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(biography, photos, videos) Aleksey Likhnitskiy

photo Alexei likhnitsky

  • Name: Alex Lipnicki ( Aleksey Likhnitskiy )
  • Date of birth: 19 September 1981
  • Age: 35 years
  • Place of birth: Vladikavkaz
  • Height: 185
  • Activities: DJ, comedian, actor, resident of «Comedy club»
  • Marital status: married

    Alex lipnicki: biography

    Alex likhnitsky – comedian, showman, resident of «Comedy club» and a former player of the team of KVN «RosNOU». Received fame as a member of the Comedy duet «Zaytsev Sisters». Also fans of nightlife Alex is known as a professional DJ.

    He was born in 1981 in Vladikavkaz. From early childhood, the parents sent the son in the creative direction. Alex studied at the school of music as a saxophonist-was a member of the school orchestra, dancing. One time lipnicki dreamed of becoming a pop musician, his other desire was a profession of veterinarian.

    As a young man studied well in high school and got a strong knowledge of the natural Sciences, he decides to go certainly in Metropolitan University. Choice in Moscow Alexei Lignicola falls to the environmental Department of the Agricultural Academy named after K. A. Timiryazev, where he graduated with a degree in agronomy. By the way, at this University he met his future partner Roman Yunusov.

    In student’s years the young man worked in various fields, for example, was a tanker and a security guard. And the free time he devoted student KVN team. From there it grew reverent attitude to the profession of artist, which for Lignicola eventually became the main. After appearing in the NCAA tournament, the young man drew the attention of the Moscow League «RosNOU», which appeared on the main stage of club Cheerful and Resourceful. And that KVN Alex stepped into a new television project.

    TV and radio

    In 2003, the showman Garik Martirosyan invited well-known Alexey Lignicola to participate in a casting brand new shows. Listen Alex passed easily and became one of the residents of the then-unknown show «Comedy Club».

    But speaking in the framework of the project Legnicka need a partner. Some days he considered many candidates, but ultimately accidentally collided with a friend since student days Roman Yunusov. Thus was born the duet «Zaytsev Sisters», which had an incredible success and has contributed to the great popularity of the «Comedy club» in the vastness of Russia and the CIS.

    The best-known numbers performed by the Duo there are those in which actors portray the leading news Tatyana and special correspondent of the Novel. These miniatures lipnicki and Yunusov was shown for 5 years, but then decided to give them up.

    In addition to «Comedy» Alex lipnicki with Roman Yunusov led the morning show on one of capital radio stations. In addition, the Duo created the program «Destroyers of Proverbs», which, by analogy with the American popular science program «Mythbusters,» proved, or Vice versa showed the absurdity of people’s aphorisms. The program was filled with many interviews and interesting stories, and contained a traditional for guys of unpredictable humor.

    In February 2016, Roman Yunusov and Alexey Likhnitskiy become the leading new entertainment show «Moscow nights». This program is a fun party, which brings together the stars of Russian culture, sport, and other industries, and are divided into teams and participate in various games and competitions. The producer of the show and the main star of the first issue was the flamboyant showman Ivan Urgant.

    Movies and music

    The creative interests of Alexey Lignicola not just limited to the humorous sketches and scenes. In 2013, he tried his hand as an actor and starred in the film «What men are doing», which, of course, belongs to the genre of Comedy. Opinion about the picture was divided into two camps: if critics were left mostly negative reviews, the audience gladly went to look at a favorite of the cast, except where Lignicola included Dmitry Nagiyev, Roman Yunusov and Tahir Mammadov. According to the results of box office receipts «What men are doing» became the leader of hire.

    In 2014, the entertainer took part in articulating the domestic fantasy of the animated film «snow Queen 2: Refreezing».

    Also in the late 2000s, Alex remembered his childhood passion for music and began performing professionally as a DJ. He regularly toured in Russia and becomes the highlight of the program in the most prestigious night clubs. And in its track listing includes remixes of famous songs by other artists and their own works. From a musical point of view lipnicki prefers areas such as Progressive and Techno. According to tradition, on his speeches it is often possible to witness scenes in the style of Stand Up Comedy.

    Personal life

    With his wife Olga and Alexei likhnitsky met in Moscow. They were part of one youth party, and at first both of each other not very much. Young people are constantly «teasing» each other, says the artist in an interview, joked in a rather rigid form. But then at a party they became close and since then inseparable. According to information from social networks, Alexey and Olga and has a son.


    Alex Lipnicki

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