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  • Name: Alexander Arsentiev ( Aleksandr Arsentyev )
  • Date of birth: 31 October 1973
  • Age: 43 years
  • Place of birth: Togliatti, Russia
  • Height: 187
  • Activities: actor
  • Marital status: married

    Alexander Arsentiev: biography

    Alexander Arsentiev was born in the autumn of 1973. His hometown of Togliatti. As a child Alexander was interested in the theatrical arts. Since the seventh grade, the boy began to visit the circle of theatrical skill «the same Age».

    After school, he decided to continue training at the Samara University. The young man applied for the theatre, and the faculty, but failed the exams. Then Alexander Arsent’ev studied at a vocational school for electrical engineering.

    Soon the guy was drafted into the army. After the army he worked for some time in the company «AVTOVAZ», which repaired a variety of equipment for the catering Department. However, the young man wanted to obtain a profession that would allow him to have a decent income. He decided to become a lawyer, which a few months studying thematic literature.

    Fate, as it often happens, decided the case: one day Alexander came to audition for the theatre «Koleso», which ended successfully. In 1995 Arsentiev became a student of the school-Studio of the Moscow art theatre, and his teacher was Oleg Yefremov.


    In student’s years Alexander Arsentiev often went to the theater stage, and even toured Europe, taking part in the French project «Good morning, good evening, XX century». In 1999, after graduating, an aspiring artist was accepted into the troupe of the Moscow art Theater. There he debuted in the role of albert in the play «Little tragedies». Alexander also played in productions of «Ondine», «Cyrano de Bergerac», «Indian Kingdom» and others.

    After he died, Oleg Yefremov, Arsentiev decided to go to the Pushkin Theater, where he was invited by Roman Kozak. It was there that he played Pechorin in «Call me Pechorin,» Karandyshev in «Bride», Mercutio in «Romeo and Juliet», Benedict in «Much ADO about nothing».

    All the years of working in the theatre Alexander Arsenteva had to bring on stage more than two dozen images.


    Soon the talented actor was noticed by the filmmakers. Alexander Arsentiev debut in the movie took place in 1998. Then he appeared in one of the episodes of a serial film «Chekhov and Co». From 2000 to 2005, the actor got a small role in Russian TV series, among them»the March Turkish» «Kamensk-2», «Detectives-2».

    More than ten roles in movies were played him, but popularity brought him a job in the TV series «Adjutants of love» (2005). In this historical romance, the actor has played a key role of the Marquis D Arnie.

    In 2007, Arsentiev has appeared in several TV series: «Ex», «Atlantis», etc. He became a popular actor, movies and TV shows with his participation are released annually.

    Among works by him are «the Institute of noble maidens» (2010), «Christmas Tree» (2011), «Three Giselle» (2011), «Love according to schedule» (2012), «nosey Parker» (2012), «Think like a woman» (2013). His last works were the role in the TV series «estrangement» and the Comedy «Yura», released in 2014 and 2015.

    Personal life

    Aleksandr Arsent’ev is married to actress Anne of Garroway, who works in the theater of the Moscow Soviet. Spouses does not prevent the fact that they are both actors. According to Alexander, it brings them together, because you can in the evenings to discuss creative issues and attend performances each other. Despite being very busy artist, all his spare time he tries to spend with his beloved.

    Alexander has an interesting hobby – he collects beer mugs. Every time, being on tour, the actor is trying to complete his unusual collection.


    • «If the bride a witch»
    • «Demons»
    • «Think like a woman»
    • Forget-me-nots
    • «Full speed ahead»
    • «Love according to schedule»
    • «Only love»
    • «The best summer of our lives»
    • «Under the sky of Verona»
    • «The red chapel»


    Aleksandr Arsentiev

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