Alexander Anatolyevich. This project has brought to its founder a lot of popularity. In the simple life weren’t the same as on the screen – more expressive, emotional, with good sense of humor. The actor is of the opinion that the leading news in the air is bound to be serious.

    Diverse leading medical education has mastered English, Slovenian and Italian, had to try himself in Maritime business, to work as a sports coach and a DJ. The emphasis in the career of Alexander was put on the role of presenter. Youth network was the main and favorite place work. Working in a young and creative team, Alexander is full of strength and energy. His name is on the lips of the whole of Russia, and a full-time job MTV, you know, even grandma.

    From among DJs first composition on MTV-Russia A. — the only one left in the state and successfully continued his career, becoming the face of the channel. Twenty years of experience has many television and radio programs. Multi-faceted personality in the person of Aleksandr Anatolyevich full of Hobbies. In addition to the work he finds time for swimming, martial arts, hockey.

    Alexander: movies and clips

    In 2004, the actor invited the leading 5 season of «American idol», where the partner was Yana Churikova. Two years later he was called on the channel Ren-TV, where Alexander gained new experience, becoming the leading reality show. Upon completion of the projects Anatolievich starred in several videos, including «I love it» (Tutsi) and «Fly with clouds» (singer Svetlana).

    For shooting videos was followed by a role in a movie. In 2009 Belonogov played Herman in «the Third wish», and in 2011 producer max in the video clips «You and me».

    Alexander now leads the party and serves the capital’s clubs. He organized the DJ group Menzo DJ’s among like-minded people, where is the vocalist. Universally known DJ in 2014, combines numerous projects and performances with the role of the host of the show «Hit» on the channel «Russia 1». Presents the course «Creation of Image» in the well-known music school of DJ Groove».

    Alexander: personal life

    Personal life Alexander Anatolyevich had several female relationships that turned into marriage. Belonogova third wife was the fashion model Valeria Snopkov, but before the 50th anniversary of the presenter turned out to be single again. The girl was younger than his 23 years, however, this did not prevent full and happy life together. On the wedding day the bride wearing white next to black, which surprised others.

    Photo by Alexander Anatolyevich with groupies troubled young wife and became jealous. The Minister’s son from the first marriage of Jaroslav of Stroganov, the same age as Valeria Snopkova, he asked his father about his brother, but between two people that something did not happen, they broke up.

    Alexander: photo

    Alexander A.

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