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  • Name: Alexander Barykin ( Alexander Barykin )
  • Date of birth: 18 February 1952
  • Age: 59 years
  • Date of death: March 26, 2011
  • Place of birth: village of Berezovo, Tyumen oblast, Russia
  • Activity: singer, songwriter, guitarist
  • Marital status: divorced

    Alexander Barykin: biography

    Honored artist of Russia was born in the Tyumen region. When Sasha was still a child, the family Barykina changed his place of residence in the Moscow region (Lyubertsy). Already in early childhood, showed a tendency of the boy to music and poetry. It is therefore not surprising that Alexander, with honors, studied in music school and as a teenager I organized the first musical group «Allegro». The group was a frequent guest of various dance floors, the young performer sang, including songs of his own composition.

    Alexander Barykin in childhood
    Alexander Barykin mom | Home and family

    After serving in the army, Barykin received in «gnesinka». Specialize in classical vocal. The musician in absentia studied at the Director of mass holidays in the Krasnodar Institute of culture. The career of musician dated 1973, and his participation in ensemble «Muscovites». However, after only 6 months, he was in another vocal-instrumental group «Jolly fellows» with whom he cooperated until 1976. Then for a time he left the group to act as «Gems», but then came back in «Jolly fellows», which visited the whole Union, participated in the international competition in Czechoslovakia.

    Alexander Barykin in his youth
    Alexander Barykin in his youth

    In addition to participating in various musical groups, Alexander managed to work with David by Tuhmanova. The song «Invitation to travel», made the young singer became the first step to popularity. However, the field of entertainer at the time was not for him. Love rock and reggae and the desire for self-expression gave rise to the creation of his team. The group «Pearl», established in 1977, did not last long, however, with her artist had to travel with a tour on the black sea coast.


    In the early 80s Barykin for a couple. Kuzmin, a former partner at the «Gems», has created a group of «Carnival». Their first minipiscine, released in 1981, was sold five million copies. The most famous hit – «Sudden deadlock».

    Their follow-up album, «Superman» has won the hearts of fans of Russian rock music. Soon the musicians split, and Kuzmin was forced to leave the group and create their own called «Speaker». A Barykin released the album «Carousel». Major hits, «Carnival» that period was the song «the Island», a little later — «Star ship», «Chile».

    Due to a massive campaign against rock bands that started by the Soviet authorities in the mid-80s, many musicians had to go underground. «Carnival» also fell into the «black list». To keep mind, Barykin paid attention to pop music again and asked for help from Tukhmanov. He recorded the album «the Ladder», who won the Union more popular. In addition Tukhmanov songs in the album were their own songs Barykina.

    Alexander Barykin and
    Alexander Barykin & group Carnaval

    After the release of «Steps» the collective program was approved, and «Carnival» officially enrolled in the Grozny Philharmonic, from which he received the opportunity to tour. In a 1985 broadcast of «the Blue light» was performed comic song «the guide». The performance of this song, as well as the rejection of the old style, it was worth Barykina of the loss of many old fans, but the acquisition of wide popularity. Although the contractor is not believed that broke up with rock-n-roll. He only sought for implementation and followed the fashion.»

    Other songs became famous artist is not forgotten also to appear live on Soviet television. The most famous is one of the biggest hits of the musician — «the Airport» and the lyrical composition «20.00». But the real success, the singer came in 1987, when the first time was filled with the biggest hit of his career – «Bouquet».

    Alexander Barykin in his youth
    Alexander Barykin in his youth

    One of the most famous Soviet songs were born quickly and casually. In those years, Barykin was fascinated by poetry, and he became interested in a collection of poems by N. Rubtsova. When he came across a verse of the same name, he immediately decided to write a song. Fearing that someone thought of this idea before, he wrote the music for the song is literally a quarter of an hour. Needless to say, what popularity brought the song to its performer. He was invited to the festival «song of the year-1987» after which Barykin finally established as a pop idol. Later, the singer admitted that he hated his hit, because the return of the lost glory of a rock musician was not easy.

    In the late ‘ 80s Barykin tried to revive Carnival. The first after returning to the old traditions the album «Hey, look!» (1989) came out hard rock. The most notable songs on the album were the songs «Hey, look!», «Whirlpool,» «what a pity». However, releasing it on vinyl was not possible: in those days the artist had serious problems with the thyroid gland, which began in 1986, after attending a concert area, which have suffered from Chernobyl.

    Alexander Barykin
    Alexander Barykin on stage | Seven days

    The result of a number of surgeries was almost complete loss of the magnificent voice of the singer, and the musician’s career went on the decline. Attempts to return were made in 1994, when the light came was the failure of the album «Russian beach». In 1995, the updated «Carnival» consisted of his son George. The group signed a contract with MOROZ Records and re-released the old discs. In 1996 was released one of the most successful, according to artist, album «Islands», after which the thyroid disease again made itself felt, and the singer was forced for a time to leave the stage.

    Alexander Barykin
    Alexander Barykin | MetroNews

    Prior to the beginning of the 21st century songs. Barykin was performed by A. Pugacheva, T. Bulanova, F. Kirkorov, Valeria. In 2001, the musician together with his son George created the group «Barykin-Band», which released the album «Volga». Notable performances Barykin was a series of concerts that were dedicated to the 25th anniversary of his musical career (2000) and a concert a half-century anniversary of the artist (2002), which took place in the Kremlin Palace. The latter was published as a separate disc called «Star carnival». A year later, the singer released the album «Pray, child», consisting of songs on spiritual themes.

    Personal life

    The musician was married twice. With the first wife Galina they met as children and have lived together for 30 years. The second time the knot Barykin has bound himself in 2005. His choice was a 20-year-old Nelly Vlasova. Barykin took her to himself as a background singer, she became the author of several songs on her album, «Nelly» (2006).

    Alexander Barykin wife
    Alexander Barykin with his wife Nelly | tvnz

    Children — son George (1974) and daughter Kira (1992.). In 2006, the second wife gave birth to daughter Eugenia. There is the actor and the illegitimate son of Timur (1988.), whose mother is a famous pop singer Raisa Sayed-Shah, which in 80-e years he toured with a group of «Carnival». In early 2011, the by lit up with a socialite and writer Lena Lena. The last song (e.g. «masquerade») was written in collaboration with his new Muse.

    The cause of death

    Shortly before the death of the once popular actor was left alone. In 2010, Barykin and Vlasov divorced. According to friends of the artist, a bad marriage has had a strong effect on his health. After breaking up with Vlasova, he had a hypertensive crisis. After recovering, Barykin threw all precaution and continued creative activities.

    The Tomb Of Alexander Barykin
    The monument to Alexander Barykina | Express newspaper

    26 Mar 2011 while touring in Orenburg heart singer stopped. Barykin died in hospital of a massive heart attack. The funeral took place at the cemetery Troekurov capital. The following year, after the death on the grave of the singer was a monument. Alla Pugacheva has been helping to raise money for it.


    • 1981 – Superman
    • 1981 – Carnival
    • 1982 – Carousel
    • 1983 – Actor
    • 1984 – Radio
    • 1985 – When we love
    • 1985 – Stage
    • 1986 – Rock-n-roll marathon
    • 1988 – Bouquet
    • 1989 – Hey, look!
    • 1994 – Russian beach
    • 1995 – Never too late
    • 1996 – Island
    • 1996 – Hey, look!
    • 1996 – Stage
    • 2001 – Volga
    • 2002 – Pray, child
    • 2003 – the River and the sea
    • 2005 – Love
    • 2006 – Nelly
    • 2008 Rocket from the South
    • 2009 — RockHeStar


    Alexander Barykin

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