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(biography, photos, videos) Aleksey Mikhailovskiy

photo Alexei Mikhailovsky

  • Name: Alexey Mikhaylovskiy ( Aleksey Mikhailovskiy )
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Activity: producer of the TV project «House 2»
  • Marital status: married Natalia Varvina

    Alex Michael: the biography

    Alex Michael, General producer of the scandalous Russian reality show «Dom-2», the structure of which he has been working for more than 12 years.

    He was born in 1969 in Moscow. In the capital, spent his childhood and adolescence Alexei. In the early 90-ies of the Mikhailovsky were on TV. At first he was mostly engaged in the promotion of political figures, as well as preparing news programs. In the XXI century Alexei completely withdrew from politics.

    He worked with Alexander Lyubimov at the talk show «the View», as well as in such popular programs as «Time» and «Here and now». Great experience of the producer Mikhailovsky acquired thanks to Sergey Shumakov on independent TV channel NTV. But after it changed direction, and Alex was left without a job.

    A husband sat at home without work. And then one day he received an offer to participate in a casting for the vacant position of a producer in a completely new format of the show. Television the construction of the «House 2» with the slogan «Build your love» is a novelty for Russia and for the world of television.

    TV show

    Alexey Mikhaylovskiy were excited about the idea. He developed his own idea, painted the concept on paper and went to the organizers of the project «House 2». His idea was fully approved, and Alexei began to organize the set: found the territory, came up with the voting rules, the criteria for being on the show.

    The first shooting day of «House 2» is 5 may 2004, though viewers saw him with a 6-day delay. That day in the perimeter of the project consisted of 15 people, and each week one of them has varied a rookie. Many of the participants of the show got a resounding fame in the country. Suffice it to mention such names as Olga Buzova, Elena Berkova, May Apricots, Roman Tretyakov, Wenceslas vengrzhanovsky, Irina Agibalova. All of them, and hundreds of names that owe their fame to Mr. Mikhailovsky.

    The producer explains the mega-popularity of the programme that the project is constantly changing, the audience does not have time to get used to one innovation as you create something new. In addition, the openness of manifestation of emotions by the participants in front of the cameras allows the fans of the show to see the different models of human behavior and to trace the consequences of a particular act, said the phrase, a fleeting action.

    It is worth noting that the idea of «House-2» is one of the few domestic projects, which were sold abroad. Shows General concept of «How To Build Your Love» («How to build your love») were taken over by the Dutch, British and American broadcasters.

    Personal life

    I must say that in 12 years the TV project «Dom-2» has promoted more than a dozen wedding. One of the weddings was played by producer Alexei Mikhailovsky. In 2012, he married one of the women in the show, Natalia Varvina. The celebration took place quietly and modestly, about it, few people know, but about relations between lovers suspected by many. The fact that Alexey and Natasha appeared first on the outdoor party on the occasion of the birthday of Olga Buzova. And in the summer of 2013 the couple still got married in a Church, and this time the occasion was widely covered in the press.

    But it should be noted that for Alexis, this was the second marriage. In the 90-ies he married for the first time. By the way, his first wife Vasilina Mikhailovskaya was co-produced show «House 2». In 2000, their family was born son Maxim. Vasilisa remained at his post even after the rupture of relations with her husband, but in 2014 he decided to leave the controversial project.


    Alex Mikhailovsky

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