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  • Name: Alexander Beliavsky ( Aleksandr Belyavskiy )
  • Date of birth: 6 may 1932
  • Age: 80 years
  • Date of death: September 8, 2012
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Growth: 182
  • Activity: film and theater actor, people’s artist of the Russian Federation
  • Marital status: married

    Alexander Belyavsky biography

    The famous Fox of the legendary film «the meeting Place cannot be changed». He was never deprived of female attention, he was known and loved by the audience, but the fate prepared for him a lot of testing. «He lived a full life, who has not known poverty, love and war» – favorite quote of Alexander Beliavsky.

    The future actor was born may 6, 1932 in Moscow. His parents have only primary education: in spite of this, their three children they have tried to make intelligent educated people. The war began when bielawski was in high school, but even in difficult times, he did not miss lessons.

    In 1949, Alexander Borisovich graduated from high school and enrolled in a technical College to become a geologist-scout. The practice traveled to Central Asia, and in the suitcase were taken Tomiki favorite poets. In 1955, he defended his diploma and went to work in Irkutsk. There first appeared on the stage of the regional drama theater – Amateur group gave «Woe from wit». About Beliavsky then wrote the local newspaper, and he was fond of the theater. After returning to Moscow, worked for some time in the Institute and continued to play in Amateur productions. In 1957 Alexander Beliavsky decided to enter the Shchukin school, and four years later became a certified actor.


    After graduating from the Shchukin school, in 1961 he came to the Theater of Satire, where he worked for three years. Then he was invited into the troupe of the Moscow theater of Stanislavsky, where he worked for two years. In 1966, Alexander Belyavsky went to the Theater-Studio movie actor. Slim, tall, textured, he played mostly negative characters, but the audience still loved.

    In his theatrical career was a long break associated with filming a movie. But in 1999, bielawski returned to the theater, acted mainly in the entreprise. The most notable role – Advisor to the Empress, Henry in «lion in winter», Anatoly in «A La fourchette with Holy water.»


    Bielawski made her film debut while still a student. In 1957, he played working Kohl in the film «Stories about Lenin». Then worked with Polish Directors have appeared in six projects, including «Four tankers and a dog». Then there was an active shooting in the Soviet Directors.

    The most famous movies of the actor became «Going to storm», «Irony of fate», «the meeting Place cannot be changed». In the latter he played bandit Fox. Alexander Beliavsky recalled that pertained to the role of Fox as a normal operation. Then, no one thought that the film will be an amazing success. In the script it was written that Fox went into the restaurant, animal instinct guesses the trap — Belyavsky could not understand how to portray the animal instinct. Then the Director calmed: the pier, will go through the window, and the audience will understand.

    On account of people’s artist of the Russian Federation more than 100 roles in films and television series. One of his last works was the role of the Russian Admiral in the American film «the Price of fear.» Small role, the shooting took place in one day.

    Personal life

    It seemed that the actor’s life is one continuous feast, his personal drama behind the scenes. His first wife Valentina he met when graduated. They soon married, had a son, Boris. When the boy was two years old, he drowned in the pond – sitter had no control over. Bielawski cursed himself, darted like a trapped animal, filled in a grief with vodka. To cope with the grief he was helped by his wife.

    Alexander and Valentina’s adopted two-year-old Andrew and raised him as his own, and was soon born and daughter Hope. Unfortunately, seven years after her birth, the family was falling apart, the actor fell in love with another woman. Valentine let him go. Alexander Beliavsky felt guilty, so often came to him, helped. Their apartments and villas were close though, and the first and the second wife of actor suffered from this neighborhood. He could not be far from the first family because adopted son Andrew was tragically killed in 20 years.

    With his second wife Lyudmila, he met in Leningrad. Ran to the store between filming and got caught in the rain. Saw a pretty girl under the umbrella and decided to meet. She was a Muscovite, gave his phone number but lost it. He was looking for People for all capital medical institutions and found.

    The actor wanted a son, but Lyudmila for a long time could not give birth. She got pregnant when she was 52 years old. Then Bielawski exceeded 70. They had a girl called Alexandra. To ensure a close, the actor starred in several projects and undermined health. Shortly after the birth of his daughter, he suffered a stroke. Doctors saved Alexander Beliavsky, but he had to relearn how to speak and walk.


    Eight years but struggled with illness, but his condition improved briefly. He could barely walk, forgot words, not been able to hold a pen in his hand. Alexander understood that I will not return to the theatre and the cinema, will not be able to support a family. 8 Sep 2012 he jumped from the window of the fifth floor. His wife Lyudmila still don’t believe that he deliberately went to suicide, believes that the actor has an accident.

    The urn containing the ashes of the famous actor buried on the Kuzminsky cemetery.


    • «Irony of fate or with light steam!»
    • «Best city in the world»
    • «Tomorrow will be tomorrow»
    • «Nina»
    • «Antikiller»
    • «Against all odds»
    • «The entrance to the labyrinth»
    • «Defeat»
    • «The light at the end of the tunnel»
    • «No and Yes»


    Alexander Belyavsky

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