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  • Name: Alexander Adabashyan ( Alexander Adabashyan )
  • Date of birth: August 10, 1945.
  • Age: 71
  • Place of birth: Moscow, Russia
  • Activities: screenwriter, artist, actor, film Director, screenwriter, honored artist of the RSFSR
  • Family: married Ekaterina Shadrina

    Alexander Adabashyan: biography

    He considers himself first an artist and then a film projectionist. And today, surpassing the 70-year milestone, Alexander Adabashyan remains faithful to the profession – working as a designer, writing screenplays, making films and now occasionally appears on screen as an actor.

    Alexander A. was born in post-war Moscow on 10 August 1945. He is Armenian by nationality, but my native language does not know, because parents from childhood, brought up her son in the traditions of Russian culture. Alexander’s mother taught German, father initially worked as an engineer and then head of the Ministerial division.

    Alexander was in a special school with intensive French. It was a prestigious school, many graduates who later became diplomats. In school, Adabashyan willingly engaged in a drama school and took part in performances in the French language. But his main passion was drawing. He clearly knew that after the school to enter the Stroganov school.

    The first time to do not turned out – Alexander A. got a job in a design Institute, and after work attended preparatory courses. The second attempt was successful, he was accepted into the faculty of gudebrod metals. However, soon the student was enrolled in the army – 3 years he served in the missile troops. After demobilization Adabashyan continued learning.

    Summer internship the guy spent on the film «a Quiet day at the end of the war.» This was the thesis of Nikita Mikhalkov and Alexander A. created the scenery. Nikita Mikhalkov it has long – standing friendship- they know each other since I was 14. Largely due to his influence Adabashyan and began working in film.


    Alexander Adabashyan came to the movies in 1971. In collaboration with Nikita Mikhalkov, he wrote several scenarios, among them scenarios to the «Five evenings», «TRANS-Siberian Express» and «Unfinished piece for mechanical piano». Painting «Like two crocodiles», filmed in the Italian scenario Adabashyan, was nominated for a Golden globe.

    Alexander A. debuted as a Director in France in 1992. He calls the first project is a big gamble. At the request of the French Adabashyan wrote the screenplay for the film «Mado», but he was very far from novel. In clarifying questions were answered by the writer so passionately and vividly that the producers invited him to make a film. In the end, the film received prizes in several film festivals. Then in the directing career of Alexander Adabashyan was a ten-year break.

    In 2002, viewers saw the detective of Boris Akunin «Azazel». The author himself chose the Director from a long list of names he chose Adabashyan.

    Actors like Director Alexander Artemovich for delicacy, tact, openness and talent.

    Alexander Adabashyan acting career began in 1974. Basically, he starred in the episodes, but there are some of his roles and memorable. Just remember the Butler Barrymore in the adventures of Sherlock Holmes and his iconic phrase: «Oatmeal, sir!»

    He starred in the television story «the City has adopted» the painting is the parable of «Presence.» In the film adaptation of «the Master and Margarita» Adabashyan masterfully played Berlioz. He thinks Berlioz is a talented talker and a cynic, surprised that the Director did not change the appearance of an actor, he only ruffled his hair.

    Alexander Adabashyan – winner of numerous awards for his contribution to the development of cinema, his acting and directing activities.

    Personal life

    Alexander A. was married twice. His first wife Marina Lebedeva — assistant Director. They married and happily lived for 3 years before her death. When Marina died, Adabashyan wasn’t there — he worked on the set of the painting «Slave of love».

    With his second wife Ekaterina Shadrina they are still together. Actor, artist and filmmaker considers himself a happy father and grandfather — he has two adult daughters and six grandchildren.

    He hates the party and says that behind the times. Holidays Alexander Adabashyan spends with family and friends at the cottage in ZAGORYANKA. Says his team do not get bored. And Zagorenko loves because in the winter it is possible to walk in the boots and to live an authentic life..

    He almost never watches TV — only sports news and matches, not reading modern literature and watching American movies, but happy to reread Russian classics. Alexander A. likes to say that behind the times, «went on the intermediate station and is stuck there.»


    • «Home among strangers, a stranger among his own»
    • «The kiss»
    • «The President and his granddaughter»
    • «The man from Boulevard des Capucines»
    • «Peter Leshchenko. All that was…»
    • «The master and Margarita»
    • «The city took»
    • «Kiss through the wall»
    • «Enchanted land «
    • «Anastasia»
    • «Keep me, my talisman»


    Aleksandr Adabashyan

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