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  • Name: Alena Khmelnitskaya ( Alena Hmelnitskaya )
  • Date of birth: 12 January 1971
  • Age: 46 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 173
  • Activities: Actress, TV presenter
  • Marital status:

    Alena Khmelnitskaya: biography

    Alena Khmelnitskaya remembered by the audience a variety of film roles. The screen shows a woman more than thirty years, but never ceases to delight fans with new and new roles. This significant experience was formed due to the fact that in the movie Elena were still at a young age. In 12 years, Khmelnytska starred in his first film. Despite the change of eras, techniques, and stories of famous actress looks on television as organically, as in the beginning of his career.

    Alena Khmelnitskaya
    Alena Khmelnitskaya | HELLO!

    Khmelnitskaya, Alyona Aleksandrovna was born in a family of ballet dancers. Elena’s parents for many years has performed at the Bolshoi theatre. Prior to the completion of a dance career, Alexander Khmelnitsky became a teacher in the same place of work, and Valentina Savina graduated from GITIS on choreography direction. When Elena becomes an adult, parents will leave Russia and move to London, where he will continue his career choreographers.

    In childhood, in 10 years, Elena has firmly decided on a profession. Valentina Savina then worked as an assistant Director, and Elena had the opportunity to observe a rehearsal of the rock Opera «Juno and Avos». Since then, the obsession of becoming an actress never left the girl alone. After school he entered the Moscow art theatre in the course of Ivan Tarkhanov.

    Savina Valentina became a role model for daughter: always beautiful well-groomed woman, styled hair and light makeup. Mother Helen always managed to be beautiful, and no one saw how she was painted, so it was quickly and deftly.

    Alena Khmelnitskaya
    Alena Khmelnitskaya | Movie-Theater.Ru

    Love Alena Khmelnytsky to the hats from childhood. «Mom then had two bowler: black and red. She looked very stylish» — says the actress. Even then, as a little girl, Khmelnytsky and tried on myself my mother’s hats. The passion for hats is so absorbed aspiring actress, she began sketching. Parents are already thinking in the future to identify Helen in the art, but on the drawing it did not move.

    The first extravagant hat appeared in Khmelnytskyi and 16. Elena was always trying to fix it on top, sometimes we even had to bring friends. For the first time in the biography of Alena Khmelnytsky had a desire to associate himself with theatrical activities, when she came to my mom.


    Filmography of Alena Khmelnytsky started with the painting «Karambolina-karamboletta». Three years later he performed a cameo role in the movie «the Courier». In 1989, the actress was cast in the role of Conchita to production of «Juno and Avos» . The samples were held in «Lenkom», where dozens of young women showed their vocal and dance opportunities. Numerous Commission led by Medvedev chose Odessa. But the actress has worked in theater for only two years, Khmelnytsky left the stage for a film career. The growth of the fame and popularity of the actress just didn’t give her the opportunity to combine cinema and theatre.

    Alena Khmelnitskaya in the film
    Alena Khmelnitskaya in the movie «Karambolina-karamboletta» | full Movie.Ru

    Popularity came to Helena in 1992, when she played the hate this villain Solano in two parts of the «hearts of three». After fame was forced to suspend activities in connection with pregnancy and birth of her daughter. Together filmography of Alena Khmelnytsky consists of over 40 roles. Many of them were shot by film Director Tigran Keosayan, at that time husband of the actress.

    Alena Khmelnitskaya in the film
    Alena Khmelnitskaya in the film «hearts of three» | full Movie.Ru

    In 1994, Alena Khmelnitskaya tried his hand as a TV presenter and has since led the program «Morning mail».

    During a heavy film industry of the nineties Elena almost ceased to receive invitations to the shooting, and she was forced to work in a fashion boutique. This «career» weighed down by an artist who had no inclination to business, and in 1999 the actress was fortunate enough to return to the movies. The popularity again started to gain momentum, and after a well-accepted audience of the series Ondine Khmelnitsky overtook the real glory.

    In 2009, along with her husband was leading a talk show «You and me».

    Alena Khmelnitskaya on the talk show
    Alena Khmelnitskaya on the talk show «You and I» | LiveInternet

    A new round of popularity brought unpleasant consequences. In recently, from Newspapers and Internet sites broke the rumor of the death of the actress. This news became so popular that information on what Alena Khmelnitskaya died, aired a variety of sources. These statements were quickly denied by the actress that appeared in public alive and well, but unsavory rumors have not gone away, and we can only guess what emotions they cause the family of the artist.

    Personal life

    The first love relationship of Elena Khmelnytsky began a little later professional. In 15 years, the young actress started Dating Andrew Dellos, who was older than almost half. Lovers almost immediately gathered and began to live the actual marriage, but soon Dellos traded his young bride of a rich French woman, got married and went to France.

    Alena Khmelnitskaya and Andrey Dellos
    Alena Khmelnitskaya and Andrey Dellos | Simple

    After that, Elena made a long-distance relationship with Yegor Konchalovsky. The girl lived in Moscow, and Egor – in England. This gentleman Khmelnytskyi became known in the time of Nikita Dzhigurda.

    In 1993, the actress got married. Alena Khmelnitskaya and Tigran Keosayan very different, despite their common zodiac sign – Capricorn. Temperamental couple complement each other. In marriage a daughter of Alexander, and after 16 years, Xenia.

    Alena Khmelnitskaya and Tigran Keosayan with the eldest daughter Alexandra
    Alena Khmelnitskaya and Tigran Keosayan with the eldest daughter Alexandra | Personal

    After 20 years of marriage Keosayan and Khmelnytsky filed for divorce. The cause of the collapse of the family in 2014, was the novel by Tigran Keosayan Margarita Simonyan. The actress claims that after the divorce with my ex-husband even better, and children Alena Khmelnytsky and Keosayan receive the same affection and attention as before. Daughter of star parents do not complain and even in some TV shows involving them proud of mom, and about her father only told with warmth.

    Alena Khmelnitskaya with her daughters Xenia and Alexandra
    Alena Khmelnitskaya with her daughters Xenia and Alexandra | HELLO!

    After her divorce from her husband of Elena Khmelnitskaya appears on one of the capital’s hanging out with Peter Lidovy that is reason for rumors about the new novel. Then the young people declined to comment about his personal life and relationships. After the social network appeared photos of Alena Khmelnytsky with the imposing broad-shouldered Peter, where they fool around. However, as it turned out, Khmelnytsky and Leads — just friends who got together for the premiere of «the phantom of the Opera». The press has managed to spread rumors about her new husband Hmelnitsky, when they appeared in public in the company of another man.

    At the end of 2016 there were photos of the actress with her new chosen one. Beau actress name is Alexander Sinusin, he is a businessman with a private rental company of sound and light equipment. The personality of a fan of Alena Khmelnitskaya no longer hide in the day of the premiere of the musical «Cinderella» in which the artist plays the role of stepmother. In the neighboring place with the parents of the actress sat Alexander Sinusin. And after the performance, Elena herself admitted to journalists that they have with the businessman in a relationship, but to comment that Helen refused, citing the fact that he didn’t want to expose my personal life to the public.

    Alexander Sinusin and Alena Khmelnitskaya
    Alexander and Alena Khmelnitskaya Sinusin | HELLO!

    Later, the pair went together to a trip to Italy.


    • «Karambolina-karamboletta»
    • «Hearts of three» — 1, 2
    • «Superman captive or Erotic mutant»
    • «The directory of death»
    • «Paid death»
    • «Oasis of love»
    • «God has his plans»
    • «Parallel life»
    • «The fatal inheritance»
    • «Mannequin»
    • «Silver Lily»

    Alena Khmelnitskaya: photo

    Alena Khmelnitskaya

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