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  • Name: Alena Babenko ( Alena Babenko )
  • Date of birth: 31 March 1972
  • Age: 44 years
  • Place of birth: Kemerovo, Russia
  • Activities: actress
  • Marital status: married

    Alena Babenko: biography

    Biography Alena Babenko originates from 1972, when the girl was born in the family of piano teacher and engineer. It is therefore not surprising that after school Alena always rushing to class in a music school.

    Since childhood, the main idol of the future Russian actress was French singer Edith Piaf. The girl dreamed of becoming a ballerina, like most Soviet children. School Elena Baranova (maiden name) graduated in 1988 and decided to do not in the acting Department, and the faculty of Cybernetics and applied mathematics in Tomsk. At least the chosen girl of the faculty was serious enough attraction to everything beautiful in it failed.

    Olena Babenko
    Elena Babenko | Peoples.ru

    In the first year she’s in the hall of the University noticed an advertisement in the «Student theatre of miniatures». The actress was so engrossed in the activity, which now the walls of the theater became her family and took all her free time. Then Babenko first thought,»And not to try to join Oleg Tabakov at the Moscow art theatre?«. At that time he had learned in the course known today actors Yevgeny Mironov and Vladimir Mashkov. Unfortunately, Elena Babenko was unable to prove to the Commission that she has talent.

    In the fifth year fate brought Alena Babenko with a large and very interesting Muscovite Vitaly Babenko, who was engaged in directing. She decided to leave the Institute, accepted the offer of marriage from Vitali, and together they rushed to the capital, Moscow.


    Photo by Elena Babenko, quite often appear on the covers of the most respected magazines, in every interview, the actress says that most of the events in her life happen accidentally. She never wanted to move to Moscow and was not torn from the provinces. Elena Babenko says that the capital is the city where dad was constantly away on business trips and brought a lot of tasty candies. When together with her husband Vitaly, she arrived in Moscow, the first was a homemaker. I only dealt with the education of my son, cleaning and cooking for her beloved husband. This continued up until a good family friend and part-time actor Anatoly Romashin not suggested Elena Babenko try to come to VGIK. Then fortune smiled on the future actress and she got on the course under the guidance of his mentor. In 2000 Alena Babenko was able to boast a diploma of the actress.

    In the same year, the Queen first appeared on TV screens of the Russians. First it was short episodes, for example, in the TV series «Kamenskaya», «Island without love» and «Mamuka».

    Alena Babenko in the film
    Alena Babenko in the film «Driver for Vera» | FILMZ.RU

    For the first time the whole country saw Elena Babenko serious role, when the screens out the film «Driver for Vera». She was invited to audition Grigory Chukhrai, assistant Director. The casting girl looked very strange: she came to audition without make-up and was more like a boy, although the role of this kind of approach. In this movie, Alena Babenko got a fairly complex role, she was forced to play a lame and hunchbacked girl with severe and complex inner world. To teach a special course, the actress never had, she observed on the streets of Moscow and tried to copy. After the premiere of the film, Alain admitted that from the Faith within it lives only a third, and the rest she skillfully played.

    Alena Babenko has become one of the few Actresses who could resist a star disease and not to exalt themselves above others. The girl worked every day and took on any role to show his versatility on the floor. Popularity gave the actress the film is «Love me», which was directed by Vera Storozheva. Then Babenko showed yourself as narcissistic bitchy boss, at the same time, the actress spoke about the character is very positive. Then already an experienced actress had a chance to play on the same set with Pavel Derevyanko and Mikhail Efremov.

    Alena Babenko in the film
    Alena Babenko in the film «Tin» | Tfile.me

    In 2006 on television screens in Russia and Ukraine the movie came out, Dennis Neimand «Tin», where the game Alena Babenko amazed both supporters and critics. She played a journalist from the yellow press, the meaning of life which is to search for controversial information and images.

    Each year the actress was involved in several film projects, she’s popular, she has many fans. One of the last works of Babenko was the film-catastrophe «Crew» directed by Nikolai Lebedev, which shone Danila Kozlovsky.

    Show «Ice age»

    Elena Babenko did not go unnoticed by the star of the TV show. In 2008, she participated in the project «Ice age 2», where her partner on the ice was Olympic champion Roman Kostomarov.

    In the spring of 2009 on the TV screens went premiere of «Ice age: the meltdown», where the actress played with the same partner. In the third season of the TV show replaced Kostomarov, Alexey Tikhonov, and in this case, Alena Babenko took the third honorary place.

    Personal life

    Elena Babenko is married twice. Her first husband was Director Vitaly Babenko. Almost immediately after the wedding the happy couple became parents, the actress gave her husband a son, Nikita. However, Vitaliy and Elena broke up pretty quickly. All my free time, the actress dedicates son, and shows him the European countries. The kid is not going to follow in the footsteps of their parents and contact cinema, Alena Babenko favors it.

    Olena Babenko and Eduard V. Subach
    Alena Babenko and Eduard V. Subach, | L!FE

    After the divorce, the heart of the Elena Babenko remains free until her life Subach, Edward, master of sports in ski jumping from a springboard. He managed to win her heart, and the actress has accepted the offer hands and hearts. In 2011, a married love.


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    Olena Babenko

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