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  • Name: Alex Longin ( Longin Aleksey )
  • Date of birth: 22 July 1976
  • Age: 40 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 177
  • Activities: Russian film and theater actor
  • Marital status:

    Alex Longinus : biography

    The actor known to fans of the national cinema known for his roles in the films «Santa Lucia», «Chapay» and «a Perfect murder».

    Alex Longin was born in an ordinary Moscow family in July 1976. Among his relatives were neither artists nor artists. First, Andrey did not think to link your life with the world of cinema. Like most boys in school, he was fond of sports, choosing for himself one of the most romantic types of fencing. In this lesson he really excelled, becoming the champion of Russia on artistic fencing.

    Longinus traveled to many countries, participating in competitions in stage fencing. But once he got the idea that there is nothing to disappear acquired artistry. He entered GITIS and graduated in 2005. Alex studied acting in the course of Alexei Borodin.


    A cinematic biography of Alex Longin began in his student years. First, he, like most of his classmates, appeared in episodes. He first appeared on screen in the serials «Shtrafbat» and «Head of classics». But the audience is unlikely to remember a young actor, because his face just flashed a few frames.

    But on stage Alex Longin played in full force. On the stage of theatre named after K. Stanislavsky, he appeared in a production of Sergei Aldonin «Master and Margarita». The actor got the image of Nikanor Ivanovich Bosoi.

    In 2005, the young artist was accepted into the troupe of the Moscow theatre «Et cetera», which is headed by Alexander Kalyagin. At this stage Longinus went 7 years and was involved in key roles in many performances. Theatergoers saw him as a «Shylock», «the Secrets of aunt Melkin» and production of «the Newspaper «Russian invalid» for July 18th». As a guest actor Alex appeared on the stage of the theatre «Practice».

    The first film role for a young actor was a cameo or supporting actor, therefore, the widespread success and recognition of Longinus brought. But in these projects («Students International» and «Soldiers-11», «General medicine» and «Thirty years») Alex has gained invaluable experience.

    The stellar role he waited in 2009. Director Sergei Sotnichenko trusted Longinus, one of the Central images of its military project «the Third is not given». The role of Lieutenant Revenko did Alexei Longin recognizable.

    Noticeable success came to him in 2010, when the screens out the rating TV series «Doctor Tyrsa» and «Policeman». But the attention of viewers Alex Longin attracted as a dramatic actor. This happened after the release of the detective drama «tango with an angel» and the crime drama «Fury».

    Even wider recognition of Alex Longin felt in 2011-2014. It was during this period fans of domestic serials watched the wonderful film «the rook» and «the Passion according to Chapa». In the latter film, which scored huge ratings, the fans of Longinus saw your favorite actor in the image of his brother of the legendary division commander – Gregory Chapaev.

    Of the last works of the actor it is worth noting his role in the TV series «Santa Lucia» and the detective «a Perfect murder».

    Personal life

    Today, career of the actor is gaining momentum. He is recognized by passersby and is filled with proposals Directors. Alex Longin not only great with a sword, he well drives a car, owns stage combat, and most of the tricks he performs, without the help of a stunt double.

    But the personal life of Alexei Longin for seven locks. There is no evidence that he was married. There beside him the woman. The artist himself does not mention anywhere, carefully hiding this side of his life.


    • «Students International»
    • «Tango with an angel»
    • «Fury»
    • «Hunters for caravans»
    • «Doctor Tyrsa»
    • «Policeman»
    • «The third is not given»
    • «Rook»
    • «Santa Lucia»
    • «A perfect murder»
    • «The passion according to Chapa»


    Alex Longin

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