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  • Name: Alex Agopyan ( Alexey Agopyan )
  • Date of birth: 9 October 1960
  • Age: 56 years
  • Place of birth: Odessa
  • Height: 170
  • Activity: Ukrainian actor of Armenian origin
  • Marital status: married

    Alex Agopian: biography

    Alex Migranovich Agopian, loved by viewers for his Comedy roles in the comic project «Pun» and «Masks-show» was born in Odessa in 1960.

    Artistry and sense of humor was characteristic of Alex from birth. He seems born with them, like most of his fellow-citizens of Odessa. From her childhood in Agopian was good hearing, and my mom took my son to music school, where he chose the piano. Soon, Alex is played and sang in his beautiful tenor. All this guy danced well and easily drop into the splits.

    Alex Agopian
    Alex Agopian | RSPCA.Gee

    So, he secretly dreamed of the stage, but my dream is to get to the stage of the theatre, and on the set Agopian thought unattainable «pie in the sky». So I decided to get more earthy» profession that will be able to feed it in the future. After receiving a high school diploma Alexey Migranovich went to the local Polytechnic University, chose the faculty «Technology of mechanical engineering».

    But in the last years Agopian realized that the profession that he soon will do, doesn’t interest him. Finally convinced of this when, after graduation went to work in the design office of special machine tools.

    Even at the Institute, Alexei Agopian were fond of game in KVN. Remembering the feelings that he was getting during performances on stage, the young man decided to drop everything and moved to Leningrad. Here he is with the first try went to the famous LGITMiK and was enrolled in a course for Folk artist of the USSR Igor Petrovich Vladimirov.


    In the Leningrad theatrical Institute Agopian made not one, but together with friends and countrymen Dmitry Shevchenko and Yuri Stytskovsky. Today, three of them famous.

    Alex Agopian. 25 years
    Alex Agopian. 25 years of «Mask-show» | Fotocube.kom

    After graduating from LGITMiK Agopian and Stytskovsky created a comic Duo called «Sweet life». The performance was in great demand. Once artists have been invited to participate in the popular collective «Masks». Agopian and Stytskovsky liked and were accepted to the team. Soon the «Mask» transformed into the well-known «Mask show».

    In the spring of 1996, the comedians decided to go further and created the humorous magazine «Full house», which after a time was renamed the «Pun». Within 5 years Alex Agopian played in the «Pun», but managed to appear in another popular project is the «Show of the weevil», where he appeared along with Basil Benderom and Viktor Andriyenko.

    A cinematic biography of Alexei Agopian began in 2002. He is often invited to various comic roles in television series. The audience could see the actor in the popular film «the Female logic-2», «Soldiers», «the Ensign Shmatko or E-mine», «Friendly family», «Healing love», «angel» and «Right to love».

    Particularly successful for the talented Odessa was 2011-12. Alex Agopian starred in the 80-series is the favorite of millions of viewers «Interns», where it appeared in the form of the patient-psycho Troshkina. And yet the actor could be seen in high-profile projects, «the Moscow collection», «Hare fried and Berlin» and «Odessa-Mama».

    Alex Agopian in the series
    Alex Agopian in the series «Mysterious passion» | the Newspaper.Gee

    In 2016, viewers will see a wonderful artist in a completely new, not comic, role in the TV series «Mysterious passion» Agopian will appear in the image of the famous bard Bulat Okudzhava, who in the movie is named Kukush Octave.

    Personal life

    The actor gladly shares his plans and always candid when asked about his work. But the personal life of Alexei Agopian closed to outsiders. It is known that the actor married. He does not have children.


    • «Women’s logic-2»
    • «Friendly family»
    • «Two sides of the same Anna»
    • «The smile of God or Purely Odessa history»
    • «Interns»
    • «Moscow Decameron»
    • «Hare fried and Berlin»
    • «Odessa-Mama»
    • «Mysterious passion»


    Alex Agopian,

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