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  • Name: Alena Sviridova ( Aljona Sviridova )
  • Date of birth: 14 August 1962
  • Age: 54 years
  • Place of birth: Kerch
  • Height: 175
  • Activity: singer, actress, TV presenter, writer
  • Marital status: married

    Alena Sviridova biography

    Alain Sviridov – Russian singer. The woman striking poetic and musical talent, so often it acts not only as a performer but as a lyricist and composer of their songs.

    Sviridov, Elena V. was born in Sunny Kerch. Father Valentin V. he served as a military pilot, and his mother Vera,a large part of his life he worked on a local radio station. At some point there were rumors that Alena Sviridova has a twin sister. This information was not confirmed. Elena actually have a sister, but cousins. Women talk warmly throughout life. But despite the fact that both blonde and have some family traits, sisters, absolutely not similar.

    Alena Sviridova in childhood
    Alena Sviridova in childhood | See All

    As a child, Elena along with his family moved to Krasnodar Krai. However, for family reasons Sviridova there is not long delayed, the next stop was Minsk. In the Crimea was my grandmother, whom Elena had visited in the summer.

    School program the girl possessed in Minsk, where he entered the University at a musical-pedagogical faculty. Training combined with coaching vocal Studio. A rich biography of Alena Sviridova complement vocal performance in an ensemble when you plant them. S. V. Vavilov. Vocal-instrumental composition toured the cities of Belarus, where the young singer received the first stage experience.


    Rich career of Alena Sviridova as vocalist turned solo performance. She recorded several song motifs and let the stream of the Minsk radio. Later the play became the basis of the author’s repertoire, which served as the impetus for concerts. Burlesque performance brought pleasure and inspired artist.

    Alone Sviridov
    Alena Sviridov |

    For a solo experience went the position of the leader. After high school, Sviridov settled actress in a drama theatre. Gorky. The first role on the stage of this theater was the heroine Alcmene in the stage production of Moliere’s «Amphitryon». Known in narrow circles of dramatic art and a source of steady, albeit small, income did not satisfy the creative potential of the actress. Then she imitated Annie Lennox. In my dreams Elena cherished the hope of a big stage.

    A new segment in the musical career of the artist was formed in Moscow. When the young but experienced singer ignited the audience before the performance of international stars, she was noticed and was invited to record singles in Moscow producer Yuri Ripah. Metropolitan life has isolated her from friends and acquaintances, but to acclimate to the new environment and surroundings helped Arkady Arkanov Metropolitan satirist. The debut album was recorded in 1993

    Arkady Arcana and Alena Sviridova
    Arkady Arcana and Alena Sviridov | Gossip

    Filmed at the festival «Song-93» became a finalist with the song «Just ran out of winter.» Participation in the «Generation-93» brought the award «Golden Apple» for the musical hit «High».

    A significant event was the video «Pink flamingos», who brought Helena, the first place on BIZ-TV. Later a successful project topped the list of singles and became the name of the CD, which was presented by the company «General records» in 1995

    In 1998, Elena participated in a filmed musical

  • «The Bureau of happiness», where colleagues in the shooting pavilion of steel Mikhailov and Gurchenko. After the plate went on the clips already presented to the public songs. Duet with Valery Leontiev and solo performance on the big stage increasing popularity and fame of Elena Sviridova. The next song included in collections, and launched the sale. The most popular became «the Night everything is different», «life Line».
    Alena Sviridova in the film
    Alena Sviridova in the film «Death by will» | full Movie.Ru

    Rotation of musical works happened on thematic TV and radio, and on stage the unfolding of a new story, for example, the musicals «Moonlight» and «Three Musketeers.» Then the actress played the role in the film «Death by will».

    Interest in performer not faded. Spectators and fans watched the work of the actress in «School of modern play». New pictures of Alena Sviridova submitted by fans in 1999, when she starred in an erotic photo shoot for «Playboy». The second photographing Nudes-format was held in 2008

    In 2002, Sviridov in a duet with Makarevich released a collection of original hits and remixes in the format of a jazz Blues popular songs, among which the world lyrics

  • «The Man I Love» By George Gershwin. In this case, the cover version was based not only on layout but in the flow of the song, which suffered a poetic translation actress. In the same year became a member of the Union of writers of Russia. Fruitful work went to Kenya, where Sviridov became the host of the TV show «Harem». For his achievements in the development of the cultural heritage of the Russian Federation on the instructions of President Vladimir Putin Sviridov received Russian citizenship.

    Alone Sviridov
    Alena Sviridov | AIF

    In 2004, Alain Sviridov was awarded the title of Honored artist of the Russian Federation. The award was presented by Alexander Sokolov (Minister of culture). In early 2008, based on the album «the Siren, or 12 stories told at dawn» presented a large-scale music show, which welcomed criticism. The album includes songs with intriguing titles concise: «Before», «Being», «Can». These songs Alena soon removed the clips, which also had success.

    The last project are the participation in the second season of «one to One» in which Sviridov was really surprised their fans and the jury in the genre of reincarnation. Singer skillfully portrayed completely different characters — Edith Piaf, Nastya Kamenskikh or Diana. In one of the issues Helen has got the image of Andrey Makarevich and it performed his hit «Carriage disputes».

    In 2016, the year wouldn’t made it into any of the albums new song «Airplane».

    Anniversary concert

    In 2012 there was a significant event in Crocus City Hall, timed to the 20th anniversary of professional activities of Alena Sviridova. Shooting the celebrations was entrusted to the First channel. The event brought together secular elite and best friends of the actress. Rave reviews about the achievements of a person were heard from the lips of high-ranking guests, among whom were Meladze, Presnyakov, Leshchenko, etc.

    Alena Sviridova at the concert
    Alena Sviridova at the jubilee concert | Crocus city Hall

    Boris Barabanov of the «Kommersant» said,»People came not so much, but the colors brought more than could be expected«. Postconcert report in the «come on!» was marked by claims by the hero of the occasion to the journalists who, in her opinion, overly focused on the new marriage and the age of the artist.

    After the scandal, the channel apologized and rehabilitated a new transmission, which the artist liked more than the former.

    Personal life

    Personal life Alena Sviridova there are four bright novel. The first husband of actress was Sergey Sviridov. Married Helen bore him a son Basil, who now lives with her father in Canada. During his first marriage, the singer worked hard, toured and gave to the family a little attention. The woman literally lived between the towns, it was not even personal homes. On this basis, after the divorce, the son remained in his father’s family. Elena most of all regrets that did not participate in the upbringing of a child, unable to watch his growth.

    Alena Sviridova with the eldest son Basil
    Alena Sviridova with the eldest son Basil |

    In 1998, the actress, together with the American Ambassador Henry peacock got married in the Caribbean. Happiness did not last long. It is unknown what caused the differences — the different mentality, the lack of understanding — but the couple broke up.

    Henry peacock and Alena Sviridova
    Henry peacock and Alena Sviridov |

    In 2003, the civil husband of Alena Sviridova was a young male model Dmitry Miroshnichenko. A year Sviridov bore him a son, Gregory. The difference in age in two children of the artist – twenty-one. But the second husband is just the same age as my oldest son. The age difference with her husband didn’t embarrass Elena, she is not tired to repeat to journalists that feels most comfortable with the young men. But the marriage still fell apart in 2007, and later admitted to herself Sviridov, she didn’t really want to enter, but it happened.

    Alena Sviridova and Dmitriy Miroshnichenko
    Alena Sviridov and Dmitry Miroshnichenko |

    In 2012, the actress has provided the public with her future husband — Armenian businessman David Vardanyan. New choice of singer under the age of 16 years. The couple looks very harmonious, Alena proves that at any age a woman can look fresh and attractive.

    She unashamedly puts the social network your photos in a swimsuit and not deny yourself in the relationship. Long time fans have been waiting for a big wedding, but now it was clear that the couple somehow lingers with the official registration of relations. The actress explained that after two marriages a stamp in the passport means nothing to her.

    David Vardanyan and Alena Sviridova
    David Vardanyan and Alena Sviridov |


    In the discography of Elena Sviridova has 6 albums consist of more than 70 compositions.

    • «Pink flamingos»
    • «At night everything is different»
    • «Life line»
    • «Hopscotch»
    • «Just ran out of winter»
    • «Siren, or 12 stories told at dawn»


    In the bibliography of Alena Sviridova marked one piece.

    • «Suitcase mood»


    From filmography, namely «Siren. Live!» is a processed version of a live performance.

    • «Old songs» 1, 2, 3.
    • «The three Musketeers»
    • «Death by will»
    • «Siren. Live!»


    Alone Sviridov

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