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  • Name: Alex Zolotovitski ( Aleksey Zolotovitskiy )
  • Date of birth: 18 March 1988
  • Age: 28 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 180
  • Activity: Singer, actor of theatre and cinema
  • Marital status: not married

    Alex zolotovitski : biography

    Alex zolotovitski, a native Muscovite. He was lucky to be born and to grow up in a creative family: his mother Vera kharybina – Director, actress and drama teacher, her father Igor zolotovitski – known artist. Alex is the first – born in this family. He was born in March 1988. 9 years later, was born his brother Alexander.

    Not surprisingly, Alex zolotovitski started to show their creative inclinations in childhood. He debuted on screen in the series «Chekhov and Co» when he was barely 10 years old. He played a boy. And next year, viewers saw a plump little Alex in the film «the President and his granddaughter». He portrayed the son of an important official under the President, whose role went to Oleg Tabakov. Then the Director Tigran Keosayan vengeance criticized a young ‘ Zolotovitskiy and even brought Alexei to hysteria. The son called his mother, and with hints of horror in his voice demanded to take him, otherwise «he had to kill him.» Then Alyosha did not like to be in a movie. Very nervous it seemed to him that job. To return to the set he agreed in the Mature age, when he was 19 years old. He played in an episode of who shot his mother.

    Difficulties acting profession was very familiar to parents of Alex ‘ Zolotovitskiy. So they were very happy when the son got serious about music, and in 2003 graduated from the Department of jazz music school named Isaac Dunaevsky. And after graduating from secondary school went to do not in drama school and at MSU, where he chose journalism.

    But genes took over. 5-Alex zolotovitski went to the Shchukin school and applied for admission. In addition to acting education zolotovitski decided to get uncut, thereby continuing the dynasty in full. The profession of a film Director he has received in GITIS, where she studied the craft on the course Kudryashova.

    It is noteworthy that Alex zolotovitski could enroll in the school-Studio of MKHAT, where he teaches his father. But the guy refused from such a step, having decided on their own, without the patronage of the Pope to succeed in their studies and profession.


    As a student, studying at the «Pike», where his mentor was the people’s artist of Russia, Professor Evgeny Knyazev, Alex zolotovitski several times appeared on the screen. It was a picture of his mom. In 2004, the young actor played in an episode of the show of Faith harebinoy the «Tale of a dead body, belonging to God knows who». And in 2007, he got the role of singer nick tape melodramatic «Sad Queen of hearts».

    A cinematic biography of Alexis ‘ Zolotovitskiy continued in 2010. He received the role of the musician, whose name was Vic, in the melodrama Darya Poltoratskaya «Russian chocolate». The way Vika was very organic. This is not surprising, because Alex zolotovitski all his spare time devotes the rock band «Fire Granny». Here he along with a colleague, a graduate of GITIS Pavel Parkhomenko and a friend, Oleg Gurin plays Boogie-woogie, hip-hop, rock-n-roll, Blues and techno.

    In 2014 he released a Comedy film by Yevgeny Nevsky «In sports only girls». Here in addition to Alexis ‘ Zolotovitskiy, who got the role of Sergei Coin, played Ilya Glinnikov, Aleksandr Golovin, Ekaterina Vilkova, Lyanka Grau and many other rising stars of the Russian cinema.

    Filmography of Alex ‘ Zolotovitskiy, there are a dozen roles. In 2016, viewers will see the young actor on the channel TNT, which will broadcast a new sitcom «Philology» Director Fyodor Stukov. Here Alex for the first time will play a major role – the protagonist named Jack, who by chance came in «women’s Kingdom» – the faculty.

    Not so long ago Alex zolotovitski made his debut as a Director. In 2 play. «Dead souls» for the same work by Nicholas Golola was staged at the Moscow Meyerhold Centre. The audience and theatre critics disliked the innovative approach and the author’s vision of a young Director, but overall the production was a success. After the successful debut of Alex zolotovitski continued directing the search and staged «When the war is over» based on the work of Swiss writer max Frisch. The premiere took place in early 2016 in Togliatti.

    Personal life

    Actor and musician is not yet married. Personal life Alexei ‘ Zolotovitskiy little discussed in the press, because the artist himself never gives occasion for gossip. He loves to speak on topics relating to her private life.

    The last few years, Alex is often the case in the United States. In America his parents. Igor zolotovitski and Faith kharybina teach in the summer school of the Moscow art theatre in Boston. For the first time zolotovitski-the average came in new York during the tour. He participated in the musical Mikhail Shvydkoi «Times do not choose». Since then, Alex fell in love with America, where he enjoyed attending concerts of famous Blues artists.


    • «Chekhov and Co»
    • «The President and his granddaughter»
    • «Tale of a dead body, belonging to God knows who»
    • «Sad Queen of hearts»
    • «Russian chocolate»
    • «In sports only girls»
    • «Philology»


    Alex Zolotovitski

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