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  • Name: Ales Kacher ( Alesa Kacher )
  • Date of birth: 9 may 1987.
  • Age: 29 years
  • Place of birth: Minsk
  • Height: 173
  • Activities: Belarusian actress
  • Marital status: not married

    Ales Kacher : biography

    Belarusian actress Ales Kacher (that’s her real name) only recently began its journey in the film industry, but has already become popular and beloved by many. In her filmography in several leading roles in high-profile projects.

    Ales Kacher was born a wonderful holiday – may 9, 1987. In Minsk passed her childhood and youth. Ales claims that was born with the dream to be an actress. Just learning to walk and talk, the girl began to play on the home scene. The first audience was the guests. Later she continued her artistic career» in kindergarten and school. Ales developed her vocals and took lessons of choreography. And yet it is from 1 to 11 classes went on stage youth theatre «Rond».

    A cinematic biography of Alesa Kacher began when she was barely 11 years old. She was given the main role in the short film «the Joke». In this film, the girl was finally confirmed that the other way, except how to become an actress, she’s not.

    After graduation, Ales Kacher went to Moscow and enrolled immediately in a 2 theater schools. The legendary VGIK, who in 2008 graduated with honors.


    Already in his student years Ales Kacher appeared on the stage of the Theatre named after K. S. Stanislavsky. Here she played Juliet in «Romeo and Juliet» Tatiana in «Eugene Onegin». But the troupe Katscher was adopted after graduation.

    Regularly to be in the movie, the young actress began immediately after graduation. It is noteworthy that Belarusian beauty already has experience not only in Russian cinema: she starred in television Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Iran and, of course, his native Belarus.

    In the first years after graduating from VGIK Kutcher starred in the ranking series «CID. Simple guys – 2», «Bros», «Carmelita. Gypsy passion,» «White having poured» and «Flavor grenade». In «Carmelita,» the audience first learned that Alesi wonderful voice. She sang this song «I am a Gipsy, a daughter of the steppes». Later, the actress has recorded several songs that appeared clips.

    Simultaneously with the artistic developing and modeling career of Alesa Kacher. In 2008, she received the title of «the III Vice-Miss Moscow», and in 2010 became the model of wedding salon «NOOR» brand «AVA group» tattoo parlor «Foxes».

    The first fame of the Ales Kacher felt in 2013, when the screens out the film «12 months», directed by Aleksandr Barshak. Here, the young actress was lucky enough to work with such renowned colleagues as Armen Jigarkhanyan, Artur Smolyaninov Ekaterina Gusev, Evgeni Malkin and others.

    Pride of place in the filmography of Alesa Kacher is a film Actress. This project in Azerbaijan, for participation in which the actress even learned the language. Her character Lala fell in love with audiences all over the Azerbaijan. Later, Ales said that the way Lala was very complex and multifaceted. But, nevertheless, the most loved.

    In the same year Ales Kacher played the main character in the Ukrainian project of Alexei Lisovets «Solstice». Viewers saw Minsk the actress in the image of the Opera singer Maria.

    Personal life

    Minsk beauties attribute a lot of novels, but I think only one of them was confirmed. In the spring of 2016 private life of Alesa Kacher has been in the spotlight of the press and her fans after she appeared together with the famous actor and showman Vakhtang Beridze. Recall that the Vic – ex-husband of Olga Arntgolts, with whom she split in 2015.

    For the first time a couple noticed at the Gatchina film festival «Literature and cinema». The artists not only led the opening ceremony, but, as told by observant witnesses, together settled in a hotel room. They have always been close, which would not have appeared.

    Say Ales and Vakhtang met on the set of the melodrama «Bunches of grapes». Recently, Kutcher said he finally met a man who understood perfectly and supported throughout. She did not name the suitor, but hinted that he is an artist.


    • «Joke»
    • «Carmelita. Gypsy passion»
    • «Quiet center»
    • «Actress»
    • «The color of the cherry»
    • «Solstice»
    • «Reparation»
    • «12 months»
    • «You lie, you die»
    • «Season of love»


    Ales Kacher

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