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  • Name: Alena Vodonaeva ( Alena Vodonaeva )
  • Date of birth: 2 July 1982
  • Age: 34 years
  • Place of birth: Tyumen
  • Height: 176
  • Activity: TV Presenter, journalist, actress
  • Marital status: Divorced

    Alena Vodonaeva biography

    Alena Vodonaeva is one of the most famous participants of reality show «Dom-2», which project their beautiful appearance and extraordinary behavior gained the interest of the public is not getting cold even after her departure from «love telestroke». Today, Alyona Vodonaeva appeared before a wide audience as a TV presenter, actress, popular blogger and journalist, continuing to gain popularity among millions of viewers.

    Alena Vodonaeva was born 2 July 1982 in the family of the orthopedist and University Professor. Since early childhood she dreamed of becoming a model – in the 12 years she conquered the stage of the local theater of fashion, where she was attracted to various fashion shows and advertising. In the early years, the future participant of the project «Dom-2» was different, independent and resolute character, and a passion for adventure and let her swirl to break into the Russian television and gain the sympathy of the whole army of fans, often not for everyone.

    Alena Vodonaeva in childhood |

    14 Alain Vodonaeva decided to become a journalist – she started to write notes for local Tyumen newspaper, was a great start for her future career. After leaving school she enrolled at the Tyumen University, the walls of which came out with a diploma of journalist.

    In his student years Vodonaeva got a job in radio, which led the criminal category. In parallel, she worked on local television, where her duties included interviewing all visitors in Tyumen stars.

    Alena Vodonaeva in his youth | Vkontakte

    But their workplace is not able to suppress the ambitions of girls, from childhood dreams to conquer the capital. So she promptly went to the «House-2» but not for his own glory, but for the thesis, which is «burned» while graduating from high school she decided in the scientific work to cover not a criminal chronicle, and a reality show.

    Alain Vodonaeva on the project «House 2»

    While participating in the «Dom 2» Alena Vodonaeva became really popular and known all over Russia. For the first time on «House 2» it came on 10 July 2004 and held on telestroke 1067 days. At first she came to the project to Stepan Menshikova, «scandalous» tandem which helped her to instantly gain popularity.

    Alain Vodonaeva and Stepan Menshikov on the project «House 2» |

    The first day on Calvary Alain Vodonaeva danced quite a erotic dance that did not leave indifferent men’shchikova. Guys have become one of the hottest pairs on the project. Alain Vodonaeva constantly gave Stepan scandals, sometimes the conflict was reminiscent of military battles. The whole country with a sinking heart watched these situations. Friends on the project, the star itself has not started.

    Alain Vodonaeva and May Abrikosov
    Alain Vodonaeva and May Abrikosov |

    To the disappointment of fans, after six months, their pairs did not. After charismatic men’shchikova she tried to build a relationship with a calm Anton Potapovich’s favorite audience May Apricot. But none of the guys could not cope with the temperament Vodonaevoy, so the pair broke up. In the summer of 2007 Alain Vodonaeva unexpectedly left the project.

    Alain Vodonaeva after «House 2»

    When Alena Vodonaeva left telestroke, her fans began to talk about the possible career of the actress. Journalists wrote that it had already prepared a whole list of roles in television series. Later, rumors about a possible invitation to the group «VIA Gra». Despite this, the rights were not nobody — Alain Vodonaeva decided to go as a leader on the channel TNT in the program «Cosmopolitan – video version».

    Alain Vodonaeva and Otar Kushanashvili
    Alain Vodonaeva and Otar Kushanashvili |

    Alena Vodonaeva has made many attempts to become a star of Russian television, but they were all a failure. A short period of time she led the program «RealityGirl», but the project has not worked because of the constant quarrels with a colleague – a temperamental man Otar cusanelli.

    The next stage of the life of the former participant «House 2» after the project was blogging. Blog Alena Vodonaevoy in a short time has become one of the most popular among users, especially male – she very quickly won 3rd place in attendance on conquered Twitter and created the most popular blog in Instagram.

    Alain Vodonaeva | tvnz

    Also Vodonaeva became the leading author of the program «» video portal for the Internet users. The essence of the project consisted of interviews with successful and well-known men. In the same period, the former participant «houses 2» are beginning to invite as models to participate in fashion shows and fotossesiya for a glossy men’s magazines, the pages of which she appeared in skimpy outfits and without them.

    In 2010, Alena Vodonaeva became the leader of the «Bare dozen» on TV channel Ren-TV, and a year in conjunction with Anfisa Chekhova led the transfer of «good night, guys», in which checked a lot of couples of allegiance.

    Alain Vodonaeva after
    After Alena Vodonaeva Dom 2 |

    In 2012, the star of «House-2», which up to this time proved himself as a journalist, and as a singer and as a model, he decided it best for her role of socialite. Vodonaeva begins to actively participate in secular parties, while continuing to appear on the screens of viewers as a member of various show and host of the programs.

    Alena Vodonaeva, Olga Buzova |

    In 2016, Alena Vodonaeva starred in the Comedy series «Poor people», where she played herself. In the project eks-the participant «Houses-2» were invited for a cameo role it was to play together with Olga Buzova. After the filming of the movie Vodonaeva said she didn’t feel like an actress and has no plans to develop their creativity in this direction. Nevertheless, she’s not abandoning acting proposals which put forward her star friends.

    Personal life Alena Vodonaevoy

    Personal life Alena Vodonaevoy never come from the pages of the media. After leaving the reality show, she spun a whirlwind romance with businessman Alexei Malakaeva. Their acquaintance took place on the birthday of a mutual friend where she came quite by accident. Among young people there was no real chemistry, which is accepted to speak, and the relationship began only five months after the first meeting.

    Alain Vodonaeva and Alexei Malakai |

    Alex is older than Alena Vodonaevoy for 5 years and is a candidate of political Sciences. August 2009, was to star «House 2» is really happy, she became the wife Malakaeva. The wedding took place in a pretentious Moscow restaurant, which was attended by only close friends and relatives. Alain Vodonaevu also came to congratulate her close friend — Irina Dubtsova and Ksenia Borodina.

    Alena Vodonaeva with his son Bogdan
    Alena Vodonaeva with his son Bogdan |

    23 Aug 2010 the couple became parents. Alena Vodonaeva gave birth to a son in a private Moscow clinic, he was named Bogdan. In honor of this momentous event filled Vodonaeva tattoos. After some time, in 2013, the family was split, Malakai Vodonaeva and divorced. It is known that the father of her child after her divorce, she communicates, but that does not prevent her to build their personal life and seek true happiness.

    Alain Vodonaeva and Anton Korotkov
    Alain Vodonaeva and Anton Korotkov |

    After a painful divorce from her husband of Alena Vodonaeva long time did not want a serious relationship until I met Anton Korotkov, who is the grandson of the Nobel laureate academician Sakharov. The choice of the ex-participants «House 2», younger than her by 6 years, is an economist by education, has his own successful business, and in his spare time he enjoys tattoos.

    Alena Vodonaeva is getting married
    Alain Vodonaeva married |

    Currently Korotkov is Director of the Farmacia – it is in show business and skilfully «managing» the life of a socialite who with him have found peace and confidence. Anton was also great friends with the «main man» of Helen, her 6-year-old son Bogdan.

    In 2016, it became known about the preparation of the wedding Vodonaevoy and Korotkova – their wedding is scheduled for June 17, 2017. Elena admits that very often arguing with her fiance, but to live without it can not.

    Photos Alena Vodonaevoy

    Alena Vodonaeva

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