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  • Name: Alexander, Astashenok ( Aleksandr Astashenok )
  • Date of birth: 8 November 1981
  • Age: 35 years
  • Place of birth: Orenburg
  • Height: 184
  • Activity: the Russian musician, actor, producer
  • Marital status: married

    Alexander Astashenok : biography

    Alexander Astashenok soloist with the youth group «the Roots», famous for the hit «happy birthday, Vic!», born in Orenburg in November 1981. Musical ability manifested itself in her quite early. Great hearing helped Alexander to learn to play the guitar and keyboards. With his younger brother Dmitry Sasha attended dance school.

    Very agile and active teenager happy doing different kinds of sports. He swam well and even managed to win first place at the city championship. However, all their Hobbies, Astashenok seriously. Doing the dance, he has mastered its various kinds, from classical to modern, and was able to become a certified dancer.

    But after high school, Alexander Astashenok decided not to go to drama or music College. On the advice of his parents, he chose a serious profession of accountant-economist. After graduating from the Orenburg College, Sasha realized that a job in the specialty nothing but yawning, not cause. So I went on local television, where he soon started authoring program.

    Not abandoned Alexander Astashenok and music. He gathered the guys-minded and created a rock band «Aura». The group quickly gained popularity in Orenburg and won several regional festivals.


    To conquer Moscow Alexander Astashenok began in 2002. This year he was casting for the project «Factory of Stars». It was the first season of the TV show. After Orenburg the guy together with other participants of the show settled in «the star house» and hit the camera lenses, its popularity started to grow rapidly. Astashenka appeared groupies and fans. Attractive guy is not indifferent to the thousands of fans who voted for him.

    As a result, Alexander, Astashenok reached the final together with several participants Alexei Kabanova, Pavel Artemyev and Alexander Karlin became the winner. The producers «made» of the four «Roots», which not only was a leader in the viewers vote, but was able in this format to persist for 8 years, from 2002 to 2010. It is noteworthy that the hit «happy birthday, Vic!» wrote it, Astashenok. The song received airplay on 2004. «Roots» won several prestigious awards, including «Sound track» and «Golden gramophone».

    At the peak of the popularity of Alexander decides to move on. He became a student of GITIS, selecting acting Department, and in 2010 received a diploma of the University. At the same time he completed his musical career in the group «Roots».

    A cinematic biography of Alexander Astashenka began somewhat later theater. On the stage of the Institute of Russian theater, he debuted in the play «Till death do us part.» On stage, the actor appeared with a colleague on «Roots» Pavel Artemyev. The show has earned high praise from audiences and critics.

    Inspired by the first actor’s success, Alexander went to the casting 120-episode series «the Gift». The project was released in 2011 and was ranked. Astashenok met on the set of the show with many famous actors.

    In subsequent years, Alexander Astashenka willing to invite the Directors. In 2014, he appeared on the screens in the wonderful TV series «Dad in law». And in 2015, she starred in the romantic Comedy «Josephine and Napoleon» and the films «Carnival coming» and «Third attempt».

    Today Alexander Astashenok popular actor. Recently finished shooting 8-episode tape of «Money» on counterfeiters in the Soviet Union and the film «hope». In these two projects, the young actor starred in the lead roles.

    It is known that Alexander did not rest on its laurels and continues to improve his acting skills. He studied at the courses of the legendary Hollywood acting Studio, Ivana Chubbuck. Ivana Chubbuck is known for its talented students, among them Charlize Theron, brad pitt, Jim Carrey and many others. Astashenok plans to continue her education in Los Angeles and dreams of a career in Hollywood.

    Personal life

    With his future wife, Elena Vengrzhanovskiy the soloist of group «Roots» were introduced in 2002. Elena was the concert Director of the group. Despite the age difference (Elena over 13 years) between her and Alexander broke novel.

    Personal life Alexander Astashenka that was at the peak of popularity, were interested in the millions of fans. For musician hunted by the paparazzi. But «light up» your favorite didn’t let the producers group. The singer broke all the rules and in 2004 got married. After a year the couple was born daughter Victoria. The name Alexander was given him in honor of his hit that received airplay in the same lucky year for him.


    • «The gift»
    • «Closed school»
    • ‘Still alive’
    • «Dad in law»
    • «Carnival is our way»
    • «Josephine and Napoleon»
    • «The third attempt»
    • «Money»
    • «And have hope»


    Alexander Astashenok

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