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  • Name: Alex Miller ( Aleksey Miller )
  • Date of birth: 31 January 1962
  • Age: 54 years
  • Place of birth: Leningrad
  • Activity: the Russian economist, statesman, Chairman of the Board of OJSC «Gazprom»
  • Marital status: Married to Irina Miller

    Alexey Miller: biography

    Miller is one of the most expensive Russian managers, Chairman of the Board of OJSC «Gazprom». Is the Chairman of the Board of Directors of NPF Gazfond, Gazprombank, insurance company SOGAZ. In addition to his activity in «Gazprom» is part of the Board of Trustees of the International prize «global energy» and the government Commission for the production of mineral-raw base of the Russian Federation and the TAC.

    Born Miller Alexey Borisovich 31 January 1962 on the outskirts of Leningrad in a family of employees of the private military enterprise NPO «Leninets». Parents Miller was the so-called «Russian Germans» living on the territory of Russia. Her father, a successful economist, Boris, worked as a fitter, and his mother Lyudmila Alexandrovna – engineer. Alexei was the only child in the family, therefore, was not deprived of parental attention, care and love.

    Studied future head of «Gazprom» in the specialized school with a mathematical bent No. 330 city of Leningrad. In the school years of trouble nor teachers, nor parents did not deliver. Miller was a diligent and able student, modest and shy boy. Teachers and classmates of Alexis described him as unremarkable in all senses of the individual, but has far-reaching goal is to break into people through their own efforts.

    After finishing school with excellent grades Alexei Miller failed the first time to attend the local financial and economic Institute in 1984, he successfully graduated and received a diploma of engineer-economist. A student, student Miller was the favorite pupil of the head of the Department Professor Igor Blazina, was the famous St. Petersburg economist and master of sports of the international class on chess. Teachers of this University to remember Alex as a neat freak with a calligraphic handwriting.

    At the end FINEK Alexey Miller has served as engineer-economist in the LenNIIProekt, where in 1986 he entered graduate school and three years later he defended his thesis and received the degree of candidate of economic Sciences.

    Alexey Miller: career

    After graduate school, Miller continued his work in the LenNIIProekt as a Junior researcher, and in 1990 transferred to the Executive Committee of the Leningrad city Council, where he headed the Committee on economic reforms.

    The next step in the career ladder of a successful Russian economist was the Committee for external relations of St. Petersburg city hall, where supervisor Miller was Vladimir Putin. This cooperation has been the key to the continuing success of the biography of Aleksei Miller. Thanks to him, has been the development of the first investment zones in the city, namely the «Pulkovo» and «Parnas», where they built factories of Gillette, Coca-Cola, Baltika. While Mr. Miller entered the territory of St. Petersburg the first foreign banks «credit Lyonnais» and «Dresden Bank». Miller also was actively engaged in development of hotel business and was the head of the Board of Directors of the famous hotel «Europe».

    In 1996, after losing the gubernatorial election of ex-mayor of St. Petersburg Anatoly Sobchak biography of Alexei Miller, as the fate of many of his colleagues in the St. Petersburg administration, suffered a turning point. The majority of the members of the team of Vladimir Putin resigned from the city administration of St. Petersburg and for some time went to «free floating».

    After the victory of Vladimir Putin in the presidential election in 2000, many of his colleagues in the St. Petersburg administration has received senior positions in the government and state enterprises of the Russian Federation. Was no exception and Alexei Miller, who received the post of Deputy Minister of energy of the Russian Federation. For his successful activity on the post experts and politicians predict a successful economist as Minister of energy of Russia, but their assumptions did not materialize. In 2001, Miller took a less prestigious position, becoming the head of the Board of OJSC «Gazprom».

    Alexey Miller: «Gazprom»

    The news of the appointment of Alexei Miller as Chairman of Board of «Gazprom» was a shocking surprise to the management of the company. From that moment JSC «Gazprom» launched a new era of the company’s return under state control. Mr. Miller, as an experienced economist, was tasked with the revival of the concern by means of reforms and the return of the lost ex-head of Gazprom REM Vacharvum assets of the company.

    Global investors welcomed the news of the change of the Gazprom management enthusiastically in connection with the forthcoming reforms, which happened very quickly – in just a few months, Miller has restored the old team of the concern for «their» people from the past and held a number of strategic reforms to revive the company. The new team of «Gazprom» became the head of the Board Mikhail Sereda, head «Mezhregiongaz» Cyril Seleznev, the chief accountant Elena Vasileva, head of financial-economic Department of the concern Andrey Kruglov.

    After «Stripping veterans» in «Gazprom» Alexey Miller started his main duties — to return the lost assets of the company. In this issue, Miller has made tremendous strides: for a nominal fee returned large blocks of shares of «ITERA», restored the lost control over SIBUR, «Zapsibgazprom», «Vostokgazprom», «Northgas». But the most important achievement of Alexei Miller became returned shares of «Gazprom», which recovered 51% stake of the Russian Federation, of which about 11% were subsidiaries of the group.

    During the reign of Miller, Gazprom is a global energy business leader in the world. The gas giant has got large assets in the oil and energy sector, has strengthened its position in the export field, we established strong economic ties with Italian and German companies started to implement projects for the diversification of supplies, have signed a strategic agreement for the supply of gas to the countries of the Asia-Pacific region. While Miller was able to eliminate the actual competition with Gazprom in the gas sector.

    In 2011, the successful Manager of OAO «Gazprom» Alexey Miller was reelected as Chairman of the Board of the group for the next five years. For years of reign, he was repeatedly awarded the prestigious state awards, among which were the medal «For merits before Fatherland» in the development of the gas complex of the Russian Federation. In 2013, according to the Forbes ranking, it occupied the third leading position in the list of the most expensive and successful managers in the world income between Alexey Miller, according to the publication is $ 25 million per year.

    Alexey Miller: personal life

    Personal life Alexei Miller, like many other famous Russian people, remains in the shadow of his successful career. It is known that for many years the head of «Gazprom» consists in official marriage. Wife Of Miller

  • Irina is not the public face, social events, home. Irina and Alexey Miller have a son. Spare time a successful Manager prefers to devote to the family. There is information that from a young age, Alexei Borisovich has a passion for football, he is the most famous fan of football club «Zenit». While Miller enjoys horseback riding, he owns two thoroughbred stallion. Not a stranger to him and the party in the close family circle of relatives and friends, accompanied by songs with a guitar in his performance.

    Hobby horse riding Miller as a business person resulted in employment. In 2012, Russian President Vladimir Putin appointed Alexei Miller as head of OJSC «Russian hippodromes», putting before him the task to revive the domestic industry in this direction and to breathe new life into the equestrian sport of Russia.

    Alexey Miller: photo

    Alexey Miller

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