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  • Name: Alex Pettyfer ( Alexander Richard Pettyfer )
  • Date of birth: 10 April 1990
  • Age: 26 years
  • Place of birth: Stevenage
  • Height: 181
  • Activity: English actor
  • Marital status: not married

    Alex Pettyfer biography

    Alexander Richard Pettyfer, is more familiar to us as Alex Pettyfer, was born in April 1990. He was born in the County town and Stevenage, located in Hertfordshire in the South East of the UK. Alex’s parents belonged to the artistic Bohemia. Father Richard Pettyfer was a well-known artist, and mother Or Robinson as the model. But the big influence on the destiny and creative development of her son’s father-actor had.

    When Alex Pettifer was 3 years old, his parents divorced. Mom quickly remarried and the new family moved to Windsor, where his stepfather Michael Ireland have owned a real estate Agency. Soon born of their shared son, James, half-brother Alex. The boys were very different from each other: James is fond of sports and has achieved considerable success in tennis, and Alex wanted to connect his life with film. On the screen he started to appear quite early. First it was the advertising of yogurt, then a demonstration of children’s clothes of the famous English brand.

    Alex Pettyfer had all the chances to permanently link his life with the modeling business. From the age of 8 he advertised clothes Ralph Lauren. Well-known fashion designer spotted the cutest boy in the toy Department of one of the shops in new York and offered to work as a model. Alex starred in advertising the brand, but at the same time developed their acting skills. He was active on the stage of a small theater. Debuted in the role of pastry chef in the production of «Charlie and the chocolate factory».

    After graduation in 2006, 16-year-old Alex Pettyfer has entered the school of dramatic art. At the same time he, as it seemed, forever put an end to the career of a model.


    A cinematic biography of Alex Pettifer began in high school. In 2005, when Alexander was in the last year of high school, he was invited to play the main character of the youth series «School days Tom brown». So ignited a new bright star on the firmament of modern English cinema. In the same year Pettifer successfully passed the casting for the role of a young spy in the film «stormbreaker». I must say that the role of Alex Rider auditioned 500 applicants, but the young Alex Pettifer managed to circumvent them all.

    By the way, the young artist is «the thunderbolt» had all the chances to appear in another adventure film called «Eragon». But this tape was filmed in the Czech Republic, and had often to fly a plane, and Alexander, as it turned out, was terrified of air travel. Thus, the actor came on the set of blockbuster movie «thunderbolt». After the premiere of the film Alex Pettyfer instantly became the new idol of British viewers, especially the younger generation.

    2008-2009 was very successful for Alex. He starred in two wonderful films – a Comedy called «Wild child» and the Thriller «Jacked», in which Alex has appeared in star roles – he played the leader of a teenage gang.

    Then followed a 2-year break in the work of the artist. He concentrated his attention on education and training for new roles. In addition, Alex Pettyfer briefly returned to modeling and began a fruitful collaboration with popular brand «Burberry». Alex’s beauty did not go unnoticed, and Pettyfer got into the top 50 best British singles.

    In 2011, the British actor returned to the big screen, and in several paintings. He played another starring role in a fantastic film «I – fourth». Immediately behind this project was followed by another called «Scary beautiful». It’s kind of a cinematic adaptation of the tale of beauty and the beast.

    In the same 2011, the screens out the movie «the Time» in which Alex Pettyfer starred with Justin Timberlake. Then followed by two more picture – «magic Mike» and «the Butler». In these projects Pettifer got the role of the second plan.

    The star role was played by Alex in the film «Anatomy of love». The premiere of this melodrama took place in the second half of 2014. Partner Pettifer in this movie is played by Gabriella Wilde. Critics have recognized the work of British artist one of the most remarkable in the recent period.

    Personal life

    The British, handsome with model good looks was never a shortage of fans. Personal life Alex Pettifer is very rapid and intense. His first novel, which spoke in the press, was in a relationship with actress Sarah Bolger. Her Alex met when they starred in «the Thunderbolt». But the romantic relationship ended quickly, giving way to a new love.

    A long and serious relationship began at the actor’s niece Julia Roberts beautiful Emma Roberts. From this novel on the shoulders of Alex left the tattooed initials of a loved one.

    Place of Emma for a while took Olivia Simpson. Girl – the daughter of a personal Manager Alex Pettifer. About this short novel, we only know that Olivia is a very carefully monitor all actions of a loved one. This control, most likely, was the reason for the separation of the pair. Young people dispersed in different directions immediately after work Pettifer in the film «I – fourth», where he became close friends with co-star movie by Dianna Agron. The novel was so serious that in a press there were sustained rumors about the forthcoming wedding artists. But the engagement was suddenly canceled.

    Some time Alex met with the granddaughter of Elvis Presley. Riley Keogh and Alex Pettyfer announced their engagement, but in the summer of 2012 she told reporters about the breakup and the cancellation of the engagement. The explanation of this was the alleged treason of the actor.

    Now Alex Pettyfer is Dating a new girl. This model Marlo Horst.


    • «School days Tom brown»
    • Gromoboy
    • «Wild child»
    • «The mutilated»
    • «I — the fourth»
    • «Scary beautiful»
    • «Time»
    • «The Butler»
    • «Magic Mike»
    • «Anatomy of love»


    Alex Pettyfer

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