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  • Name: Apina Alena ( Alyona Apina )
  • Date of birth: 23 August 1964
  • Age: 52 years
  • Place of birth: Saratov
  • Height: 164
  • Activities: singer, composer, poet, Honored artist of Russia
  • Marital status: married

    Alena Apina biography

    Alena Apina (birth — Levochkina, Elena) is a popular Russian singer, poet and composer. She was born August 23, 1964 in the city of Saratov, in the family, had nothing to do with creativity (there is a version that the singer was born in 1967). Her father was an engineer, and my mother always worked as a salesman. Elena was the only child in the family, so all the dreams, hard work and attention of parents was directed at her.

    Although not a very large earnings, they bought her daughter a piano when she was four years old. Then the girl for the first time began to try yourself in the role of the singer. She gathered the parents in the room and organized concerts. It was in these years a future star realized that dreams to connect his life with music. Mother Elena also dreamed about it, but that’s the extent of their ideas about the future were quite different: she wanted a daughter taught music in kindergarten.

    In 5 years, the parents enrolled the girl in the music school, piano classes. Elena says that classes literally ran, was madly in love and couldn’t wait for the next lessons. Even then, the young singer showed his sense of purpose and responsibility.

    Five years later, she entered Saratov musical College. After the young star worked as an accompanist at a local club «the East».

    Elena decided not to leave his native Saratov, and act on the course of piano at the local Conservatory, but the competition was too great — the girl failed the entrance exams. It did not break the spirit of the future stars. Her close friend was advised to do by singing, and the next year to pass the exams for the faculty of folk singing. Efforts and beautiful voice did not disappoint — Alain did. Already during his studies at the Conservatory, she got her own way of singing.


    In 1987, while still a student, Alena Apina decided to moonlight as a singer. It so happened that at this time one of her friends told me that the producer of the musical group «the Combination» selects girls for the female musical group. She went to audition, and her voice very much. Alain was invited to the group as one of the soloists. Started the star life, which includes performances, tours and rehearsals.

    Unqualified success came to the group of «Combination» in 1988. Singer Sergey Minaev advised the girls to move from Saratov to Moscow. They were able to penetrate into the hearts of the Muscovites, and soon the song «Combination» were heard from all Windows of houses in Moscow. The group has toured different cities of the country.

    In 1991 Alena Apina decided to leave the band and start a solo career. Her debut solo work — the song «Xenia» — immediately became a hit. The successful launch of the singer was a credit to producer Alexander Iratov, who played an important role in her personal life.

    Already in 1992 he released his first solo album, Epinoy called «Street of love». It includes the song of group «the Combination» — «Accountant», the words of which is Elena. Her second album — «Dance till dawn» has been awarded to greater success. All 8 songs from the album absolute hits.

    In the winter of 1994 Alena Apina staged musical «Limit». The songs were composed by the poet Mikhail Tanich. This performance took place in the capital, and later in St. Petersburg.

    The singer has become very popular in the 90-ies. In a year she has released several albums, his videos were constantly shown on all channels. In 1998, Apina was awarded the prize «ovation» as the best singer of the year. In 2002 was awarded the title «Honored artist of Russia». She was the winner of music awards («Super disc», «Silver disc», «song of the Year», «Golden gramophone», «Silver Shoe»). In 2012, for charity events and achievements in the field of culture, she was awarded the badge of the Governor of the Moscow region.


    In the late 90s, Alena Apina started the Sunday program «Field mail», which was published on the TV channel «TV Center».

    Apina dabbled in the film industry. She played a major role in one episode of the Russian TV series called «Er». The work of the singer was so successful that she was invited to the shooting of several TV series: «a Parallel love», «Kill Bella» and «Girl from the North» and the series «Provincial passions».

    Alena Apina said that she now often invited to the shooting of films and serials, but the songs she will never be able to change.

    Personal life

    Early in his career, Alena Apina married Lesta Apina, but the marriage lasted only a few months. After the divorce, the singer decided to leave his name.

    With her second husband, Alexander Borisovich Iratum, Elena met in Tashkent. Then she was extremely dissatisfied with the organization of the concert and asked the person who organized it. At the meeting between the young people had sympathy. In 1991, Iratov suggested Alena’s Epinoy quit the band and start a solo career, in love with him she agreed. Alexander Iratov became her producer. Soon their relationship grew into something more and after some time the couple decided to get married.

    For a long time, the couple had no children. Elena was treated for infertility, but in the end decided to seek the help of a surrogate mother. In 2001, the family experienced a miracle — they had a daughter Ksenia. The name she chose Alexander’s son from his first marriage. Since four years She is in music school.

    Alena Apina loves the car «Peugeot-406». Also the star loves dogs and at home she has four of them.


    • «Dance till dawn»
    • «Rival»
    • «Street of love»
    • «Beach season»
    • «Lost soul»
    • «Declaration of love»
    • «Poplar»
    • «Come with me. Energy»
    • «A plane to Moscow»
    • «Melody (EP)»


    Alena Apina

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