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  • Name: Alex ( Alexander CHVIKOVA )
  • Date of birth: 4 September 1988
  • Age: 28 years
  • Place of birth: Donetsk, Ukraine
  • Height: 175
  • Activities: model, singer
  • Marital status: not married

    Alex: biography

    Singer Alex is among the most striking discoveries of the Russian «factory of stars». She participated in the fourth season of the beloved TV show and immediately captivated the hearts of fans of the project. Cute and talented girl was able to try yourself in the role model, to work with the best Russian producers and releasing several albums. A romantic relationship with Timothy and experimentation with the appearance made thousands of fans and media to follow every step of the star.

    Alex | VK

    Cvikova Alexander (nickname Alex) was born on 4 September 1988 in the city of Donetsk (Ukraine). Her family is not ordinary. If the mother of the star was a simple housewife, her father Alexander Chuikov, was considered a successful businessman and was the head of a large company «Energospetsprom». The girl was named in honor of his father, and gradually parents started to call it just Alexa. This is the name, she later chose as a stage name.

    Note that since Alexandra was especially close to her father. Caring dad adored his daughter and could not get enough of all of her accomplishments.

    Alex in childhood
    Alex in childhood | Instagram

    From a young age, the girl showed creative abilities and who does not like parents can make every effort to contribute to the development of the talents of his daughter. Alexander studied singing and dancing, she wrote poetry, and attended a musical school (piano class). Of course, at secondary school, we had very little time, and as a result Alex graduated as an external student.

    Early career

    During his school years Alex has participated in many musical contests of his native city and country. In addition, a beautiful face and excellent growth has allowed the girl is 11 years to get into the modeling business. She participated in many promotions and has become recognizable thanks to advertising billboards.

    However, the business model has become for her only a preparatory step to the world of show business. Here she learned to stand confidently in front of cameras, to work with people and showed impeccable appearance.

    Alex in childhood
    Alex in childhood | Instagram

    From 2001 began to develop the musical career of Alexandra. This year thanks to the financial help of her father she released her first song called «kiss» which can be heard on many popular radio stations in Ukraine. Then on the music channels appeared in the same video, and at the end of the year, was presented the debut album.

    After Alex finally said goodbye to the school, she decided to completely surrender to the creative process. She went to conquer Moscow, where he worked with different producers. In the capital promising performer saw a new opportunity for career development and decided to use the chance.

    «Star factory»

    In 2004, the singer went to the casting of the musical teleproject «Factory of stars» and passed a rigorous selection process. In psychological terms it was quite a difficult task for girls.

    The young star struggled with the flood of depression and even asked producers to let her go at some time in Donetsk. But her request did not meet the requirements of the project, and no one took into account how many years then was a young singer, and ago, 16-year-old girl had to cope with the problem independently.

    Alex | Instagram

    Alexander was able to solve their problems in the romantic way – she fell in love. On the project the girl began a relationship with rapper Timati. New feelings gave of the beauty of self-confidence and allowed to demonstrate on the show the best of their abilities. In the end, Alex was the final of the project «Factory of stars» and sang within the nominations two marvelous songs: «moonlight trail» and «Where are you». The last song was so successful that it subsequently became a major hit Alexa.

    Alex and Irina Dubtsova
    Alex and Irina Dubtsova | Fotohood

    Before the finale of the TV show’s ratings Alexandra was very high, but to become the champion failed. The competition was very great, and the prize-winning places took the following action: Irina Dubtsova, Anton Zatsepin and Stas Pieha. However, «Factory of stars» brought Alex’s popularity and gave great opportunities to realize themselves in the role of the singer.

    Career development

    At the end of the project, Alex signed the contract with renowned producer and composer Igor Krutoy, who have long helped the aspiring stars. But after a while the girl suddenly disappeared from the TV channels. We can assume that the reason for this was a serious conflict between Igor Krutoy and producer of the First channel.

    Star Alexa rose again only in 2007, after the release of the song «When you’re around», performed together with Timothy. This composition is filled on all music channels, increasing the ratings of its performers. Further, after the termination of cooperation with Igor Krutoy, singer for some time cooperated with Jana Rudkovskaya, and then signed a contract with Celcom.

    However, the main Advisor and mentor, Alex was always her father. He helped her to record the 2007 album «My vendetta», and in 2011 – «dream world». In addition, the ambitious singer has released several music videos, but they did not bring her great success.

    In 2009, Alex tried his hand in the qualifying round for the international Eurovision song contest, but the result did not meet her expectations.

    After that, the young singer has become less to study music and became interested in experiments with his looks. The girl considerably increased the lips that caused a negative assessment of her fans. It was also noted a slight change in the nose, causing the press began to spread rumors about a new plastic surgery.

    Now Alex appears on the scene infrequently. She travels a lot and tries to take life to the maximum. As every creative person, she has many plans for the future. Judging by the numerous posts on Instagram, the star was fond of creating jewelry, and in 2016 presents a stylish collection.

    Alex's plastic before and after
    Plastic surgery Alexa

    Alexander has corrected their «mistake» in the change of appearance caused by the injections of beauty, and her lips once again gained a natural attraction. The singer even had a «beauty session», during which he demonstrated his gorgeous hair and the ability to style your hair.

    However, recently in a press there were messages that Alexa was so exhausted yourself diets that I almost became anorexic. The reason for the rumors began photos of the singer that she looks too thin.

    Personal life

    Even in the TV project «star Factory» Alexa began a romantic relationship with the singer Timati. Of course, many envied the girl, because to attract the attention of the rapper was no easy task. Also there were rumours that relations between young people is just the calculation of producers.

    Aleksa I Timati
    Alex and Timothy | Fotohood

    In 2005, for the first time the stars had a huge fight and for a while dispersed. She even moved to Donetsk and started to meet with a young businessman. But after a while Timati and Aleksa are reconciled and started Dating again. The press reported that the singer flew to Donetsk, and almost from under the crown took Alexander to Moscow.

    However, in 2007 after the participation of lovers in the reality show «Yappi for pick-up» and a joint performance of the song «When you’re around», the pair finally parted.

    Alex and Vlad Tislenko
    Alex and Vlad Tislenko | VK

    Later it was reported that Alexander met with singer Andrey Popov (Lil Pop), but it is obvious that their relationship was just a passing fad. Soon in the life of the singer there was another young man. The network got photos of the stars with a programmer from Kiev Vlad Tislenko. It is assumed that he is now the boyfriend of Alexa.


    • 2001 – kiss
    • 2007 – My vendetta
    • 2011 – dream world



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